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Provides Asus DRW-22B1ST Firmware 1.00

Asus DRW-22B1STsystemsetdeviceDRW-22B1ST

Provides the ASUS DRW-24B1LT Firmware 1.03.

AsussystemDRW-24B1LTinstallingdeviceASUS DRW-24B1LT

This package contains the compressed files which will install the initial...

Asus DRW-24B1STAsus Optical Storagesystemversiondevice

- Fixed disappearing and error of some message and language displayed on setting page. - Fixed QIS connection and channel selected automatically for improving speed.

settingprocessconnectionRT-N10EAsusASUS RT-N10EspeedAsus RT-N10E Routerfixedimprovestatus

2. Fixed Boot time status issue. 3. Dr. Surf status issues. 4. Issues regarding translation are fixed.


- Gigabit Ethernet ports for the fastest, most reliable internet performance AiRadar optimizes wireless coverage with detachable high-powered antennas - Enjoy the ASUSWRT dashboard UI for 3 steps easy setup, signal monitoring, and network application control

storageportsAsus Wireless RouterRT-AC66UAsus RT-AC66U RouterRT-AC66U Wireless RouterghzRouter140sharingusbgigabit

- The first version of firmware for ASUS DSL-N12U B1

DSL-N12U Wireless RouterDSL-N12UASUS DSL-N12UversionfixesdslnuASUS DSL-N12U RouterRouterasusDSL-N12U Router

- Fixed MER connection type failed to obtain WAN IP from ISP issue. - Fixed minor UI related bugs. - Fixed Guest Network Access Time bug.

fixedrelatedAsus DSL-N55U RouterRouterlabel188ADSL-N55Udslnushowsreset

- Live update related bug. Added: - Android phone USB Tethering support. - Select all in parental control - Login password strength checker

RT-N66Uquickinternetpassword272supportwizardWireless RoutercontrolASUSRouterASUS RT-N66UGigabit RouterDual-Band Routerloginsettingissue

- Enhance the PPPoE NAT throughput. - Enhance both 2.4GHz and 5GHz throughput. - Support Huawai E353 3G/4G USB dongle. - The router setting URL is changed to, use the original URL can also go to the setting page. Add: - Optimize for XBOX option in Advanced Setting-->Wireless-->General. Enable this function can stabilize streaming speed. - Network tools in Advanced setting - WOL user interface (wake on LAN) - H.323 and SIP passthrough can be disabled in Advanced Settings --> WAN -->NAT Passthrough - Click the device name and lookup the manufacturer information

bugssettingASUS RT-AC66U RouterpppoeadvancedRT-AC66U Gigabit RouterfixedRT-AC66U Wireless RouterRT-AC66U Dual-Band354 BetafileissueASUSRT-AC66U

- Please eject the USB device before update firmware from 2.1.1.x to

374secondsRT-N15U Gigabit RouterdefaultRT-N15U Wireless RouterRT-N15U Routeruserresetsettings168systemASUS RT-N15U RouterASUSRT-N15U

- Now Secondary 3G/4G WAN able to auto Fail-Back to Primary DSL WAN once ADSL sync up again. - Fixed WiFi driver SendBSS2040CoexistMgmtAction syslog spam issue. - Fixed after 3G/4G WAN connection established, but Internet Led still dim issue. - Fixed Printer Server LPR issue. - Reduced the redundant packets when used 3G/4G dongle as WAN and opened web browser. - Fixed Traffic Monitor related issues when used 3G/4G dongle as WAN. - Fixed Quick Internet Setup Firefox browser compatibility related issues. - Enhanced AiDisk Wizard setting time for enabling FTP account. - Fixed Sonos PLAYBAR device name caused UI JS error issue. - Fine tune the IO priority to make Samba higher than DM process.

fixedASUS DSL-N55UvpnusbsettingsWireless RouterDSL-N55UASUSDual-Band Router374Routersupportadded158dongleGigabit Routerissue

