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Improvements:Improved battery life when high resolution (over 480*272) files are played in Movie mode. Continuous Playback hour is depends on files but it is improved up to 75%. (ex> 6hours -> 10 hours 30 minutes).Improved Widget GUI.Fixed the error that some image color was discolored in Picture mode.Fixed an exit button in calculator.

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New Features:Added to display the title of the music file on the screen when you start music in matrix browser.Improved displaying picture quality of album art in Music mode.Improved conducting speed when you play music.Added settings that you can choose sharpen or soften tone in Video mode.Fixed the error that resume functionality were occasionally not working.Fixed errors in UCI FSCommand 'EtcUsrSetString', 'EtcUsrGetString'.

CowondevicemusiciAudiostayiAUDIO updateCowon update

- Support AVI files that are damaged. - Fixed the error that frame color wasn’t changed in document mode. - Fixed some minus operation error in calculator. - Support Thai. - Functionality that recognizes M3U files that are created in PC.


JetEffect 3.0. Added Reverb sound effects: Reverb effect gives you feeling of real circumstance. Added 9 presets: total 39 presets. Maestro, Feel the Wind, Mild Shore, Crystal Clear, Reverb Room, Reverb Club, Reverb Stage, Reverb Hall, Reverb Stadium. It is possible to apply EQ filter, BBE, Stereo Enhance, and Reverb at the same time.Improved touch sensitivity.Improved MP3 gapless playback.Fixed the error of gapless playback in some OGG files.Improved playback of OGG files.Fixed the error of tags in some FLAC files.Fixed the displaying error in some video files.Support video files that contains PCM audio codec.


Support multi-subtitles in video mode (up to 2) Support continuous playback of files on the list without stopping in TV out mode. Fixed the error that certain WMV files were not played properly.


MainMenu3 - Improved speed. Fixed the error that auto turn off is not working properly in some situation. Fixed some errors at hold status in Videos mode.

musicCowoniAUDIO updateiAudioplaybackerror

-Fixed the error that objects were not moving when controlled to maneuver suddenly in a large motion. -Fixed the error of playback OGG files that contain ID3 tags.


- Fixed the error that objects were not moving when controlled to maneuver suddenly in a large motion. - Fixed the error of playback OGG files that contain ID3 tags.

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Play/Pause/Play Intro, Stop/Power Off, Record Next Track/Previous Track, Fast Forward/Fast Rewind Infinite Loop Supports Resume. Fade In, Auto Play Search Speed & Skip Speed Setting 40 levels of digital volume control Various EQ and sound field effects - User adjustable 5-band Equalizer - Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic, Vocal, User - Supports BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround

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Fixed the error that device freezes when certain video files are finished playback.


Next Song/Previous Song, Fast Forward/Rewind, Section Repeat Resume, Fade-In, AutoPlay Features Search Speed, Skip Speed Setup Volume (Digital 40 Levels) Various EQ and Sound Field Effects - User-Adjustable 5-Band EQ - Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classic, Vocal, User - Supports BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, and 3D Surround. Clock, Alarm, Timer Recording, Sleep Function, Power Saving Shut down. Power, LCD On/Off, Hold Combined Switch

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Fixed the error to lose sound randomly during FLAC file playback Added the option to set to boot with cradle Added the "Call virtual keyboard" button on web browser Changed to play or pause a audio or video file by the button on the cradle Changed to make progress by clicking on the "OK" button of pop-up window when booting with cradle plugged in Changed the location of "y" and "z" on German virtual keyboard Changed not to stop radio when running Navigation and radio What's New in V1.42 Improved Features & Fixed Bugs

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encased in solid aluminum bodies that look and feel substantial. Consumers of our i-Series products, require not only performance and technology, but demand style. All “i-Series” products carry the same high speed electronics, encased in a sleek, white, modern art styled body. Additionally, CP Technologies is proud to manufacture, the award winning and currently “worlds smallest and lightest” web cam. CP Technologies is a global leader in manufacturing of network connectivity, broadband/CATV , and OEM products. Our headquarters is strategically located in Irvine, California, in the heart of Southern California’s technology center. The corporate office houses the distribution warehouse and domestic manufacturing,

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Avocent has more than two decades of combined experience in providing manageability solutions for businesses of all sizes. We help IT staff meet the challenge of attempting to be everywhere, all of the time.

