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ECS has ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified manufacturing...

motherboardECSECS 945GTY-MisolatestdeviceECS 945GTY-M 060807

Arima Group, not merely a publicly-held OEM / ODM company, has moved...

HDAMA revmotherboardintegrateddeviceArimaArima HDAMA revHDAMAsystemset

Arima Group, not merely a publicly-held OEM / ODM company, has moved...

SDVIAArima SDVIAdevicesystemsetmotherboardintegratedArima

Axper is a motherboard brand that offers a comprehensive quality line of...

technologyAxper XP-M8VM800XP-M8VM800devicebasemotherboardAxper

Axper is a motherboard brand that offers a comprehensive quality line of...

basemotherboardtechnologyAxperXP-P5IM800GVdeviceAxper XP-P5IM800GV

1.Support ITE8705GX

ECS 661GX-M2deviceinstalledarise661GX-M2supportedECSproblemsmotherboardwrong

1.Support SiS962 LC and B0 version(eye pattern)

motherboarddeviceECS L4S5MinstallingECS

1.Enchanced compatibility.

ECS L4VXAGECSinstallingL4VXAGsetmotherboarddevice

# 128BIt data bus # HDTV,Dual DVI-I

ECSSpointinstallingECS N8600GT-256MXsystemECSdeviceGraphics Card

-Support AMD FX-60 Dual Core processors


-Fixed:The system is unstable with some dram

installingECS RS485M-MmotherboarddevicesystemRS485M-MECS

BIOS Update: BIOS CheckSum:7400h

ECSinstallingdeviceSP1-DeluxeECS SP1 Deluxemotherboard

Gateway E4100 Computer [Part #2800503] Gateway E4100 Computer [Part #2800504] 510 S Home Computer R1 [Part #2900030] 510 S Pro Computer R1 [Part #2900031] 510 G Home Gamer Computer R1 [Part #2900032] 510 X Home Computer R1 [Part #2900033] 510 XL Home Computer R1 [Part #2900034] 510 S Media Center Computer R1 [Part #2900035] 510 X Media Center Computer R1 [Part #2900036] 510 XL Media Center Computer R1 [Part #2900037]

midway15AcenterP07computerUpdateintelGateway 3000 Series0066motherboardDesktop ComputerGateway Desktop

Gateway E-6100 Tower Computer [Part #2800518] 710 X Home Computer R1 [Part #2900047] 710 G Home Computer R1 [Part #2900048] 710 XL Home Computer R1 [Part #2900049] 710 XL Pro Computer R1 [Part #2900050] 710 Media Center Computer R1 [Part #2900051] 710 CX Home Computer R1 [Part #2900052] 710 CX Home Computer R1 [Part #2900053] 710 CX Home Computer R1 [Part #2900054] 710 CX Pro Computer R1 [Part #2900055]

wasptowermotherboard3000 Series15AGateway DesktopP15pentiumGateway 3000 SeriesUpdateintelgatewayDesktop Computer01180408

Gateway E-4500S Desktop Computer [Part #1008522] Gateway S-5200D Desktop Computer [Part #1008577] Gateway S-5200S Desktop Computer [Part #1008578] Gateway S-5600D Desktop Computer [Part #1008579] Gateway E-4500D Computer R0 [Part #1008617] Gateway E-6500D Computer R0 Test [Part #1008618] Gateway FX400MC Media Center Desktop Computer [Part #1008623] Gateway S-5600D Desktop Computer [Part #1008747] Gateway E-4500D SB Computer R0 [Part #1008764] Intel (Big Lake) 945G Motherboard No CPU R0 [Part #103938]

15ABig Lake and Putton BaydesktopgatewaycomputerGateway 3200 series0218cpuUpdate Revision3200 seriesBig Lakecenter

SoftPaq NUMBER: sp42854 SUPERSEDES: sp42142 PRODUCT MODEL(S): Compaq Presario V6000 Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook PC


PRODUCT MODEL(S): Compaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC Series Compaq Presario CQ60 Notebook PC Series HP G50 Notebook PC