- Minimum reserved bandwidth and maximum bandwidth for each priority - User can set different rule for the same port based on network traffic - 3G USB modem failover mode - IPTV support

ASUS RT-N10URoutersupportruleflexible260Backup RouterbandwidthRT-N10UmodeASUSWireless Routerdesigned

- Fixed Centrino 5GHz connection issue.

issueRT-N66UASUSusbissuesRouter374centrinoapplicationispWireless RouterconnectionASUS RT-N66UDual-Band Router257Gigabit Routerfixedupdaterelated

- Fixed parental control time shift issue in GMT-8 time zone Added: - Login password strength checker - Show lease time at log - Add hostname info for who is login

168parental374fixedhostnameRT-N10U RouterdonglelteRT-N10U N150 RouterissueASUSsupportcontrolinfoASUS RT-N10U RouterRT-N10U Wireless RouterRT-N10U

- Unmount all disks with 1-click - Support Sandisk Cruzer flash drive with both CD-ROM and flash disk interface. Fixed: - Fixed HK ISP DHCP connection issue. - Fixed USB application update related issues. - Reduced the redundant packets when used 3G/4G dongle as WAN and opened web browser. - Fixed the traffic monitor related issues when used 3G/4G dongle as WAN, - Fixed client duplicated issue in network map - Removed modem setting button in AP mode - Fixed IE related parental control issue.

ASUS RT-N65R Routersupport374ASUSwebissue1317relatedRT-N65Rfixedissues

Provides the Asus DRW-20B1LT Firmware 1.01

DRW-20B1LTsysteminstallingAsus DRW-20B1LTdevice

1. Fixed Virtual Server and DMZ page abnormal issue, when UI language is Spanish.

browserDSL-N12U RouterethernetcreatedDSL-N12U Wireless RouterDSL-N12UfixedclearedASUS DSL-N12URouterfailsmacASUS DSL-N12U Router

- Add Ukraine ISP, Ukrtelecom OGO (MER).

addukrtelecomASUSukrainefixesogoDSL-N10EASUS DSL-N10E WiFi RouterispASUS DSL-N10E Router

Provides the Asus DRW-22B2S Firmware 1.01.

systemAsus DRW-22B2Sinstallingdevice

- Fixed the “Mac Filter” input problem for non-IE browser. - Fixed the CPE page access error on Opera Browser. - Fixed the illegal MAC address warning for “MAC Clone”. - Fixed the Chinese SSID input deny message.

DSL-N10E RouternetworkerrorDSL-N10E ADSL ModemDSL-N10EssidASUSASUS DSL-N10E RoutersettingfixedinputDSL-N10E Wireless Routermessage

- Fix in Utility-hotspot mode, if parent AP change the authentication from WPA-TKIP to Shared Key, WL-330NUL could not connect to parent AP - Fix in short distance WL-330NUL might not receive signal issue.

signalWL-330NULfixparentdistancereceiveASUS WL-330NUL RouterASUSASUS WL-330NULissuewlnul

Provides the Asus DRW-20B1ST Firmware 1.01

AsusDRW-20B1STdevicesysteminstallingAsus DRW-20B1ST

Provides the ASUS DRW-24B1ST Firmware 1.03.

deviceinstallingAsusDRW-24B1STsystemASUS DRW-24B1ST

Improves burning capability.

setAsus DRW-1814BLTsystemDRW-1814BLTdevice

Provides the Asus DRW-20B1S Firmware 1.01.

systemdeviceinstallingAsus DRW-20B1S

Improve burning quality

systemAsus DRW-2014L1setDRW-2014L1device

- The first version of firmware for ASUS DSL-N10E

fixesASUS DSL-N10E RouterdslneversionDSL-N10EDSL-N10E Wireless RouterASUS DSL-N10EDSL-N10E RouterasusRouter

Provides the Asus BR-04B2T BD-ROM Firmware 1.01.

setBD-ROMdeviceAsus BR-04B2T

Improves burning quality.

systemsetdeviceAsus DRW-1814BLDRW-1814BL

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