PocketWizard Utility 1.55 / ControlTL (FlexTT5/Nikon) Firmware 3.400

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CreatedCreated : Jul 6, 2013
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PocketWizard Utility 1.55 Changes:

- Added support for Plus III radio
- Many improvements made in the help text.
- Addressed an issue where the lower buttons in the Utility might be difficult to access on lower resolution monitors or LCD screens, like those found on laptops or palmtops. A scrollbar was added to the inner frame which allows for better full screen operation on smaller displays. If you see the scroll bar when on any tab, there may be more controls that you can’t see! Use the scrollbar to access them.
- Corrected a situation where the device inventory would not be retained on newer Mac OS versions.
- Fixed a bug around retaining the hardware version of a MultiMAX.
- Clarified language in several places.
- Introduced automatic notifications for new firmware. As soon as a radio is connected, the Utility will check for new firmware and let you know if a new version is available.
- improved invalid serial number handling.
- Enabled selecting both “Never Download Firmware Files Automatically,” and “Yes, I would like to have access to Optional and Beta Test firmware.”
- Updated the code signing certificate for clearer information when installing on Windows Vista and 7.
- Fixed a bug where the “Resetting – Please Wait” dialogue would appear unintentionally.
- Resolved an issue where a nikon ControlTL radio would work properly, but display an error,when switched out of Basic Trigger Mode in the Utility.
Nikon FlexTT5 ControlTL Firmware 3.400:
- Added support for Nikon D600 and D3200 Cameras
- Nikon MiniTT1 and flextt5 now power-able via USB port
- hypersync Improvements
- HyperSync timings extended
- Improved HyperSync optimizations for the flextt as receiver
- Improved Modeling Light Control for helping with AF-Assist
Other Improvements:
- Changed the default “HSS/FP Begins At (HyperSync Ends)” value to 1/250th. This is helpful for users shooting primarily TTL and looking for an experience very similar to using Nikon’s native system. HyperSync users will need to reset this control to their desired preference.
- Changed “P2 HyperSync Flash Duration” for a FlexTT5 when used as a receiver from 1 to 7. This should provide better out of the box performance with many studio flashes.
- Changed default for “HyperSync Flash Duration For Standard Channels” from 1 to 7 as that served more users.
- Improved remote modeling light control in many situations, including when using a camera’s Depth of Field Preview button. Note: modeling light control is disabled by default in the pocketwizard_utility.
- Improved a situation where a remote FlexTT5 with an SB-800 attached would not allow you to make mode changes on the Speedlight itself after being triggered by a Sekonic L-478DR or a hand-held MiniTT1 with an AC3 ZoneController. If the Speedlight “locks up” like this, press TEST on the FlexTT5 to restore access to its controls.
- Masterminded a plan to take over the universe, but chose not to for humanitarian reasons.
- Fixed a situation where a D800/D800E would miss remote flash sync if triggered in Continuous High motor drive with certain lenses.
- Fixed a Relay Mode bug where a controltl remote flash would trigger one channel higher than desired.
- Corrected “Center on ISO Only – Set ISO Below” PowerTracking method.
Nikon D600 notes:
- The camera will only perform as expected with the ControlTL system if the camera’s battery is 50% or greater. Always make sure the camera’s battery is fully charged before use.
- Set Custom Function e1 “Flash Sync Speed” to 1/200s (Auto FP) to work with the ControlTL system.
- Nikon D600 firmware – C: 1.01 is recommended.

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