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Hp LaserJet 1200/1220 fixes are not identified

208installedrestore1220deviceLaserJet 1200

Hp LaserJet 1300 fixes are not identified

restoreLaserJet 1300installedprinterdevice

Hp LaserJet 2300 Drivers fixes are not identified

installeddevicerestoreLaserJet 23002300PrinterSeries

- Fixes an issue where a "blue screen" event with error 0x0A is displayed when a picture is taken with the HP Webcam and saved.

Compaq 320 CamerawebcamWebCameraerrorCompaq 320pictureCameraF76000028savedfixes

-Resolves issues with Elevated priledges not working in manual installation in Windows Vista.

setgamestrysystemcamera39004devicerestoreCameraChicony Camera

This package installs the webcam driver 1.00 A on HP Mini 110-1100 CTO Notebook.

webcamMini 110-1100 CTO WebcamWebcamNotebookinstalls110-1100 CTO Webcampackagenotebookcto110-1100 CTOMini 110-1100 CTOmini

HP 2000c/2000cxi/2000cn/2000cse 3.1 fixes are not identified


Minimum overlap required for multiple-pass capture 13 mm (0.5 inches) Capture page sizes Business cards and small receipts up to legal size documents or 23-inch newspaper columns Appliance distance above paper Appliance must remain in contact with paper during capture. Maximum capture length 23 linear inches Maximum capture movement along the X or Y axis Approximately 23 inches Minimum capture length 6.4mm (.25 inch) Maximum average capture speed 228 mm per second (9 inches per second) Maximum burst capture speed 406 mm per second (16 inches per second)

lettersizeCapshare 910approximatelyFrimware updatestandardSeriescapturepaper

* The end-user can select the Duplex and First Page Out Different option but it doesn't work; * "DCOM error" occurs when print drivers are istalled on Win23K server; * Current drivers cause poor performance when printing from Cisco CEPS environment; * Scaling within current drivers not implemented properly While this driver roll was initiated primarily to provide VISTA operating support for all current HP LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet printers, we have also included multiple other enhancements which are described below: 1. VISTA Operating System support has been added to ensure that all HP Color LaserJets are compatible with Microsoft's new operating system; 2. IPv6 - Internet Protocol version 6 - support has been added; 3. Cluster Server support for all printer drivers has been added; 4. Secure printing enhancements have been included to ensure pin number are hidden; 5. The following Quicksets will be added to all legacy printers:

Color LaserJet 2500PrinterSeriesColor661071windowsprintLaserJet 2500

Overlapping characters when printing with PCL5 driver. Quick set with envelope feeder loses its setting. Grayscale not working correctly in PCL5. Garamond Font will not bold with PS in Win2K3. Duplex and First Page Out Different selected fails. DCOM error occurred after print drivers were installed on Win2k server. Excel Doc with macros opens slowly with driver on default printer. Poor performance with Cisco CEPS environment. Scaling in the driver fails. Job name (1-99) doesn't work in German.

SeriespclPCL5Color LaserJet 9500installedprinting

Hp deskjet 1000 9.5 fixes are not identified

deskjet 1000deviceinstalledrestore

Hp deskjet 1125 Driver 12.2 fixes are not identified

Printerdevicedeskjet 1125restoreinstalledSeries

Hp deskjet 1180 1.0 fixes are not identified

devicerestoredeskjet 1180installed

Hp deskjet 1200 2.0 fixes are not identified

devicerestoreinstalleddeskjet 1200

hp deskjet 1220c series printer driver (add printer, WHQL certified)

Deskjet 1220deviceprinterSeriesPrinter

Hp deskjet 1600 4.21 fixes are not identified

Seriesdevicedeskjet 1600restoreinstalledPrinter

HP deskjet 310 7.0a fixes are not identified

deviceinstalleddeskjet 310restore

HP deskjet 320/340 7.0a fixes are not identified

installeddeskjet 320devicerestore340

Hp deskjet 3320 fixes are not identified

restoreinstalleddevicedeskjet 3320

Hp deskjet 3323/3325 7.1.1 fixes are not identified

deviceinstalled3325restoredeskjet 3323

Hp deskjet 3520/3535/3550 fixes are not identified

352035503535devicedeskjet 3520deskjetrestoreinstalled

Hp deskjet 3820 fixes are not identified

deskjet 3820devicerestoreinstalled

HP deskjet 400 8.5 fixes are not identified

restoreinstalleddeskjet 400device

HP deskjet 420 8.5 fixes are not identified

printerinstalleddeskjet 420restoredevice

Hp deskjet 5150/5151/5160 fixes are not identified

5151deskjet 5150installed5160printerrestoredevice

Hp deskjet 5550 7.1.0 fixes are not identified

deskjet 5550restoreinstalleddevice

Hp deskjet 5551 7.1.0 fixes are not identified

installeddeskjet 5551restoredevice

Hp deskjet 5552 5.0 fixes are not identified

restoredeskjet 5552deviceinstalled

Hp deskjet 5650/5652/5655 fixes are not identified

restoredeskjet5655device5652installed5650deskjet 5650

HP deskjet 610/612 11.2.1 fixes are not identified

installedrestoredeskjet 610612device

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