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Improved accuracy of exposure at continuous shooting with full-press.

deviceDigital CamerainstallingRICOH Caplio

The following items can now be retained in [Reg. My Settings] on the setup menu. - Shutter speed and aperture value for the M mode (manual exposure mode) • [Quick Set Function for Manual Exposure Mode] With the [M Mode Quick Set] function setting on the setup menu, you have options, Aperture, Shutter, or Program to make it available the Quick Set in the M mode.

RICOH DIGITALDigital Cameramodebullsetquick

Modified the following phenomenon.

deviceRICOH GX200playbackRicohsystemdigital camerasetwindow

Modified the following phenomenon; If you make the [Level Compensation] in the playback mode to a captured image with [N640] (pic. quality / size) and with [Date Imprint], the numbers of date in the picture may blur.

restoreRICOHDigital CamerasetsystemdeviceRICOH update

If the envelope lever is changed to the "envelope" position while the printer is in Energy Saver mode, and a job is then performed using paper other than envelopes, the machine is unable to detect the difference in paper type (no error is triggered).The image appears faint. This is because in rare cases, the printer does not perform capping (one type of printer head maintenance), which causes the printer head to dry up.If the width of the paper is 220mm or more, and the image begins within a certain distance from the left side of the leading edge, the image along the right edge of the paper is sometimes missing.

paperimageerroredgetypeupdateRicohAficio 2500printer

The image appears faint. This is because in rare cases, the printer does not perform capping (one type of printer head maintenance), which causes the printer head to dry up.

printerAficio 3000deviceRicohupdate

If you copy an image from the internal memory to an SD card, the date modified will be retained the original modified date and will not be changed. · Corrected the PictBridge connection procedure.

modifiedRicoh SeriesCaplio 400GwidedevicepictbridgeRicohRicoh Caplio 400Gwidedate

Modified the following phenomenon that it may be out of order in playback on rare occasions.

Caplio 500GwideRicohdeviceorderinstallingupdatepoint

· Flash shooting of predominantly single-color subjects has been improved.

RicohG3SG3MdevicesoftwarelatestimprovedRicoh CaplioRicoh Series

2.00 · PictBridge compliant.

RicohRicoh CaplioRicoh Seriessystemmodedisplayeddevicecamera

· Improved stability at start up and motion picture mode. 2.00

imageRicoh SeriescameraqualityCaplio G4wideRicoh Caplio G4widemodeimprovedRicoh

1.05 · Reduces write errors when writing to an SD card.

Ricoh SeriesRicoh CaplioRicohinstallingsystemdevicesetpoint

Modified the following phenomenon.

Digital CameradeviceRicohautomodeCaplio GX100

· Reduces write errors when writing to an SD card.

RicohRicoh SeriesdeviceRicoh Caplio

• The update tool for Windows (FirmUpdate.exe) supports the Windows Vista. (You will have to install the RICOH Gate La for Windows Vista on ahead.) • Modified the phenomenon that a movie file from the R5 will not sound properly in the Windows Vista.

gamestrywindowsvistaCaplioDigital CameradeviceRicohset

Improved stability at the lens unit retracting.

RicohdeviceRICOH CapliosetDigital Camera

· Improved Auto Focus stability.

installingpointdeviceRicoh CaplioRicohimprovedRicoh Series

1. Modified the following phenomena.

Ricoh CX1 updateCamerapointbulldeviceRicoh CX1file

1. Modified the following phenomena.

bullRicohdeviceRicoh CX1Ricoh CX1 updatesoftware

Modified the following phenomenon.When the battery is low, camera may power down without retracting the lens.

deviceRicoh CX1installingrestoredigital camerapointsystemRicoh CX1 update

-With the step zoom ON, there may be rare occasions that the camera power will be off in zoom lever operation.

setzoomRicoh CX2 updatecameraCX2deviceRicoh

The startup time may take longer than usual when turning on the camera in a My setting mode in some combinations of the My setting registrations.

Ricoh CX2settingRicoh CX2 updatesupportedgamestryCameradevicelonger

When you playback a still image, you can enlarge the still image with one-push by pressing the ADJ. lever. •[1 Push Zoom Ratio] of the ADJ. lever You can set the zoom ratio for the on-push zoom with the ADJ. lever. •[Play Mode Dial] to switch the functions of the ADJ. lever and the Up-down dial


- If you operate the ADJ lever in the macro mode, display switching speed may change. - If you operate the ADJ lever while compensating exposure, any keys will not work.

Ricoh SeriesdeviceRicohoperatemacroRicoh Digital

The [Man. Flash Amount] setting becomes available in the menu. With the internal flash, you have an option to choose the [Manual Flash] in the flash mode. • Setting the Flash Timing (Synchro Settings) You have an option to choose a flash timing from the 1st curtain or the 2nd curtain. • TODAYS SHOTS Number of files recorded on that day is displayed when you turn off a camera.

bullRicoh DIGITALdigital cameraDIGITALamountflash

2. Set the focus to [MF] (Manual focus) and turn the power off, and then turn the power on again, the focus distance will become infinity. 3. In Manual focus, if you enlarge the center part of the image in the screen, the enlarged part may become black-out rarely.

Ricoh DigitalcamerafocusimageRicohDigital III

In thumbnail view (20 frames, 81 frames, or Date List), you can switch the view between the image selection screen and the paging screen. 4.[Menu Page Advance] You can switch pages by using the zoom button zoom button in the Shooting menu, in the Setup menu, or in the "Edit My setting" menu with selected an item. 5.[Snap Focus Distance] The [1.5m] option has been added in the Snap Focus Distance in the shooting menu. 6.[ADJ. Direct ISO control] The ADJ. Direct ISO control has been added in the shooting menu. With this option [On], you can use the ADJ. lever to change the ISO sensitivity value when the camera is in a shooting mode. Modified the following phenomenon. - If you have registered the following settings to a My setting, and then if you switch between My1 and My2 with an Fn button for instance, the AF mode will not be reflected correctly. Setting registration example:

shootingbuttonRicoh DIGITAL IIIflashmenuDIGITAL III

• With the combination of the following conditions, it will not properly appear the image in the position display window that is shown when you playback with enlarged. - [Auto Rotate] ON

RICOH GX200imagesverticalenlarged

The startup time may take longer than usual when turning on the camera in a My setting mode in some combinations of the My setting registrations.

longersettingrestoreupdatedcameraRicoh CX2 updatepointdevice

Modified the following phenomena. 1. At enlarged display in the playback mode, if you press the DISP. button to switch the position display window off, the right side frame of the window may remain. 2. When you use an 8 MB SD card that has not been formatted in a camera, if you playback the first picture in the card in a camera, the picture will not be displayed correctly.

cardpicturecameraRicoh R10 updatedevicewindowRicoh R10Ricoh

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