ZyXEL GS3700-24HP Switch Firmware 4.10(AAGD.1)C0

Operating systemsOS : OS Independent
ManufacturerManufacturer : Zyxel
CreatedCreated : Aug 1, 2013
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- [MIB-zyxel] When using SilverCreek to test the zyArpFreeze (OID:, DUT will crash.
- [Static Route] Send port-pair L3 traffic via static route, only one direction can forward.
- [Mirror] In mirror test, the leraned packet will broadcast to other ports. The behavior is abnormal. Execute MAC-Flush, DUT will be ok.
- [Flow Control] Flow control could not load blance cross unit
- [syslog] when testing on enable/disable switch type trap-ping, DUT was crash and automatically restarted itself
- [MIB-transmission] The dot3StatsDeferredTransmissions (OID: counter can’t be added.
- [syslog] after system voltage value was back from error to normal, a recovered log should be display when show logging (ex: System voltage has recovered to normal state)
- [Syslog] Due to the radius server IP problem (set wrong/inexistence radius server IP),SNMPc should send trap(s) ”RADIUS server not reachable” for each time user try to re-logging through Radius server (not only display the trap once)
- [Policy Route] When create policy route, then subnet A ping access IP_B fails.
- [Arp Inspection] The log-buffer entries display abnormal in ARP inspection log-buffer function.
- [Rmirror] In web page, it must enable mirror port and direction,then work. But, in cli, it only configure mirror port direction directly.
- [ipv] In web page, user can modify and delete the global address ruler. But, user only can modify the link-local address ruler.
- [Radius] When radius server only exists in server 2, device will send ”Radius server 1 is unreachable” syslog. But, when radius server exists in server 1, device could not send ”server 1 is reachable” syslog.
- [CFM] After send LBM packets into device, device could not response with LBR. (it may be cc message timeout). It only occurs in 48 port device, not occurs in 24 port device.
- [Clone] When port copy running-config need long time. And destination port link down/link up when cloning.
- [IPv6] Ping the non-existent ipv6 host, device will send 9 ns packets and 3 request time out. But, CLI will diplay ”transmit 3 packets,...”.
- [IPv6] After modify ns interval to 10 seconds, and ping the non-existent ipv6 host, it should send 9 ns packets, not 3 ns packets.
- [ARP] Use SMB to simulate 128 host, device ping the simulated host via trunk interface, ping will time out. After unplug and plug-in the cable, ping will be ok.
- [CFM] In spanning tree topology, execute linktrace from device 3 to device 1 (eth cfm link re 7003 mep 1003 ma 3 md 1), the ”chassis-id” field should be N/A, not empty or scramble (eth cfm link re 7003 mep 1003 ma 3 md 1).
- [CFM] In spanning topology, execute linktrace from device 3 into device 4 (eth cfm link re 7001 mep 1001 ma 7 md 3), linktrace will be fail. After modify mep 7001 direction from down to up , it will be ok. The root cuase may be spanning blocking port. It seems that spanning blocking port will effect mep direction setting.
- [MAC-Pinning] When enable mac pinning+trunking ports already learned {MAC A, VLAN A}, then the other ports (disable mac pinning) shouldn’t learn {MAC A, VLAN A}
- [Upgrade firmware] After upgrade firmware via web page, then CLI login fail during
- [IP Load Sharing] It only create 8 static route entry. When create over 8 entry, CLI will pop error messages.
- [IPv6 Interface VLAN] Create over 64 ipv6 interface vlan, it should pop error message. Error: IPv6 iface number exceeds maximum, not Error: Static VLAN number exceeds maximum!.
- [IPv6 Interface vlan] Create 64 interface vlan and enter the existent interface vlan, CLI will pop error messages. Error: Static VLAN number exceeds maximum!
- [MIB-zyxelMldSnoopingProxy] When creating max zyMldSnoopingProxyVlanRowStatus (OID: rules, the max rules can’t be deleted via MIB Browser.
- [IPv6 Neighbor] It only create 64 interface vlan. But, it can create 256 neighbor entry with different vlan 1~256. it will cause some useless neighbor entry.
- [Syslog] Autonegotiation sync failed: a log message ”WA interface: port 2 link speed and duplex mode autonegotiation has failed” should be shown when show logging
- [MIB-zyxelIpv6StaticRoute] When setting the zyIpv6StaticRouteNextHopIpAddress (OID: to default value, it will pop error message but the value should be able to set OK.
- [IPv6 Prefix] In ipv6 prefix, prefix lifetime could not smaller than valid lifetime.
- [Port Setup] When all port inactive/active, CLI pop error message.
- [LACP+MRSTP+L2PT] When enable lacp+mrstp+l2pt, the lacp sync fails.
- [MIB-dot3] The Port Index of the dot3StatsFrameTooLongs (OID: counter is error.
- [Static Route] Send port-pair L3 traffic to the non-existent next hop, after system reboot, the port-pair L3 traffic still can forward each other.
- [MIB-zyxelMldSnoopingProxy] It should pop error message when setting the zyMldSnoopingProxyVlanRowStatus (OID: to invalid value (ex: 123)
- [Vlan Stacking] in CLI, columns (SPVID and priority) were not in the right format.

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