Netgear WGPS606 Firmware

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : NETGEAR
CreatedCreated : Dec 4, 2007
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Known Issues with Installation Assistant Software
· The Installation Assistant software may not always be able to suggest an IP address for the wireless print server during setup of the wireless print server. If the DHCP server does not return an IP address within timeout period, then will be displayed on the screen. The user will need to manually specify a valid IP address and subnet mask for the wireless print server.
· The 1st release of the Installation Assistant will only support NA ( North America) version of the OS platforms.
Known Issues for the wgps606 Firmware
Wireless functions
· The “Any” keyword is not supported when specifying SSID for WGPS606.
· The advanced wireless settings can be configured to g mode only but the wireless print server can still connect to a b mode AP or router.
· If the wireless print server is switched from one wireless network to another wireless network, the wired Ethernet clients will not receive an new IP address from the new network. To renew the IP address of the wired Ethernet Clients, the user may either disconnect then reconnect the Ethernet cable which connects the wired client and the wireless print server or power cycle the wireless print server.
· If multiple wired Ethernet clients are connected to the network via wireless print server, the router’s attached device list may not display all of the wired Ethernet clients. This behavior does not impact the network connectivity of the wired Ethernet clients.
· The wireless print server may not associate with WGT634U in WPA-PSK mode. The WGT634U must be in firmware version in order for the wireless print server to interoperate with WGT634U.
Printing functions
· The user must enable bi-directional traffic support for HP PSC1300 series under Windows 98SE and Windows ME.
· Please do not use an Ethernet cable to physically connect the wireless print server to the router if the wireless print server is already connected to the router via wireless connection.
· The printer status information displayed on the Installation Assistant and the FW may not reflect paper out condition. Not all printer models support paper out status and HP Laser Jet 1200 is an example of this.
· The printer status displayed on the firmware may not be the same status as seen on the printer. For example, the user may see the printing is on going for a printer but the printer status on the FW displayed the printer is in the idle state.
· The firmware does not save the password to the saved configuration file. Therefore, the restore firmware function will not restore the changed password for the wireless print server. The firmware password will be restored to the default password, which is “password”.
· The wireless print server does not support printing from a different segment of the network.
· If the printer experienced paper out condition and the paper out condition lasted more than 20 minutes, then some printers may print out garbage data. To avoid this problem, the print job needs be canceled on the OS and the wireless print server has to be power recycle. If the print job was not canceled first and the garbage is already printing on the printer:
1. Power off the printer.
2. Power off the wireless print server.
3. Cancel the print job.
4. Power on printer.
5. Power on wireless print server.
6. Submit the print job again.

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