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1 x PCI-E x16 2.0 Slot STORAGE 6 x SATA2 3Gb/s Connector 1 x IDE Connector Support SATA RAID: 0,1,5,10 USB 6 x USB 2.0 Port 2 x USB 2.0 Header GbE Realtek RTL8111DL - 10/100/1000 Controller

nbsptar TP55phasemotherboardcpusupporttar TP55 LANheaderconnectorslotsatausbTP55 LANpower

Added Smart Wizard 3.0Fixed: Cannot establish the PPPoE connection through the Motorola 2210 modem.Fixed: Users cannot do a FTP download or upload session that takes more than 30 minutes; the operation will not complete successfully.Fixed: When using FireFox 3.0 to upgrade firmware, users always see an error message saying the filename is not valid.Fixed: Blocking Schedule: cannot set a schedule from 10PM to 4PM (over the midnight)Known Issues:

Netgear WGR614v9routervpnupdatework

4. Client gets IP address more quickly. 5. There's now an option to disable the "internet connection" 6. The client might half when doing the site survey function. In the meanwhile, the resource will be increased. 7. The client shows correct WPA security in mixed mode (WPA/WPA2). 8. The utility might crash when doing the site survey

Netgear WN311TsurveyNetgearwpaWN311TWireless

1. Improve stability during stress tests. 2. Fixed a bug which caused sometimes the transmit data rate to get stuck at 144.5 Mbps. 3. Improved performance with WNR834B.

latestwnrbNetgear WN311TconnectWirelesswpapskNetgeardevice

Fixes 1. Fix an issue where the link rate will is 145Mbps in 11n mode.

NetgearlatestWirelessnetworkingdeviceproviderNetgear WN311T

New Features:

WirelesssystemNetgearpointprovidernetworkingsetdeviceNetgear WN311T

New Features/Fixes:

latestnetworkingNetgear WN311TNetgearproviderWirelessdevicefixed

2. Improves Toshiba Satellite laptop performance. 3. Draft N router is correctly detected and displayed on network page. 4. Ping tool does not time-out in Ad-Hoc mode.

adapterimprovesWirelessdeviceNetgearmodeNetgear WN511B

2. Improved wireless scan now detects all access points. 3. Added Support for 130Mbps in ad-hoc mode. 4. Wireless system tray icon now changes to yellow in color when signal strenth is weak.

sharedNetgearwirelesswepNetgear WN511B

Known Issues 1. The adapter cannot connect to the wireless network with WEP “shared key” encryption mode from the Networks tab. To connect to an router in WEP "shared key", go to the Smart Wizard's settings page and select Advanced Settings button. Under the advanced option, "Shared Key" is an option in the pull down menu for the authentication type.

NetgearWirelessconnectkeyWN511BNetgear WN511Bnetworkingoption

2. Fix display issue for channel 12 and 13 when running in ad-hoc mode. Known Issues 1. If other adapters installed on the same notebook using the meetinghouse supplicant, users may experience supplicant issue when using WPA security. To work around the issue, uninstall other network adapters in the notebook then reinstall WN511B driver.

Netgear WN511BsupplicantnotebookwepsharedNetgearissueWireless

2. This release fixes the recently reported Wireless security vulnerability issue with Broadcom drivers. NETGEAR has addressed the security vulnerability with the WN511B and WN311B wireless driver by releasing a new wireless driver (currently in beta) available for download by NETGEAR customers. NETGEAR remains committed to providing customers with reliable and secure networking products and protecting customers from hackers and other wrongdoers. The security vulnerability involves a possible attack on Windows PC via a Wi-Fi connection. The vulnerability is caused by improper handling of wireless network service names or SSIDs. For more information on this security vulnerability, please visit the following website:

customersNetgearvulnerabilitywirelessnetgearsecurityNetgear WN511B

Known Issues 1. Adapter connects to router with WPA2-PSK/AES at "Up to 130Mbps" or "Up to 270Mbps" will get low throughput

WN511BrouterNetgear WN511BNetgearmbpsadapterdeviceWirelesschannel

New Features

devicesystemWirelessNetgearpointsetnetworkingproviderNetgear WN511B

1. Fixed bugs on GUI - Incorrect security mode reported on Site Survey. 2. Fixed utility wake up issues after laptop returns from sleep mode on Vista.