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Fast 10/100 Mbps Network Connectivity with Web Interface The DCS-1000 provides an auto-sensing Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps port to connect to your network or residential gateway through Ethernet cable (CAT5 twisted pair). An easy-to-use HTML interface allows you to manage the DCS-1000 or view the webcam video stream from any Java-enabled web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. With built-in automatic gain control and white balance control, there is no need to fiddle with settings to get a great looking picture with the DCS-1000. Additional advanced features allow you to tailor the DCS-1000 to your specific needs or modify settings to ensure a steady stream over low bandwidth Internet connections.

DCS-1000RemoteD-LinkD-Link DCS-1000internetsettings

The bundled IP surveillance software further enhances the security features of the DCS-2100 , allowing you to archive streaming video to your hard drive, search and playback stored video, monitor as many as 16 cameras on a single screen, and set up motion detection to trigger automatic recording or email alerts. The DCS-2100 Internet Camera maximizes your existing network investment, using the latest Enhanced 802.11b wireless technology to communicate at a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 22Mbps and offer 256-bit WEP security encryption.

videosecurityDCS-2100D-LinkD-Link DCS-2100remotesetnetwork

Create a live camera feed viewable through a broadband Internet...

D-Link DCS-2120remoteinternetDCS-2120systemdcsD-Linkdevice

� Accept equal sigh "=" as camera name � Keep motion detection events in Status Log. � Display the number of users on line.

inputftpD-Link DCS-3220serveraddedremoteportD-LinkDCS-3220

� Accept equal sign "=" as camera name � Keep motion detection events in Status Log. � Display the number of users on line.

portaddedserverD-Link DCS-3220GDCS-3220GD-Linkremoteftpinput

� Accept equal sign ''='' as a part of Camera Name. � Added home position to preset. � Added snapshot size in Application page.

snapshotsetD-LinkaddedremotedeviceftpD-Link DCS-5300DCS-5300

� Fixed pan/tilt speeds problem with left/right buttons. � Fixed preset location with connection close problem.

autofixedproblemdeviceD-LinkrevBpanD-Link DCS-5300Gremote

� Fixed FTP settings being lost after reboot issue

D-LinkfixedlostdeviceDCS-5300WremoteD-Link DCS-5300Wissue

� Fix camera needs power cycle problem if Ethernet cable is plugged in after the device is boot up. � Added DDNS service.

DCS-6620systemdeviceremotefixD-Link DCS-6620addedproblemD-Link

� Fix camera needs power cycle problem if Ethernet cable is plugged in after the device is boot up. � Added DDNS service.

DCS-6620GaddedproblemsystemD-Link DCS-6620GD-Linkfixremotedevice

The DCS-900 Internet Camera is the latest video surveillance product...

D-LinkremotedevicefeaturesrevBD-Link DCS-900DCS-900

� Fixed image lag issue � Reduced CPU usage

deviceinstallingremotepointDCS-900WD-LinkfixedissueD-Link DCS-900W

� Solved security issue with authentication. � Fixed bug with copying config files. � ActiveX component sends keep-alive packets to DCS-950. � Change video recording method on server side. � Fixed Flicker issue.

bugremotefixedissuecomponentfixcompatibleDCS-950D-Link DCS-950D-Link

� Added Support for SNMP v1.

D-Link DES-1226GFastdeviceD-LinkrevBmigrateportbasedqos

� Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS )

D-Link DES-3010FAinstallingD-LinkaccesspointdeviceDES-3010FA