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Unitech 659A Bios 1.02 fixes are not identified

installeddevicerestoreUnitech 659A

Unitech 848P Bios 1.02 fixes are not identified

deviceinstalledrestoreUnitech 848P

Unitech 878 Bios 1.05 fixes are not identified

restoreUnitech 878installeddevice

Unitech 8P Bios 1.02 fixes are not identified


- Enhance compatibility with some USB device.

ASUS Z87-PLUS 1504ASUSASUS Z87-PLUS UpdateZ87-PLUS MotherboardcompatibilityenhanceusbZ87-PLUSstringZ87-PLUS Updaterevise

- Enhance compatibility for new Anniversary Edition(G3258) and Devil's Canyon CPU(i7-4790K, i5-4690K).

canyonASUS Z97-P UpdatefunctiondevilsZ97-P MotherboardanniversarycpuikZ97-P UpdateASUS Z97-P 0310Z97-PeditiongASUS

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