fixedvistamodenetworkingproviderNetgearNetgear WN511BdeviceWireless

1. Pass 802.11n draft 2.0 Wi-Fi certification 2. Fixed: Can not associate to an access point with special characters in its SSID. 3. Fixed: Client unable to connect with WNR854T when operating in mix mode wireless security (WPA WPA2 mix mode)

pointWN511BNetgearWirelesswpaNetgear WN511Bsecurity

1. Enhances range and performance. 2. WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK compatibility fixed with some 802.11g routers and access points.

wpapskNetgear WN511TnetworkingWN511TproviderrestoreNetgear SeriesdeviceWireless

NETGEAR has been a worldwide provider of technologically advanced,...

WN511TsystemNetgear SeriesWirelessinstallingnetworkingpointNetgear WN511Tproviderdevice

4. Can now connect to an access point with SSID hidden. 5. Transmit and receive rates display is corrected in GUI. 6. WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK work with the WPNT834 router. 7. Associates more quickly with access points. 8. DHCP IP address is obtained more quickly.

Netgear WN511TwpapskWN511TaccesspointNetgear SeriesWireless

3. The card doesn't try to use the WG511v2 utility utility by mistake. 4. The Site Survey works when associating to an access point. 5. IP addresses are found more quickly. Known Issues

Netgear SeriesconnectionNetgear WN511TsurveyWirelessutilityWN511T

2. Utility crash during site survey is resolved. 3. GUI turns off the Internet Connection when Germany domain selected. 4. The client will show correct encryption status when operating in "Mix mode (WPA/WPA2)". 5. Site survey responds properly.

devicelatestcorrectNetgear WN511TWirelessNetgear Series

1. Improve stability during stress tests. 2. Fixed a bug which caused sometimes the transmit data rate to get stuck at 144.5 Mbps. 3. Improved performance with WNR834B.

wpapskWirelessNetgear WN511TwnrbNetgear Seriesconnectdevicelatest

Fixes 1. Fix an issue where the link rate will is 145Mbps in 11n mode.

Netgear WN511TWN511TdeviceproviderNetgear SerieslatestWirelessnetworking

WNR854T & WNR834B users must upgrade to the latest firmware inorder to maintain interoperability in 802.11n mode.

latestdeviceproviderNetgear SeriesNetgear WN511TnetworkingWirelessstay

New Features: 1. Support both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista versions.

networkingdeviceNetgear WN511TWN511TproviderbitsetWirelesslatestNetgear Series

NETGEAR has been a worldwide provider of technologically advanced,...

deviceWPN511Netgear WPN511NetgearinstallingWirelesssystemprovidernetworkingpoint

This does not support Windows 98 or Windows ME. New Features and Enhancements

windowsnetworkingproviderNetgear WPN511WirelessNetgearversionsetdevice

* Adds WPA2-PSK support. * Improves SmartWizard installation utility.

gamestrydevicesoftwareproviderWirelessNetgear WPN511networkingNetgear

1. Super G (108M) is not fully supported. 2. XR (Extended Range) is not supported. 3. Can’t get hidden AP’s channel, a/b/g mode and security mode. 4. When connect to Ad-hoc mode, can not list infrastructure list. 5. The throughput is not balance on Tx and Rx directions. (2M difference) 6. When AP with hidden SSID, can’t get IE information from the driver. 7. Can’t capture CTS/RTS packet. 8. Signal strength display is not correct sometimes, while link speed in 54Mbps. 9. Link speed always report 54Mbps on 11g connection and 11mbps on 11b. Known Issues:

ssidsecuritymodeWPN511NetgearsupportedNetgear WPN511displayWireless

5. When change profile with WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK, the encryption type can not change normally. 6. Sometimes the survey page can not list any networks. Fixes for Windows XP/2000: 1. Modify lock icon in status bar when connect to encrypted network. 2. WEP password can exceed 32 characters. Known Problems Vista - Driver limitation 1. XR (Extended Range) not support. 2. Can’t get hidden AP’s channel, a/b/g mode and security mode. 3. When connect to Ad-hoc mode, can not list infrastructure list.

modeNetgear WPN511NetgearwindowsconnectWirelesslist

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