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With the AMD Athlon 64 processor and the VIA K8T800 HyperTransport...

operatingathlonamdEpox EP-8KRAI-XsystemsEpoxapplicationsbit

System auto detect C-Media or RealTek Codec

systemrealtekcodecsolvedenableupdatecmediamicroslowlyEpox EP-P4MKIcpu

Specifications: - IntelCore2 Extreme, Core2 Duo, Pentium Dual-Core, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D, Celeron processors, Socket T (LGA775) - 1066/800/533MHz (FSB) - Dual channel DDR2 400/533/667 x 2 DIMMs, Max. 2GB - PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI

pentiumdevice45GMFOXCONN 45GMUpdatelatestchannelFOXCONN Motherboardsceleronpcie

Specifications: - Intel Core2 Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D processors, Socket T (LGA775) - 1066(OC)800/533 MHz (FSB) - DDRII 667 / 533 / 400 x2 DIMMs, Max 2GB

deviceFOXCONN 662MpciepentiumUpdate662MFOXCONN Motherboardsrealteksoftware

Specifications: - Intel Core2 Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron D processors, Socket T (LGA775) - 1066(OC)800/533 MHz (FSB) - DDRII 667 / 533 / 400 x2 DIMMs, Max 2GB

pciesoftwarepentiumFOXCONN 662MrealtekFOXCONNdeviceUpdateFOXCONN Motherboards

- 1333(oc)/1066/800/533 MHz (FSB) - DDRII 667 / 533 / 400 x2 DIMMs, Max. 4GB - 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI

FOXCONN MotherboardsdevicepcieUpdatepentiumFOXCONN 671MXsoftwareFOXCONNceleron

865PE7MC-ES 865PE7MC-S Specifications: - Intel Pentium 4 processor, Socket T (LGA775) - FSB 800/533MHz

865GV7MC-SFOXCONNdevicemhzgamestryFOXCONN MotherboardssystemFOXCONN 865G7MF-SHUpdaterealtekset

* 1333(oc)/1066/800 MHz (FSB) * Dual channel DDR2 800/667 x 2 DIMMs, Max 4GB * 1 x PCIe x16, 1x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI * ATA x 1 SATAII x 4

channelprocessorspentiumcoreFOXCONN G31MX-KrealtekpcieFOXCONN MotherboardsUpdateintel

- FSB 1066 / 800 / 533 MHz - DDR2 533 / 400 x 2 DIMMs, Max 2GB - 1 x PCIe x16, 1 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI - ATA x 2, SATA x 2 w / RAID 0, 1, JBOD

FOXCONN P4M8907MA-RS2HpcideviceFOXCONN MotherboardsrealtekpentiumversionUpdatepcie

Storage 2 x ATA 133 IDE connectors supporting up to 4 IDE devices Back Panel I/O Connectors 1 x PS/2 Mouse Port 1 x PS/2 Keyboard Port 1 x Parallel Port 1 x Serial Ports 2 x USB 2.0/1.1 Ports 1 x RJ45 1 x VGA Audio Ports Integrated Video S3 Graphics Pro Savage8

Gigabyte 7VM333M-RZsupportsportsGigabytefactorportlan7VM333M-RZintegrated

Supports AMD AthlonTM XP 333MHz FSB processor Support high performance DDR333/266 memory Integrated UniChromeTM graphics engine

Gigabyteunichromecomplete7VM400M-RZddrGigabyte 7VM400M-RZchipset

Specifications: 1. Socket 370 for Intel FC-PGA Pentium III or other compatible processors 2. 4 DIMMs support up to 512 MB SDRAM 3. Provides 6 PCI, AGP 4X and CNR slots 4. Supports 4 USB ports 5. Supports UDMA ATA 66/100 IDE device 6. Provides SCR (Smart Card Reader) connector 7. Provides IA (Information Appliance) connector 8. Supports EasyTune IIITM and @BIOSTM 9. Supports DualBIOSTM technology

deviceGIGABYTE SeriesGIGABYTE GA-6OXE-1Updateshowsupportsfixed

1. Supports AMD Athlon XP 400MHz FSB processor 2. Supports Dual Channel DDR400 memory architecture 3. Supports AGP 8x interface for outstanding graphics performance

