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Supports EIST technology. Supports Intel Hyper-Threading technology.

mhzdevicepoint945PL Neo2Neo2945PLMSIsupportsinteltechnology

2. Fix unstable under 400MHz-Single channel issue.

ddrmodifyloadingchannelissueA8N-SLI Deluxe 1015mhzsinglemaxspeed

# MPEG2 Decoding/ MPEG4 playing/ TV-out/ 6CH Audio/ SPDIF/ 4 USB 2.0/ Ethernet # Supports CompactFlash??Memory and Optional Hard Disk Drive Module Application

Aaeon AEC-6830deviceoptionalmpegEmbeddedAaeonsoftwareAEC-6830

# 4 COM/ Digital IO/ USB 2.0 # Anti-vibration Up to 5 g rms/ Anti-shock Up to 100g Application

AaeonAaeon AEC-6840AEC-6840setdevicelansupportedgamestrysoftwareEmbedded

Bios update: **Let 6 com ports find resource smoothly.

deviceOperatorgamestryinstallingAaeon AOP-8150WTAaeon

Bios update: **Change "Load fail-safe Defaults " to " Load APC-8152...

Aaeon APC-8152apcdeviceAaeondefaultsPanel

Bios update: **Fixed LCD Display issue ( 1280X1024 48 Bit )

AaeonAaeon APC-8152installingdevicegamestryAPC-8152Panel

# Supports 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet # AC-97 Digital Audio Interface Application # Medical

supportssystemIntelsoftwareAaeonAaeon COM-915devicegamestryset

BIOS Update: Fix QE Matrox G450 PCI VGA card can not display. **Modify...

devicefixAaeon ETX-625ETX-625Aaeondisplaymodifypci

Bios Update: Support Speed Step **add wake on LAN function **fixed the...

deviceAaeonwakepointstayETX-821Aaeon ETX-821restoreCPU

Bios Update: **Support Speed Step **add wake on LAN function **fixed the...

wakerestoreAaeon ETX-855pointAaeondevicestay

Bios update: Supported Celeron D CPU

installingFSB-860BsetdeviceAaeonSBCAaeon FSB-860B

Bios update: Add supported panel types **add for using suspend led on DOS...

AaeonrestoreFSB-865GAaeon FSB-865GsetdevicesupportedgamestrysoftwareSBC

BIOS update: Supported Celeron D CPU

SBCsetAaeoninstallingdeviceAaeon FSB-865G

Bios update: Add more BIOS required item like 1. add full logo show...

SBCgamestryAaeon FSB-865GsoftwarerestoredeviceAaeonFSB-865G

# Integrated AC-97 Codec Audio (Daughter Board Optional) # 2 PCI-Express Connectors Support 2 Full-speed Gigabit LANs # Supports 4 Full-speed Gigabit LANs (Optional) # Supports Ultra ATA100 & SATA & CompactFlash Type-II Storage

SBCAaeon FSB-866GdevicessataoptionalAaeondevicefullspeedsupportssupportconnectors

Bios update: 1.Fixed MiniPCI slot can't working issue. 2.Add code to...

deviceinstallingrestoreIndustrialAaeonAaeon FWB-880M

Bios update: 1.Fixed MiniPCI slot can't working issue. 2.Add code to...

deviceFWS-825installingAaeonFirewallrestoreAaeon FWS-825

Bios 1.2 : **Support 256MB RAM(DIMM)

Aaeon GENE-4312issuedeviceAaeonsubcompactinstalling

Bios 1.3: 1.Fix ACPI issue. 2.Add auto detect CPU type to show different CPU title.

cpusubcompactsettypeAaeonfailAaeon GENE-6330

Bios update: **for 800x600. **boot failure.

deviceAaeonAaeon HSB-440IinstallingSBCset

Bios update: 800x600 **Printer port resouce can't release, so modify printer por

SBCdevicepointAaeoninstallingAaeon HSB-440I

Bios update: **for 640x480 **fixed frozen in POST stage issue

Aaeon HSB-440IAaeoninstallinggamestrySBCdeviceHSB-440I

* 18-bit TTL TFT/D-STN LCD * Supports PC/104 Interface

Aaeon HSB-460IAaeonsetgamestrysupportsSBCdevicepoint

Bios update: Fix windows XP install issue when inserted Lan cable.

SBCAaeon HSB-657IAaeondeviceinstallingrestoreHSB-657I

Bios update: Change BIOS Message from HSB-657i to HSB-657I

gamestryHSB-657IAaeon HSB-657ISBCinstallingAaeondevice

Bios update: Change BIOS message from "HSB-660S .........." to "HSB-660S/I .....

Aaeon HSB-660IAaeonhsbsdeviceSBC

Bios update: Added delay time for auto detect onboard Codec functoin...

pointAaeonAaeon HSB-660IrestoredeviceinstallingSBCsystemHSB-660I

Bios update: Fixed initial clock generator function mistake with SBC780,...

SBCAaeon HSB-660IdevicegamestryAaeonsoftware

Bios update: Fixed HSB-660I & 660S will be hang up under Windows XP Pro...

HSB-660IinstallingrestorepointAaeon HSB-660ISBCAaeondevice