Nokia E75 Firmware 200.12.51

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Nokia
CreatedCreated : Nov 27, 2009
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New supported features:
• OVI Contacts
• Facebook, YouTube and MySpace
• N-Gage baseline update to N-Gage 1.2
• Share Online update to 4.3
• Accidental/Double key press filter
Area Description Comment:
Ovi Contacts
• Integrated to Contacts. Chat with your friends using your Ovi account. Gtalk is also enabled. Share your status and location.
Ovi Contacts users can upgrade to Chat 2.0, which will be available in Ovi Store.
Facebook, YouTube and MySpace:
• In Applications folder, there are icons to launch these services.
N-Gage update to 1.2:
• The user can more easily find and purchase games
• Improved support for Chinese
• Improvements for developers
Share online update to 4.3:
• Provides direct sharing from Camera and direct upload from Gallery
• Improved uploading experience (the next image can be uploaded when the previous in uploading)
• Direct sharing using device address book
• Geo-tagging
Accidental key press filter:
• When accidentally pressing two keys at the same time on the qwerty key mat, the second press will be ignored
Updates, changes and improvements:
E-Series Homescreen:
• Corrections concerning Wlan and Calendar plug-ins
• Improvements in Easy dialling
• The following reported issues have been solved in this release:
• The icon of E-mail notifications changes from grey into yellow cover after disabling/enabling.
• Eclipsing item feature not working in Homescreen shortcuts
• Pressing keys during a call appears as letters on screen
• Homescreen settings help topic missing
• Default call type is ignored in Offline profile
• Wlan plug-in is missing in Homescreen applications
• Wrong preview type of E-mail notification after switching between modes with different E-mail Notifications settings
• Customized FS Homescreen shortcut with URL link not visible in selection list
E-mail Settings Wizard:
• Security enhancement
• Gmail shown as Google Mail in email folder in Germany and UK
E-series E-mail:
• Baseline update (incl. Email, Calendar and Contacts)
• Features:
• Email in Email support (if an email message is received, where an email message is as attachment, the attachment is opened in email viewer, not in notepad as earlier).
• IAD support (enables upgrading the email software later)
• OMA-CP support (Settings Provisioning for MfE) Improvements in stability
• Improvements:
• Stability improvements
• Improved compatibility with different Exchange server configurations
• Improvements in attachment handling
• Faster response , especially when large number of Emails
• Additionally, the following issues have been solved:
• Incomplete note and fetched text when fetching message body
• Screen update takes too long when opening/closing slide in message list with ~500 mails
• Mailbox name is not changed (NES)
• When forwarding meeting Request to 3rd person then participant list is not updated in original meeting Request
• Email application closed when user Exit from MR's details
• English string 'Search for WLAN' displayed in AP setting view.
• Pressing shortcut on title divider displays black screen
• MFE_2.9.158 MFE After initial synchs, can not sync to this 2007 server, HTTP 502/501 is received.
• Cannot send email via action menu from meeting viewer
• Sync after performing restore: no prompt displayed to user to enter
• Meeting with alarm 0 min before event is not synced correctly
• Load HTML images' has no effect
• Phone has no response after selecting "Open in intranet" to open Intranet link in an email.
• Receive an Appointment: in the mail for exchange message folder "accept", "temporary" or "reject" do not work (MEMORY FULL PART)
• Sending POP3 emails: in the forward folder only the subject text was visible
• Contacts disappear after phone has been used for longer period
• Incorrect pasting into address fields of Message and Meeting request editors
• Message body is empty. Extra characters visible. Different results for different languages.
• URL based picture is not shown in HTML viewer if WLAN is not configured
• “Move to Drafts” does not work in Outbox of MFE.
• MFE loses AP configuration when different connections are up.
• Issues with Gmail in UK and Germany
• E-mail sync does not start with shortcut '9'
• Reply/forward causes slowliness in Message composer (AS, IMAP, POP)
• Incorrect pasting into address fields of Message and Meeting request editors
• Sorting with MFE does not work in PC Outlook when sending email
E-Series Calendar:
• Performance & Usability improvement (eg. opening of calendar items is faster).
• Improvements in Calendar syncronisation
• Meeting request improvements
• Corrections concerning layout
• In addition, the following issues have been solved:
• The first attempt to connect with "Open link in intranet" fails
• Option button without any name in Calendar->Options->Settings->Default Mailbox
• Empty mailbox shown under Default mailbox setting in Calendar
• Keep prompted to select Gmail as the default email
• Meeting request, write mail address and add contact in the contacts clears addresses
Meeting requests:
• The following issues have been solved:
• "Feature not supported" when trying to send MR via email
• All-day recurring Meeting Request is changed to 0min Meeting Request after opening it in editor
• Meeting request with "Fortnightly" recurrence is shown as "Weekly' in meeting request viewer.
• Wrong start time in Meeting Request.
E-series contacts:
• Performance improvements, especially when handling a large number of contacts, eg. opening a contact is faster.
• Improvements in Contacts syncronisation
• Search algorithm improvements.
• Improvements in handling groups:
• List of group members with no matching parts is displayed after group member is removed from group or new contact is added to the group
• View is returned to the group members list after group is deleted from edit group view
• Many operations in contacts are impossible after pressing clear key when call conference service is in focus in Group Members list.
• "Contacts: system error (-6)" pops up when delete several marked groups.
• The following improvements have been made since PR1.1:
• Phonebook application is opened after memory card backup if VoIP settings are set.
• If a user tries to clear the find pane by long press of a clear key, delete confirmation query is displayed and some contacts are not shown in phonebook.
• Wrong background for the contacts selector view and incorrect positions of thumbnails are displayed
• With Chinese input, Contacts Apps. is closed when sending a message to a contact.
Web Browser:
• Update to browser 7.1
• performance improvements, faster browsing and smooth zooming.
• 9-way navigation
• Updated WebKit Engine (better support for the web standards)
• better web widget development support
• Automatic Full-screen
• Multi-file download
• CJSE support (System API's) support via JavaScript for widgets
• Improved Cookie support
• Improved cache support
• Baseline Update
• Fixes for voice call continuity VCC (seemless handover between Voip calls (WLAN as bearer) and 2G/3G calls)
• The following improvements have been made since PR1.1:
• Gizmo icon in net settings is not displayed properly in Landscape mode
• VCC VoIP settings: Can not open VCC settings in Net settings.
• VCC: VoIP to VoIP call mute in MT phone not goes on
• No automatic handover when held-waiting call setting is 1
• Better conference call performance.
• Nokia BH-604 usability correction
• A2DP corrections
• Spool icon correction
• Voice call stability improvement

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