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Release date 04/01/2005

systeminstalledati fireELSA ATI103devicerestoreati fireglELSA ATI FireGLelsa

Elsa Falcox Radeon 7.97 WHQL fixes are not identified

ElsaWHQLinstalledFalcoxElsa Falcox RadeonRadeonrestoredevice

Elsa Falcox Radeon 8.02 WHQL fixes are not identified

restoreWHQLdeviceElsa Falcox Radeoninstalled

New quick shortcut for Radlinker, just right click your desktop and go directly to all the Advanced 3D settings. Fixed Standby/Suspend/Hibernation bug. Added a lot of new resolutions for wide screen monitor/dfp users.

Elsa Falcox Radeonsettings071 WHQLissuespanelfixed

Elsa FireGL fixes are not identified

installedElsa FireGLdevicerestore

Elsa FireGL fixes are not identified

installeddevicerestoreElsa FireGL

Based on the ATI's parallel processing FireGL Visual Processing Unit, featuring 6 geometry engines and 12 parallel rendering pipelines, the ELSA ATI FireGL takes the leading computer-aided design (CAD) and digital content creation (DCC) applications to a new level of interactivity.

elsacomputeraidedparallelElsa FireGLfiregl062 WHQLgraphicsleading

Elsa GeForce/TNT/Quadro 53.03 fixes are not identified


ELSA GLADIAC/ERAZOR Driver v4.13.01.2832 fixes are not identified

restoreELSA GLADIACinstalledERAZORdevice2832

Elsa Radeon Falcox 7.954 fixes are not identified

Elsa Radeon Falcoxrestore954deviceinstalled

Elsa TNT/GeForce/Quadro fixes are not identified

restoreQuadroElsaGraphicsdeviceElsa TNTinstalled13817184Elsa Series

Elsa TNT/GeForce/Quadro 61.76 fixes are not identified

deviceElsa TNTQuadroinstalledrestore

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