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# Dual DDR2-667 # PCI Express # Gigabit LAN # SATA 3Gb/s

duodualcoreMotherboardABIT LG-95ABIT Motherboardsfsbpentiumintel191mhzlga

Airis has been a subsidiary of Infinity Systems Spanish Multinational,...

WirelesssystemAirisMINI-PCIWireless LANdevicerestoreMINI PCIpointinstalling

Airis has been a subsidiary of Infinity Systems Spanish Multinational,...

LANsystemAiris N920Airis N920 LANdeviceAirisinstallingpointrestore

FSB/Hyper Transport 200/266/333 MHz Memory 2*DDR266/333 Int. GFX Y AGP 4X PCI-E/PCI 3

100 Ethernet LANdevicelatestupdatedusbAlbatron KM333 ProVIA VT6103Albatron Motherboards

FSB/Hyper Transport 1066/ 800/ 533 MHz Memory 2*DDRII 400/533 Int. GFX Y (Unichrome Pro) AGP N PCI-E/PCI 1* PCI-E x16, 1* PCI-E x1, 2* PCI slots

LAN XP64sataraidVIA VT6103LLANpciusbAlbatron P4M890Albatron Motherboardspcie100

1* ATA 100 channel 4* SATAII 3Gb/s Channels 8* USB 2.0/1.1 Ports (4 ports by optional cable) PMG31 Chipset North Bridge:Intel G31 South Bridge:Intel ICH7 LAN Chip:Atheros AR8112 10/100 Mbps LAN HD Audio Codec:VIA VT1708B I/O Chip:Winbond W83627DHG PMG31 Onboard I/O Connectors

headerslotLANbridgeintelportsmbpsPMG31optionalaudiousbAlbatron PMG31

PCMCIA LAN card file for Win 95/98

installingAopen ALP-330ALP-330LAN carddeviceAopen SeriesNetworkset

Asound A-USB2LAN-8515 Driver 2.11.1027.20004 fixes are not identified

LANdeviceAsound A-USB2LAN-8515Asoundinstalled1027restore20004

Asrock G41M-LE Gigabit Lan Driver 6208 fixes are not identified

Asrock MotherboardsG41M-LEAsrock G41M-LErestoredeviceinstalledGigabit Lan

* ASRock U-COP * FSB 400MHz * DDR 400/333/266/200 * 1 x AGP 8X/4X 1.5Volt * Hybrid Booster - a safe overclocking feature

16bASRock K7S8XdefaultdevicemhzsupportedK7S8XASRockusbASRock MotherboardsMotherboard

Atheros 6th generation AR5006X and offers the world’s first complete...

arxdevicesolutionAtheorsAR500xAtherosghzEthernet ControllerAtheros AR500x

higher throughput at long range * Support for up to 3x3 MIMO with spatial multiplexing * Enables bandwidth of up to 300 Mbps PHY rate, six times the throughput of 802.11g * WLAN MAC and baseband processing engine

Atheroswlan184 2000throughputAR5xxxx SeriesnetworkAtheros AR5xxxxdraftdevicetechnology

drivers for BCM-5706/5708 version 10.02.01 under Windows 2000/Xp 32/64bits/2003

PackBroadcomdeviceversionpackDIagLANBroadcom Pack

CLEVO is the professional notebook computer manufacturer for...

Clevo L295PL297P WLANclevodevicenotebookClevoproductspcs

CLEVO is the professional notebook computer manufacturer for...

devicepcsnotebookClevoproductsClevo LP200S LAN

CLEVO is the professional notebook computer manufacturer for...

productsclevo1004notebookClevo M350C LANClevopcs505deviceLANM350CClevo M350C

CLEVO is the professional notebook computer manufacturer for...

pcsdeviceClevo M66xSUnotebookWLANM67xSUClevoproductsclevo

Gigabit Ethernet Cards * Gigabit Ethernet Switches * Layer 2 SNMP management Gigabit Ethernet Switches * Layer 3 IP routing Intelligent Gigabit Ethernet Switches * Wireless LAN products *

fastCNet CWC-854 112deviceCNet DirverCNetNICCWC-854productsgigabitethernetCNet CWC-854switchessnmp

COMPEX is a distinguished manufacturer of an extensive range of LAN/WAN...

locatedCompexsingaporeiWavePort WL54AGcompexsCompex iWavePort

COMPEX is a distinguished manufacturer of an extensive range of LAN/WAN...

