Synaptics TouchPad Driver 10.1.8

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CreatedCreated : Feb 2, 2009
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Advanced feature

The synaptics device driver provides a variety of advanced features for end users. Manufacturers can choose
to support all or a sub-set of these features. Below is an overview of selected advanced features. View the
touchpad Tutorial to see a demonstration of the most commonly used advanced features.

Touch Sensitivity

The Touch Sensitivity feature allows users to get the best performance from a TouchPad. Users can
personalize the touch sensitivity settings for their finger size and style of touch.


Tapping on the TouchPad surface is usually quicker and more convenient than using a mouse or mechanical
buttons, and gives the same result as clicking the primary mouse button. Tapping twice in rapid succession
produces a double-click.

Tap Zones

The Tap Zone feature allows users to configure each of the four corners of the TouchPad surface to act as
different buttons when tapped. Users can configure the Tap Zones to perform an action, such as launching
an application. Users can also adjust the size of each Tap Zone.

Virtual scrolling

The Virtual Scrolling feature allows users to scroll through documents, web pages, and so forth with a single
stroke of the finger. Virtual Scrolling operates the scroll bars automatically so there is no need to move the
pointer away from its current location. Virtual Scrolling works with most scrollable windows such as word
processing documents, spreadsheets, and large digital images. It also works with other scrollable items such
as file lists and font lists. Virtual Scrolling provides smooth and easy scrolling for all applications.

Corner Taps and Programmable Tap Zones

Corner taps and programmable tap zones allow users to assign button controls or other functions to an area
on the TouchPad surface. For example, users can program the right hand corner of the TouchPad to
perform the equivalent of a right button mouse click, or program another corner of the TouchPad to launch
the Start Menu. The actions are entirely up to the user, and are programmable through the Synaptics driver.


The HandCheck™ feature guards against unintentional cursor movement and tapping caused by accidental
contact of the palm or hand with the TouchPad. HandCheck allows the TouchPad to recognize when a
user’s palm is resting on it or brushing its surface while typing. This helps prevent unwanted pointer
movement or clicks.


The EdgeMotion™ feature is designed to simplify long-distance pointer motions. With EdgeMotion, users
are not restricted by the size of the TouchPad when dragging an item across the screen or pointing. When
the user’s finger reaches the edge of the TouchPad, holding the finger on the edge will cause the cursor to
continue moving in that direction until the finger is lifted.

Programmable Button Assignments

The Programmable Button Assignment feature allows users to configure the action performed when a
button is pressed. For example, users could define the right button to “go to a web page in the default
browser.” Each time that button is clicked, the web browser would automatically open and load the specified
page. However, the factory defaults for mechanical buttons are generally set to emulate primary and
secondary mouse clicks.

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