Toshiba Bluetooth Stack 4.00.36(T)

Operating systemsOS : Windows 2K / Windows XP
ManufacturerManufacturer : Others
CreatedCreated : Aug 15, 2006
Size downloadDownloads : 7
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If an old version of this software is installed on the system, you must use windows' Add/Remove Programs control panel to uninstall it before installing this release.
This release addresses these issues:
Bluetooth PAN server cannot start automatically after resuming from standby, if OS is XP/TabletPC edition.
One sentence in the option dialog of CHS is not correct.
Fast user switch is not supported. Bluetooth Manager can not be launched when switched to another user.
When using MS-FAX, please disable the "automatic reception setting". If it is enabled, it may take several minutes to initialize BT on resume from standby.
Before connecting or disconnecting a Bluetooth headset, please exit any voice or sound-related applications (e.g. Windows Messenger, Windows Media Player). The audio input and output may not be switched properly if those applications are running. This same precaution is important prior to system standby, hibernate or shutdown, and prior to turning off or unpluging the primary Bluetooth device.
Applicable Models:
Portege 4000, 4005, 3500 Tablet PC, M200, M205-S809, M100, 3505 Tablet PC, M205-S810, R200-S214, R200-S2032, R200-S2031, M400, R205-S2062, R200-S234
Qosmio E15-AV101, G25-AV513, G35-AV600
Satellite 5005-S504, 5005-S507, 5005-S508, 5105-S607, 5105-S501, 5105-S502, 5105-S901, 2455-S3001, 2455-S306, 2455-S305, 5205-S506, 5205-S505, 5205-S704, 5205-S504, 5205-S703, 5205-S503, P10-S429, P15-S479, P25-S5092, P25-S5091, P25-S509, P10-S4291, P15-S4091, P15-S409, P25-S507, M65-S9062, M60-S8112TD, P25-S5093, 5205-S119, P25-S5201, P25-S520, P15-S470, P15-S4201, P15-S420, M65-S9093, M65-S8091, M65-S809, M65-S9065, M60-S8112ST, M60-S811ST, M60-S811TD, M65-S9063, M65-S9064, A105-S3611, A105-S361, A105-S2711, A105-S271, M65-S9091, M65-S909, M55-S3294, M55-S3293, M55-S3292, A105-S4012, A105-S4011, A105-S4004, A105-S4002, A105-S4001, P25-S508, U205, U200, M105-S322, A105-S4034, A105-S4074, M105-S3014, P105-S6012, P105-S6002, M105-S3004, A105-S4022, A105-S4021, A105-S4014, A105-S2719, A100-S8111TD, M100-ST5111, P105-S921, A105-S2717, A105-S2716, A105-S2713, A105-S2712, M55-S3291, M55-S329, M45-S3591, M45-S359, M45-S2693, M45-S2692, M45-S2691, M45-S269, P25-S477, P25-S487, 5205-S5151, 5105-S702, 5105-S701, 5105-S608
Satellite Pro 6000, M10-S406, M15-S406, M15-S405, M10-S405, 6100
Tecra 9000, M3-S311, M3-S212TD, S2, M6-EZ6611, M6-ST3412, M5-S5331, M5-ST1412, M5-ST8112, A6, M3-S737TD, M5-S433, A6-S513, M3-S636, M4-S635, A4-S313, A5-S516, A5-S237, M3-S316, A5-S116, M3-S336, A5-S6215TD, A5-S416, M4-S535, M4-S515, S3-S411TD, S3, M4-S435, M4-S415, M4-S335, M4-S315, M4-S115TD, M4, A3, M3-S331, M3, M1, M2, A4, 9100
libretto U100, U100-S213, U105

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