HP Pavilion dv2000 Notebook PC Series FIXES: - Resolves an issue where incorrect memory information is displayed on the main page of the BIOS Setup Control Utility. For example, if a system has 3 GB of

controlsystemNotebooks updatenotebookutilitydevicesetup

PRODUCT MODEL(S): Compaq Presario cq40 Notebook PC Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook PC Compaq Presario CQ45 Notebook PC HP Pavilion dv4 Notebook PC ENHANCEMENTS: - Modifies the thermal policy for supporting the Boston Power battery pack. FIXES: - Fixes an issue where a "blue screen" 0xF4 event may be returned after resuming from Sleep (S3) mode if the notebook/laptop contains a Western Digital hard

systemdeviceWinFlashnotebookpccompaqpresarioNotebooks update

- Adds support for Serial Port Console Redirection (SPCR). - Adds the capability to enter a case-sensitive BIOS Setup Password from a Remote Console. - Upgrades the CPU configuration code to support the HP bc2200 and HP bc2800 Blade PCs. - Adds a POST "Hot-key hit indication" messaging code to the BIOS to indicate that the hot-key was processed by the BIOS. - Adds a ROM Setup "Idle Power Savings" entry to enable working around an older, known Linux dynticks issue that occurs with AMD CPUs. To work around this known issue, change the "Idle Power Savings" setting to "normal."

addspostissueBlade updatebc2000bc2200786E5fixesbmcbc2800 Bladebc2500

Enhancements:Updates Computrace ROM to v80.866.Adds a Number Lock option for external keyboards into the F10 BIOS Setup Utility.

Compaq 2510psupportedusbNotebooks

NOTE: Please consider the following information when using System Software Manager (SSM): - A version of SSM later than version 1.71x is required to support case-sensitive and 32-character passwords (planned to be available in August 2005). ENHANCEMENTS: - Adds support for full-speed hubs with endpoint numbers greater than 1. FIXES:

CompaqversionsystemdevicerestorefileCompaq 786D1business desktop

Hard Drive: 1 x 160 GB - standard - Serial ATA-300 - 7200 rpm Optical storage Type: DVD±RW ( R double layer) - IDE Read Speed: 40x (CD) / 16x (DVD) Write Speed: 40x (CD) / 8x (DVD-R) / 16x (DVD R) / 2.4x (DVD R DL) CD / DVD Rewrite Speed: 24x (CD) / 4x (DVD±RW) Disc Labeling Technology: LightScribe Technology Monitor Monitor Type: None Graphics controller

speedieeetypeCompaq tc4200Compaq dc7600technologypinfrontminiphoneintelstereopci

Storage Hard Drive: 1 x 80 GB - standard - Serial ATA-300 - 7200 rpm Optical storage Type: DVD-ROM - Serial ATA Read Speed: 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD) Monitor Monitor Type: None Graphics controller Type: Integrated Graphics Processor / Vendor: Intel GMA 3000

miniphonetypedc7700CompaqintelfrontserialieeepinstereoCompaq dc7700technology

SUPERSEDES: sp42855 PRODUCT MODEL(S): HP HDX 16 Entertainment PC

NotebooksoperatinghdxwinflashdeviceIntelNotebook WinFlashentertainment

PRODUCT TYPE(S): Notebooks PRODUCT MODEL(S): Compaq Mini 700 NetBook PC HP Mini 1000 NetBook PC ENHANCEMENTS: - Updates the BIOS Setup menu to display the Product Configuration ID. FIXES:

fixesdevicesupportedWinFlashNetbookbluetoothNetBook update

PCs operating in a Microsoft Windows Operating System environment. To determine the ROM revision and ROM date, run the Setup Utility by pressing F10 on the target computer during startup and then view

Notebook updatesystem68GPPdeviceNotebooks

Supports the latest 133MHZ front side bus Intel Pentium III Tualatin CPU. USB 2.0


Ocean Office Automation has been supplying PC’ s and components to...

servicei845PE-M4EautomationmotherboardoceanofficeOCTEKaustraliani845PE-M4E-R3OCTEK i845PE-M4E

Ethernet Controller 5. 6x SATA 3.0Gbps Ports via ESB2 Controller 6. 3 (x8) PCI-Express (2 w/ Gen 2.0), 1 (x4) PCI-Express (Using x8 slot), 2x 64-bit 133MHz PCI-X,

Super MicrodevicebitnbspnbspnbspmhzintelpciexpressX7DWNPlus Updatecontroller