Compex iWavePortiWavePort WL54GsingaporelocatedCompexWL54Gcompexs

If you’re a network administrator, the versatile 802.11a/b/g-compatible DWL-AG530 gives you an immediate way to expand to your existing wireless network and protect your overall network investment. By installing DWL-AG530s in desktops throughout your organization, your employees can access wireless APs or routers from their desktop PCs. And as your company expands or reorganizes, you won’t have to keep pulling and plugging Ethernet cable because no matter where the work-station is relocated, it is still connected to the network. When you add an 802.11a/b/g access point (D-Link AirPremierTM AG DWL-7100AP) or router (D-Link AirPremierTM AG DI-784), to your wireless network, you will have an end-to-end wireless solution. With the enhancement of D-Link 108AG mode, the DWL-AG530 can achieve a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 108Mbps* through the use of new wireless technology such as Packet Bursting, FastFrame, Compression & Encryption, and Turbo mode. This provides a bandwidth large enough to handle video/audio streaming and Video on Demand (VoD applications). The additional (802.11a) 5GHz band also offers a way to quickly transfer data in a frequency range that does not experience interference or interruptions.

D-LinknetworkD-Link DWL-AG530dwlagdlinkDWL-AG530wirelessdata

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98 Second Edition, 2000, Me, and XP.

includingD-Link DWL-G650wirelessD-LinkdeviceDWL-G650throughputdata

Dynalink sources its modems from Askey Computer Corporation in Taiwan and...

DynalinkQWLL100WLANdeviceinstallingDynalink WLAN USB Adaptoraskeysrestoredynalink

# DDR 400 # AGP 8X # 6 Channel Audio # 10/100 LAN

ECS Motherboardspoint18aECS 661GX-M7systemSiS 900 LANrestoredeviceinstalling


LANdeviceECS 945GCT-MgamestryECSsoftwareECS Motherboardslatestupdated105

945GZT-M v1.0 motherboard features the 945GZ and ICH7 chipsets, supporting Intel Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D processor up to 800 MHZ FSB and GMA950 embedded. Moreover, with enabled onboard VGA and PCI Express add-on card, this board can perform Surround Display which provides a panoramic view,along with an unique real-time experience of surround game display.(for Windows XP only)

8110 Family NIClatestMotherboard105ECS 945GZT-MECSstayRealtek 8100C945GZT-MdeviceupdatedECS Motherboards

-Fixed E8400 & Q6600 M.P.version S3 resumption issue. -S3 sometimes resume fail when before into S3 press USB Keyboard frequent.

MotherboardECSECS P35T-AintelECS MotherboardsptaIntel PROcore

-Fixed some PCIE vga card run Burn-in 4.0 fail -Fixed some M/B LAN device disappeared after System reboot Specifications: # Support latest Intel Core 2 Duo / Pentium D / Pentium 4 / Celeron D processor

ECS P4M890T-MsupportdevicedatalatestECS Motherboardspentium

Our mission is simple and clear: "Networking People Together". By leveraging core technologies and strategic partnerships, we create success for our global customers and partners. With one of the industry's broadest and deepest product ranges, Edimax has continuously committed to satisfying the evolving needs of IT businesses. Our solutions are cost-effective, easy to use and do not only cater to the needs of the SOHO and SME market, but also enable large enterprises to fully exploit business opportunities with other communication technologies. Our product range includes:

productEN-5200PXAEdimaxdeviceseriesfastEdimax EN-5200PXA

Bringing together expertise in the area of network design, reliability engineering, manufacturing and product marketing, Eusso mainly focuses on international networking business via direct key accounts and worldwide ditributors.

EussodeviceEusso UGL2454-APAb292networkUGL2454-APAmanufacturingEusssoproductsWireless