Popcorn Hour A-110 Firmware 01-17-090125-15-POP-40

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Others
CreatedCreated : Feb 26, 2009
Size downloadDownloads : 3
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Browser / System Improvement on font engine character rendering (30% speed up)faster navigation on local drives Use numeric key to input item number to jump to the page where item is locatedImproved fileplayer speedHebrew translation addedFixed HDMI display output blackout issue for auto EDIDDiscrete RC (Logitech) scancode update network share and webservices language packs.Removed EXT2 option for NMT installation Note: due to long term reliability issue with EXT2 on device that is frequently turned off abruptlyAdditional symbols can be input from "1" keyHTTP download manager (only works with links with special "download" attributes.File player hide Recycle Bin folderFixed 'TV MODE' + '3' key handling bugFixed recovery kernel no red screen displayedBrowser image caching fix, should fix some YAMJ crashes or no image issue.Fixed HDD spin-up during standbyFixed slow loading of HTML pages Web Services New UI customizable icon feature with browse image utility (need NMT apps)bug fixes on customizable service icon with browse feature.Web Services page modification Fixed a "save/remove service" bugNow able to customise JPG/BMP iconFixed slow IR response while playback Internet RadioImmediate response to STOP during Internet video streamingFine-tune Web Service UI Network Improved SMB server startup timeImproved browsing time for SMB clientAtheros USB WiFi stability fixesFixed SMB client hostname resolution picked up wrong IP address from the IP listFixed file copy failed from HDD to SMB/NFS with names containing whitespaceFixed UPnP AV server playall issue broken in previous releaseFixed Samba server halts after device name changeTorrent client is now by default Transmission (btpd removed)
**** IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure completion with previous downloads with BTPD, as new Transmission client cannot inherit previous downloads.Fixed torrent schedule page not workingFixed occasionally newly created smb/NFS shares doesn't show up in media source listAtheros USB WiFi added support for TP-Link v2 stickFixed persistent private IP when DHCP server unavailable (e.g. cross-cable connection etc) Playback Bookmark/resume for single playback 10 bookmarks available nowPress stop to bookmark the last video playbackPress enter / play with focus on bookmarked clip to resumePress "0" to start from beginning of clipAuto framerate synchronisation Framerate sync function in ISO playback, only for 50,60Hz modes (PAL/NTSC)switch to NTSC(60Hz) when selected mode not applicable.(previously, it will follow TV mode selected)Use 59.94 for NTSC when matching content detected.Fixed incorrect data shown on infobar.Fixed after ISO playback, screen goes blank when framerate sync kicks inImproved info display Disable incorrect video MPEG1/2 VBR display.Fixed incorrect framerate info for video playback (*.mov, *.mp4).Fixed video bitrate calculation error (less 1 packet every second)Modified infobar UI (height, spacing and text displayed)Fixed info bar losing text after pausedImproved accuracy of mpeg1/2 bitrate informationPhoto app Fixed JPEG (PNG / TIFF transcode) from myiHome server cannot be displayedFade-In Fade-out effect added for photo transitionEnable large jpeg rotation. (downscale before rotate)Fixed faded color for jpeg at 360-deg rotationTV Type setting for DVD playback the TV type setting is now working for DVD video playback (4:3 and 16:9 only, 16:10 will treat as 16:9)DVD Menu new popup menu if MENU key on PCH remote controller is presseduser can select to jump to ROOT, TITLE, CHAPTER.... etc from the menuModified progressive zoom and pan in ISO/IFO playbackRemoved up/down keys as prev/next track/td>VCD *.DAT playback fixed using soft demuxFixed "repeat" keypress in myiHome when playback audio caused picture playback to haltImproved handling of MKV H.264 profile and vlevel.Fixed cannot stream MPEG from UPnP AV server, liveTVFixed .pls file unable to start when playback locally (HDD/smb/NFS)*.m3u playlist supported.Fixed TS with stream6 as teletext playback cause out of memoryFixed MKV H264 L4.1 pixelated video issueFixed MKV H264 L4.1 pixelated video issueFixed ISO over smb stutter issue, when no HDD attached Subtitle Fixed Hebrew SRT subtitle containing invalid characterFixed subtitle parsing with BOM (UTF8 support only)Thai subtitle supportFixed wrong character rendered in Thai subtitleChanged default subtitle font size to 28 and Y offset to 10Exception handling in SSA subtitle parsingSlight adjustment of subtitle position NMT Apps Version : 00-17-090115-15-POP-403 Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 00-17-090116-15-POP-403Improved on samba client browsing time and server boot up timeFixed occasional slow samba responseUpgraded to nzbget 0.51Upgraded to nzbgetweb 1.2 (Categories can be modifed in /mnt/syb8634/nzbgetweb/setting.php5)Various Casgle fixesFixed FTP password savingImproved Setup Page loading timeRemove btpd, using Transmission as default BT clientFixed sometimes unable to access casgle web uiFixed HDD spin-up during standby

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update, playback, Popcorn Hour A-110, video, Popcorn Hour, server, smb. You may download 01-17-090125-15-POP-403.zip directly. Please write the reviews of the Popcorn Hour A-110 Firmware 01-17-090125-15-POP-40.

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