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Acer-Benq Scanner Mirascan 36bits USB 5.01 fixes are not identified


Benq 640P 3424P fixes are not identified

Benqscannerinstalledrestore640PBenq 640P 3424Pdevice

This package provides the installation files for the Canon CanoScan D1250U2F.

systemCanon CanoScan D1250U2Finstallingscannerdevice

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CanonCanoScan FB320PScanCraft Twainfbpsoftwaredevice

CanoScan 8000F CanoScan 9900F CanoScan LiDE 20 CanoScan LiDE 30 CanoScan LiDE 50

deviceToolbox UtilityCanonCanoScan LiDEsoftwareCanoScan

CanoScan 8000F CanoScan 9900F CanoScan LiDE 20 CanoScan LiDE 30 CanoScan LiDE 50

LiDE136ScanGeardeviceCanonCanoScan LiDElidecanoscansoftware

Driver for ColorPage-HR5 scanner.

setColorPageGENIUS ColorPage-HR5systemScannerHR5GENIUS Seriesdevice

Driver for Genius ColorPage-HR7X Slim scanner.

ColorPageGENIUS SeriesScannersetinstallingHR7X Slimdevice

Max. Color Depth 48-bit Color Technical Features Form Factor Desktop Scan Element Type CCD Light Source Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Input Type Color Special Features OCR Capability Film Scanning Capabilities 35mm Slides · Negative Film Control Panel Buttons Scan · Copy · E-mail · OCR Media

deviceGenius ColorPage-HR8maxColorPage-HR8GeniusdpislidesfilmtypeColorPage-HR8 ScannerScannerresolution

Features: Super slim design for easy portability Five easy touch buttons for Scan, File / Fax, Print / Copy, E-mail / Web, and Text / OCR

colorpageslimscannerColorPage-Slim 1200slimhighGeniuseasy

The outstanding base design lets you not only rest it on top of traditional monitors, but also clip it on laptops or flat panels easily. The red and black finish represents the most classical color combination in fashion history. Besides top-notch technology, the color of the Eye 311Q is eye appealing. Just contact your sales representative for more information. Key features: * Real-time video effects

technologyGeniusWebcamtopnotchdeviceEye 311QEye 311Q Webcamvideo

3 in 1 - Digital Camera: DSC, Web CAM and Video with voice

cameraGeniusmegaG-Shot D610deviceinstallingpixelGenius G-Shot D610

Equipped with a 640 x 480 (VGA) CMOS sensor, and with a handy snapshot button located at the tip of the Eye 312, simply click to take photos at up to 1.3 mega pixel resolution instantly. What's more, there’s a built-in microphone - which means you enjoy clearer voice and sound capture. With both great video and audio from the Eye 312, getting closer has never been easier. Key features: * Video file sharing for YouTube

Genius i-Look 111friendseyemessengerGenius Serieswebcamfamily

We put the web camera in the nose because we believe that "high technology" should be more than just a product. You still get the same results. So if you want a comfortable surrounding when you're chatting with your friends or family, then the Look 312P is your ideal mate. Key features: * Bundled microphone and USB cable extender give you everything for video chat.

chatwebLook 312P WebcamGeniusfeaturesdeviceWebcam

Compatible with MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, CUSeeMe Still image capture and motion video clips

messengerGeniusGenius VideoCAM GE111VideoCAMGE111image

Key features: * Use it as a security monitoring system, includes timer software * Convert AVI files into MPEG1 format * Suitable for both Notebooks and Desktop PC

GeniusVideoCAM GF112 WebcamcameraWebcamvideosystemrecord

Hp LaserJet 1200/1220 fixes are not identified

208installedrestore1220deviceLaserJet 1200

Hp LaserJet 1300 fixes are not identified

restoreLaserJet 1300installedprinterdevice

Hp LaserJet 2300 Drivers fixes are not identified

installeddevicerestoreLaserJet 23002300PrinterSeries

Kodak DC5000 Zoom Digital Camera 5.2 fixes are not identified

installedDigital CameradeviceDC5000KodakrestoreDigital

In 1997, Logitech sold it's scanner business to Storm Technologies....

LogitechLogitech PageScan USBscannerPageScantechnologiesdevicestorm

* True 1.3-megapixel sensor with RightLight™ 2 Technology: Enjoy astounding sharpness and clarity under any light conditions. * Integrated microphone with RightSound™ Technology: Enjoy crystal-clear conversations, free from echo and annoying background noise.

WebcamLogitechenjoydeviceconversations2016 WHQLtechnologysystemQuickCamLogitech QuickCam

* Adjustable focus: Stay sharp. * Snapshot button: Take digital stills easily. * 14 mm adjustable clip: Chat from your multimedia or widescreen notebook.

Logitech QuickCamLogitech SeriesWebcamQuickCamenjoydevice

Headset Included Intelligent Face-Tracking Logitech RightLight2 Technology Logitech RightSound Technology Logitech VideoCall

messengerLogitechQuickCam Pro 5000videoincludedwebcam

Driver for ScanMaker 4850 scanner from MICROTEK.

MICROTEK310devicesetinstallingScanMakerScanMaker 4850Scanner

Focus Range Net Meeting Non-directional Design


Bulit-in Microphone Snap Shot Button Tiny Distanced Focus

installingdevicerestoreA4TECHA4TECH PK-935webcamsoftwarePK-935

250GB HDD 500GB Asus WebStorage Camera 0.3M Pixel with Zoom in/out function Audio Hi-Definition Audio CODEC Stereo Speaker Internal Mic. Input / Output 1 x VGA Connector

AsusnotebookbatteryEee 1201TghzAsus Eee 1201Tcellaudiocellsdevice

The complete gaming kit Get the full gaming package when you buy a G Series notebook: the must have Republic of Gamers backpack – the right look for your next LAN party; the ideal gaming mouse from ASUS offering real time sensitive adjustment and 1600dpi, and the cool comfort of the Siberia Steelseries Gaming Headset. A second display for instant messaging Whilst you game the second display screen will keep you posted about any emails and messages, tip you off about a memo note and even tell you that your CPU is loading…so now you can keep on gaming and know what is going down in the ´other´ world . dot Graphics Power for Hard Core demands The latest Nvidia GeForce 9700M GT gives the G Series unprecedented and blistering graphics power promising a smooth, stutter-free visuals experience that gives you the best imaginable 3D performance . dot A display to meet a gamer´s needs With quick screen response time you will never be sharper or quicker on the shoot and with the vibrant, crystal bright screen your game comes alive with no ghosting and shadows dot Greater freedom from more storage space Play more games, watch more DVDs and download more sounds with the double SATA hard disc drive (up to 1 Terra Byte) that lets you load up more, so you can make sure you get plenty of action whilst on the road.

200NotebookG71VCNF6131 CameraASUS005ASUS G71V ChiconyndashChiconyASUS G71V180ASUS Notebook seriesCNF7050gaming