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The DI-LB604 Load Balancing Router provides consistent network uptime and...

networkDI-LB604D-LinkD-Link DI-LB604dilbinternet

Firmware update: Fixed WPA-PSK

accessinternetsignalD-LinkD-Link DIR-450DIR-450

� Fixed Pure Networks page get issue. � Performance bug.

deviceDIR-625D-LinkissuepointfixedD-Link DIR-625restoresystem

� Fixed L2TP Passthru.

deviceD-LinkfixedD-Link DIR-655pointDIR-655installing

The DPG-2000W includes a presentation session manager software that allows multiple presenters one click access to the monitor or projector for seamless delivery of presentations. The presentation session manager software also automatically assigns an IP address to the DPG-2000W to match your wireless settings for added convenience and easier access.

softwarewirelessD-LinkpresentationsDPG-2000WdpgwprojectorD-Link DPG-2000W

The IP-Phone is a fully-featured digital business phone that plugs directly into a customer�s LAN and converts voice to IP right on the desktop, enabling voice and data traffic over a single wiring infrastructure on the spot and over a single packet (IP) connection back to the service provider�s network.

businessD-LinkDPH-100MD-Link DPH-100Mservicesvoicesingleipphone

Firmware update: Fixed transfer issue and unattended transfer issues with the DV

transferD-LinksetdeviceDPH-140SD-Link DPH-140S

This unique flip-phone is a technical design balanced in features and...

D-Link DPH-540mobilevoipD-Linkdevice

� Added Network Magic support. � IP Address set to DHCP by default.

installingD-LinkD-Link DPR-1260setsupportaddeddeviceDPR-1260

- Status/Current Users won�t be shown the same user name when quick login after logout with different users from the same PC - kick out record will be shown for RADIUS user - the time in the history record will reflect the time zone setting - Virtual server is working after expansion to 30 sets of configuration - Virtual Server port setting will not be lost - login for two hours the ping function is function well now. - Session-timeout of the RADIUS user will not be replaced by the last RADIUS login user, reported from D-Link HQ20050601000001 - WAN setting now will NOT take effect immediately without restart - IP-PNP for Public LAN under NAT is working now - PRONTO mode now will not force the Public IP to change to 192.168.4.x

loginD-LinkrevBupgradeD-Link DSA-3100DSA-3100settingworking

� Eliminated double processing of IP headers for all LAN and WAN packets. � Fixed problem redirect and block page for Safari browser on Mac OS.

deviceD-Link DSD-150D-LinkDSD-150addedpageFirewallcheckproblem

The D-Link DSL-300 is an external ADSL modem that provides a single...

adslupdatedsetD-LinkdeviceD-Link DSL-300

The D-Link DSL-300 is an external ADSL modem that provides a single...

setDSL-300GD-LinkADSLdeviceupdatedD-Link DSL-300G

The DSL-504 is Operating System independent and will support both PC and MAC users. Drivers upgrades are currently only available on Microsoft Windows. Please use a computer running an appropriate version of Microsoft Windows to upgrade drivers on the unit.

D-LinkofficeversiondeviceD-Link DSL-504DSL-504

� Resolved file transfer issue with Mac OS

D-LinkDSM-602HD-Link DSM-602Hinstallingethernetdevicesystempoint

# Centralized Network Attached Storage for the Digital Home # Unleashes the Power of Intel XScale� Technology # Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

digitalstorageD-LinkD-Link DSM-622HwirelessDSM-622Hdevicedlink

Share stored media content with everyone on your home or office network....

dsmhDSM-624HstoragenetworkdeviceD-LinkwirelessD-Link DSM-624H

� Improves Media Server functionality.

setgamestrysupportedD-LinkD-Link DSM-G600wirelessrevA1softwaredevice

3. Improved UPnP AV Media Server � Compatibility and Reliability 4. When formatting a USB drive with existing partitions, the existing partitions will now be deleted. 5. If there is no DHCP, the default IP address will now be This will help avoid common conflicts and confusion.

D-Link DSM-G600revBD-LinkpartitionswirelessupnpusbexistingDSM-G600

The DVG-2001S VoIP Telephone Terminal Adapter converts any existing...

telephoneD-LinkdeviceVoIPanalogDVG-2001SdvgsD-Link DVG-2001S

The product includes an advanced QoS engine, which sets voice data packets with higher priority. In addition to Layer 3 IP TOS QoS, it also offers IEEE 802.1Q compliance for Layer 2 VLAN segmentation. Both traffic management mechanisms improve call quality and reliability. Both can be tuned to fit your data network. The DVG-3004S is hardened against network attacks with its built-in packet inspection engine. Access to its phone services is securely handled by SIP standard challenge-response authentication.

sipD-LinkDVG-3004SdvgsdataD-Link DVG-3004S

The DVG-G1402S Wireless Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router is designed...

voipD-LinkDVG-G1402SphonesdeviceD-Link DVG-G1402Sinternetdvggs

Firmware update: Fixed BroadVoice incompatibility issue.

installingdevicetelephonyD-LinkD-Link DVX-1000setDVX-1000

� Fixed Netscape 7.0 bug

DWL-1000APfixeddeviceD-LinkD-Link DWL-1000APinstalling

� Firmware Upgrade Tools v2.2

deviceinstallingD-LinkpointDWL-1000APD-Link DWL-1000AP

Adds Wireless Access Bridge mode (Access Point)

D-Link DWL-1700APaccessDWL-1700APdeviceD-Link

The DWL-1750 has MAC address-based access control and many other features for stronger security. With a built-in firewall, the DWL-1750 can work as a NAT inbound virtual server and provides IP based access control. Denial of Service (DoS) protection is also included with the DWL-1750 to prevent your wireless network from being hacked.

D-LinknetworkwirelessD-Link DWL-1750DWL-1750dwloutdoor

� Added WMM support. � Added SSID broadcast enable/disable to AP Repeater mode.

installingD-LinkaddedDWL-2100APdevicedisablerepeaterD-Link DWL-2100APenable

� Added Supports WPA2. � Added Supports 4VLANs.

DWL-2200APlongerinstallingD-Link DWL-2200APsupportsdeviceD-Linkadded

� Added WPA2 support. � Added 4 VLANs.

pointaddedD-LinkD-Link DWL-2700APDWL-2700APdeviceinstalling