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- Resolved issue with accessing browser-based GUI via HTTPS using Internet Explorer and Firefox.

E1500 UpdateLinksys E1500internetfirefoxexplorerE1500minorLinksysCisco Linksys E1500httpsCiscoissuesCisco E1500fixed

- In certain environments and traffic model, the WAP4410N may lockup after some undetermined time. (A protection mechanism was added to guard against sporadic problems with client association that could occur after six to 24 hours.)

WAP4410NaddedCisco WAP4410N WirelessclientguardCisco WAP4410NsporadichoursCiscoproblems

- Fixed an issue in which the "Active" check boxes on the VPN Client Accounts page were not functioning. - Fixed an issue in which the DIAG LED lit briefly when the administrator accessed the home page of the web-based configuration utility.

ipsCisco RVS4000 RouterRVS4000CiscoissuefixedCisco RVS4000 VPN Router

- Fixed several web interface vulnerabilities, as disclosed in the following Cisco Security Advisory - Fixed DoS vulnerability issues with SSL and L2TP. - Removed SKYPE from the P2P blocking list as the signature-based IPS engine of RVS4000 is not effective in blocking SKYPE 4 and 5.

CiscoCisco RVS4000v2 RouterfixedblockingsslskypeissueRVS4000v2subnet

- Fixed inability to assign static IPv6 address using the web-based configuration utility - Added a separate IP-type setting option for IPv6 in the web-based configuration utility

CiscoutilityCisco WAP4410N WirelessipvconfigurationCisco WAP4410NsshWAP4410Nwpswebbaseddisabled

This package contains the files for installing the Cisco RVS4000v2 Router...

expandRVS4000v2problemsCisco RVS4000v2 RouterindependentlanguagefunctionsCiscoprogramadd

- Fixed both of the QuickVPN user name and password fields to support a character length of up to 32 characters maximum. - Fixed an issue that caused some printers to be unable to print over an IPSec VPN tunnel between two physical locations. - Fixed an issue that caused the TrendMicro ProtectLink Gateway feature to fail to filter URLs if a customer accessed the URL through search results when the approved URL list had any URL entered. - Fixed an issue that caused IPv6 packets between different VLAN’s to not be blocked if inter-VLAN routing is disabled. - Fixed an issue that caused a QuickVPN tunnel to not be re-established when more than “any” remote gateway is configured for the tunnel settings. - Fixed an issue that caused port forwarding rules to stop if IPS was disabled. - Fixed an issue that caused the DDNS status to always show “Please Wait” in the web-based management interface of the router. - Fixed an issue that caused WDS to not allow more than one access point to connect to the WRVS4400N for wireless repeater support. - Converted the style of the ProtectLink Gateway administration page to the style of the current ProtectLink Web administration page. - Fixed an issue found in the Time Zone setting that caused the system time to be incorrect when the Time Zone is set to “(GMT-03:30) Newfoundland.”

CiscorouterCisco WRVS4400Nv2 RoutercausedtunnelcodequickvpnWRVS4400Nv2issuefixed

This package contains the files for installing the Cisco WAP4410N Access...

programaddWAP4410NCisco WAP4410NproblemsCiscoCisco WAP4410N Wirelessexpandlanguageindependentfunctions

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