Synology DS509Plus NAS Firmware DSM 2.2-0942

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CreatedCreated : Sep 30, 2009
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Change log
1. New DLNA Compliant Media Server:
disk Station Manager 2.2 has been certified DLNA compliant (certified on DS209 and will work with all disk Station models). It further ensures interoperability between Synology disk Station and your DLNA home devices.
Supports customization of the DMA browsing menu for your multimedia files. 3 default menu styles are provided and you can customize 3 more styles based on personal preferences, including using iTunes smart playlist.
Supports streaming music, photo and video with Windows Media Player on Vista.
Supports MP3 and M4A metadata indexing including composer, disc number, track number, album artwork, and comment.
Supports predefining a image to be displayed as the album cover for music files without an embedded album artwork.
Supports more video formats, including MKV, TS, M2TS, M2T, MTS, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, QT, SWF, DVR-MS, MOV, TRP, TP and ISO.
Supports PCM and APE audio formats.
Supports on-the-fly transcoding of FLAC, APE, OGG, AAC (.aac, .m4a, .m4b) and AIFF (.aif, .aiff) to WAV or PCM to enjoy high quality lossless music on compatible DMAs.
Supports customization of the MIME type mapping to help DMA correctly identify the file formats.
Adds DMA communications logging option for diagnostic purpose.
2. iPhone Support: 2 iPhone applications are available on Apple® App Store for free:
DS photo allows you to easily upload photos from iPhone/iPod touch to your Disk station and instantly share it out to the world.
DS audio allows you to stream and enjoy the music stored on Disk Station with your iPhone/iPod touch where Internet is available.
3. Mobile Photo Station & File Station: Supports viewing photos and reading supported file formats stored on Disk Station with a mobile device whenever the Internet is available. Windows Mobile 6.0 (Internet Explore Mobile or Opera 9.0 and onward), iPhone OS 2.2.1 and onward (Safari) or Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd Edition and onward are required.
4. iSCSI(1): Designate portion of your volume space to be an iSCSI target, and expand it later at your preference. You can assign up to 10 iSCSI targets on each Disk Station.
5. Firewall: The built-in firewall function allows you to decide which service or IP address are allowed to access the Disk Station and prevent uninvited connections.
6. SNMP: SNMP protocol support allows you to monitor Disk Station with network management softwares.
7. Auto Block: Auto block function protects your Disk Station from hostile attacks. IP address with pre-defined number of failed login attempts will be blocked and cannot access the server until manually removed from the block list by admin. The failed login attempts include connections via management UI, File Station, FTP, SSH, Telnet, rsync and mobile devices including iPhone.
8. Resource Monitor: Resource monitor allows you to easily monitor Disk Station's CPU usage, memory usage, network flow and volume usage.
9. Mac OS X Time Machine Support: Simply choose a destination folder on your Disk Station, and you can easily back up data of your Mac OS to the server.
10. SMS Notification: By setting up SMS notification, you will be notified immediately if any critical event occurs on your Disk Station.
11. Windows ADS Support(2)
Supports large size domain environment with up to 100,000 domain users and 100,000 domain groups.
Advanced setting options help the server to join domain more easily.
Supports user home function for domain users. When enabled, a private home folder will be created automatically upon the domain user's login.
Supports setting up sub-folder privileges for domain user/group in File Station.
12. Surveillance Station Enhancements:
Flexible live view layout management allows you to choose from 1 channel, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 grids, sequential rotation and other options.
Enhanced live view and event playback allows you to digitally zoom in/out, drag and move the frame or slow/fast forward the video when the event is playing.
Events Sync Playback allows you to simultaneously watch events recorded at the same time from up to 4 different cameras.
Centralized Management allows you to simultaneously watch the live-view of cameras installed on multiple Disk Stations, or watch the event timeline of a camera installed on another Disk Station.
54 more camera models from 10 renowned brands are newly included in the support list, making the total 193. View the complete list here.
Supports MJPEG and MPEG-4 over RTP streaming.
Supports SMS notification, allowing you to receive an immediate notice upon the occurrence of designated critical events.
Camera support numbers are increased to 8 and 12 on certain 9-series models(3).
13. iTunes Server Enhancements:
Supports video files sharing for MOV, MP4 and M4V formats.
Supports MP3 and M4A metadata indexing including composer, disc number, track number, album artwork and comment.
14. Download Station Enhancements:
Supports creating multiple download tasks by entering more than one HTTP, FTP or ed2k links at a time, or upload a text file containing multiple links.
Supports RSS and RapidShare download.
For BitTorrent download, private tracker support is improved.
For BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP/NZB download, a Time Left column is added for each task to indicate the estimated time before the task's completion.
For eMule download, eMule protocol obfuscation is supported.
Supports assigning the download service location to an external hard drive(4).
E-mail notification upon the download task's completion is supported.
15. Photo Station Enhancements:
Supports video files sharing for MP4, DAT, M4V and QT formats.
Added 3 new Photo Station templates and 5 more Blog banners. Thumbnails quality of newly added photos is improved.
16. Web Station Enhancement: Added PHP cache option.
17. File Station Enhancement: All files upload/download transfer will be recorded when File Station transfer log is enabled.
18. Shared Folder Privilege Setting Enhancement: More flexible privileges setting by subdividing write-only privilege into 3 options (1) disable directory browsing (2) disable file downloading (3) disable modification of existing files. The rules apply to File Station and FTP file transfer.
19. NTFS External HDD Support(5): Supports writing data to the NTFS formatted external hard disk.
20. New DDNS Provider: Added to the DDNS provider list.
21. Management Enhancements:
Supports changing the management UI ports from default 5000/5001 to any available port(6).
Supports setting up user accounts expiration date, or disallowing certain user accounts to change password.
22. UPS Setting Enhancement: You can now set up the time period before the server enters safe mode after a power failure.
23. DX5/RX4 Support: DX5/RX4 are now supported on DS109+ and DS109.
24. Enhanced System Reliability: The transparent bad sector remapping, dynamic bad sector recovery and improved HDD driver quality and compatibility further enhance the system reliability.
25. System Upgrade:
Samba is upgraded to 3.2.8.
Apache is upgraded to 2.2.13.
PHP is upgraded to 5.2.10.
MySQL is upgraded to 5.1.34.
OpenSSH is upgraded to 4.7.
OpenSSL is upgraded to 0.9.8k.
PostgreSQL is upgraded to 8.3.7.
26. Czech Support: Czech localization is now added to DSM 2.2, synology Assistant, synology Data Replicator 3, and synology Download Redirector.
27. SqueezeCenter Package Upgrade: SqueezeCenter package is upgraded to 7.3.3. Click here to download the new package.
(1) iSCSI is not supported on DS109j, DS108j, DS107 and DS107e.
(2) Windows ADS is not supported on DS109j, DS209j, DS108j and DS107e.
(3) 12 cameras support: ds509+, RS409+, RS409RP+, DS409+, DS209+II, DS109+
8 cameras support: RS409, DS409, DS409slim, DS209, DS109
Extra licenses are required.
(4) Native-format is suggested. On FAT32 disks, single file size is limited to 4GB. And NTFS disks are not supported.
(5) Writing data to an NTFS external HDD is not supported on DS109j, DS108j, DS107 and DS107e.
(6) Synology Assistant will not be able to find the Disk Station after changing the management UI port. This bug will be fixed in later version of Synology Assistant.
Special Notes
1. Browser Support:
Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
Firefox 3, 3.5
Safari 3, 4 (Mac)
2. The "Shutdown/Restart" button is moved to the top-right corner of each activated applications.
3. Surveillance Station 3 newly supports the following IP cameras:
[ACTi] ACM-8201 (PT), ACM-8211 (PT), ACM-8511N (PTZ), ACM-8511P (PTZ), TCM-4301, TCM-5311, and MJPEG of all ACTi cameras
[AXIS] M1011, M1011-W, M1031-W, M3011, P1311, Q1755, Q6032-E
[AVIPC] 323B
[D-Link] DCS-910, DCS-2121
[Levelone] FCS-4010, FCS-5011
[Panasonic] BB-HCM547, BL-C140A, BL-C101, BL-C121, BL-C160, KX-HCM8, KX-HCM10, KX-HCM110, KX-HCM230, KX-HCM250, KX-HCM270, KX-HCM280, WV-NW960
[SparkLAN] CAS-371 (PT), CAS-371W (PT), CAS-633, CAS-633W, CAS-673, CAS-673W
[TRENDnet] TV-IP410, TV-IP410W, TV-IP422, TV-IP422W, TV-IP512P
[Vivotek] IP7130, IP7153, IP7154, IP7160, IP7161, IP7330, PZ7111, PZ7112, PZ7121, PZ7122, PZ7131, PZ7132, SD7313, SD7323, VS7100 (video server)
[Y-cam] Black, White, Knight
4. To ensure proper operation of Photo Station, using File Station 2 to modify sub-folder privileges for "photo" shared folder is disabled.
5. All the media files will be re-indexed after the firmware upgrade, but photo thumbnails will not be regenerated.

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