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- Travel size design with build-in Power supply & Internal high gain antenna. - High security with build-in Security: WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, 802.1x and 802.11i.

AboCom WAP2101WAP2101 UpdatesupportbuildinWAP2101wepAboComAboCom WAP2101 Updatesecurityhigh02erouterwpa

- Compatible with 802.11b - Natural Firewall - Remote Management - 128-bit wep - 2.5 GHz

ghz6R18AboCombitwepARM904pppoesupportedARM904 UpdateAboCom ARM904portsAboCom ARM904 Update

- Support 802.1x / Radius client with EAP-MD5, TKIP and AES encryption - Support IAPP, WDS - Adjustable Tx rate, and SSID broadcast - Support WEP 64/128 bit. WPA and WPA2 - Web interface management

supportmanagementWAP253interfacesystemwparateWAP253 UpdateAboCom WAP253 UpdatewepclientAboComAboCom WAP253statistics

- Support Wireless Auto-channel Selection - Support Wireless users access control - Surround Wireless sites survey

AboComWR254tcpicmparpstackWR254 UpdatewepAboCom WR254wirelessAboCom WR254 UpdatebitprotocoldynamicsupportAboCom WR254 Router

- Speeds to 54Mbps - WEP support, Wireless MAC Access Control - NAT protection - -Port Switching Hub

AboCom FSW410 RouternetworkFSW410 UpdateaccessFSW410AboCom FSW410 UpdateusbserverconfigurediagnosticsAboComupnpwirelesssupportAboCom FSW410

- Remote Management. The Wireless Router can be managed from any PC on your LAN. And, if the Internet connection exists, it can also (optionally) be configured via the Internet. - Network Diagnostics. You can use the Wireless Router to perform a Ping. - UPnP Support. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) allows automatic discovery and configuration of the Wireless Router. UPnP is by supported by Windows ME, XP, or later. - Password - protected Configuration. Optional password protection is provided to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the configuration data and settings.

FSM612internetrouterAboCom FSM612 UpdateAboComFSM612 UpdateAboCom FSM612wirelessAboCom FSM612 Router

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