UpdatesupportsfsbdeviceGIGABYTE GA-7N400-LfixintegratedGIGABYTE Series

2. Enhance system performance with DDR 400 memory 3. Integrated MirageTM Graphics engine 4. Integrated Serial-ATA interface with RAID 0,1 function

Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775Gigabyte MotherboardsorderupdateddeviceintegratedsystemGA-8S661FXM-775stay

BIOS Update: Improved memory compatibility

setGA-945GZM-S2GigabyteinstallingmotherboarddeviceGIGABYTE GA-945GZM-S2

2. Dual Channel DDR2 667 for advanced system performance 3. Features PCI Express x16 for outstanding graphics performance 4. Features SATA 3Gb/s interface

GA-945PL-S3motherboardsystemdeviceGA-945PL-S3PfeaturesstayGIGABYTE GA-945PL-S3PGigabyteintel

1. Revolution energy saving design with GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver(DES) technology. 2. Supports Intel Core 2 multi-core and 45nm processors 3. Dual Channel DDR2 1066 for remarkable system performance

deviceGigabyte GA-EP31-DS3LGigabyetemotherboardGA-P35T-DS4speedGigabytesystemUpdatehigh

Enhance system performance with DDR400 memory Integrated Serial-ATA interface with RAID 0.1 function Integrated GigaRAID IDE RAID Interface

raidGigabyteGA-K8NS ProprocessorGigabyte GA-K8NS Pro F13integrated

GIGABYTE GA-8S651MP-RZ Bios 1.6 fixes are not identified


CAUTION!!! DO NOT POWER DOWN YOUR SYSTEM before the update is complete. This update will take up to 3 minutes.

deviceD845WNUpdateMotherboardIntel D845WNIntel D845WN P15Intel Motherboards

Updated codes base to support INTEL P4 Celeron 2.4G, 2.6G CPU

intelcpuupdatedINTEL D915PBLcodesbasesupportceleron

· Before initiating a BIOS update, be sure to read and precisely follow the instructions included in the Readme. You may wish to print the instructions for easy reference.

Intel D945GCLIntel MotherboardsMotherboardUpdateIntel D945GCL 0032Intel

Changed Hardware Monitor string from “Ambient Temperature” to “Motherboard Temperature”. There are three methods for updating your Intel Desktop Board’s BIOS version. Recovery BIOS Update [PR0042.BIO] - A .BIO file to be used for BIOS recovery process, regardless of operating system. In the unlikely event that a BIOS update is interrupted, it is possible the BIOS may be left in an unusable state. Use the Recovery BIOS update to recovering from this condition. It requires a blank floppy diskette or CD. Iflash BIOS Update / Integrator Toolkit BIOS Files [PRG3110H.86A.0042.BI.ZIP] - A DOS-based utility to update the BIOS regardless of operating system. It requires a CD or a USB flash device. This download also provides the necessary files for Intel Integrator Toolkit. Support and FAQs for Intel Integrator Toolkit are available here.

updatedesktopDesktop BoardIntel DG31PRDG31PRintelIntel Desktop BoardIntel Motherboards

· If a BIOS update process is interrupted, your computer may not function properly. We recommend the process be done in an environment with a steady power supply (preferably with UPS). Express BIOS Update [xxxxxx.EB.EXE] - Self-extracting Windows*-based update file includes Software License Agreement and the utility for updating the BIOS. It is designed to be used on Windows* systems. This method is the most commonly used.

UpdateIntel DG965RY 1687MotherboardIntel Motherboardsupdate

Jetway 865GDMP Bios 1.06 fixes are not identified

installedJetway 865GDMPdeviceUpdateJetway SeriesrestoreJetway

# Support FSB 800 MHz # Dual Channel DDR2 533 Memory DIMMs # 1 PCI-Express x16 Slot of 16-Lane # Support 4 Serial ATA2 Devices

gamestrycpudevice945GCM2S-A1-6Hmotherboardintelsupport945GCM2S-A2-6HchipsetJetway 945GCM2S-A2-6HJetwaychannel

1.Update Onboard Lan PXE ROM version to V2.30.

motherboardJetway IN73DA2 A06installingdeviceJetway IN73DA2versionsoftware