Netgear MP101 Firmware 3.1.49

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : NETGEAR
CreatedCreated : Nov 30, 2007
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Media server Version 3.1.49 and Client Version 1.2.11
These two upgrades are packaged together to simplify the installation.
New Features Overview, Server version 3.1.49/Client version 1.2.11
1. vTuner Internet Radio support, Internet Radio can be accessed using the Browse Music -> Internet Radio menu item, or using the
Net button on the remote control
2. Improved user interface flow to handle wireless networks with SSID broadcast disabled
3. Added option to renew IP address
4. Added option to disable startup sound
5. Added additional menu item when Auto-IP address is generated. This allows the user to go back
to the network setup menu or accept the Auto-IP address
Modifications and Bug Fixes, Server Version 3.1.49/Client Version 1.2.11
1. Server stability improvements and improvement of CPU load on PC
2. Screen saver improved so that it only activates when idle or playing music
3. Improved behavior in heavy Ethernet collision environment
4. Shuffle behavior no longer always starts with item #1
New Features Version 1.2.6
1. Alphanumeric Search
Lists of items can be searched based on alphanumeric input. To activate, when you are in any
Browse Music menu, press any of the number/letter buttons. Letters can then be entered by
repeatedly pressing a button to cycle through the numbers/letters. For example, the number 5 will
cycle through J-K-L-5. Press OK to complete the search
2. Screen Brightness control
The screen brightness can be set to High, Medium or Low. The Screen Brightness menu item can
be found in the Setup > Maintenance menu.
3. Screen Saver
The screen backlight can be set to turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity. The Screen Saver menu
item can be found in the Setup > Maintenance menu
4. Added Start-up sound
Fixes Version 1.2.6
1. Improved DHCP client robustness. Also, error message added when DHCP fails to indicate that
mp101 is using auto-IP address.
2. Sampling rates other than 44.1 kbps are now supported.
3. Automatic reboot and reconnection if wireless access point disconnects MP101 from network.
4. Improved Shuffle mode behavior so it does not always start with item #1, and it plays all items
before repeating.
5. On text entry, cycle through lowercase letters before uppercase letters.
6. WEP Passphrase edit bug fix.
7. Increased maximum number of wireless networks that can be scanned from 10 to 30.
Upgrade Procedure
The server and client updates are packaged into one installer. There is a three step upgrade procedure.
First, install the server software.
Second, upgrade the client using the remote control.
Third, reset to factory defaults.
To Install the Server Software.
1. Using the PC where the netgear Media Server software is running, download the new file from netgear
2 . Do not run the "exe" file from inside the zip utility, unzip it to a convenient folder, first
3 . Double click the file to execute it
4 . Follow the instructions on the screen to upgrade the server. Reboot the PC if directed
To upgrade the client using the remote control
1. Be sure the NETGEAR Media Server software is running
2. Using the remote control, be sure that no music is playing
3. Connect the MP101 to the server where the updated Media Server was installed
4. From the Setup menu, select Maintenance, then select Upgrade
5. The display will show messages as information is downloaded to the player. When the upgrade is
complete the MP101 will reboot
6. The current firmware will be indicated when the MP101 boots. It is also available from the Setup
menu. Select Maintenance, then select About. The firmware version should indicate VA1.2.11RNG.1
To reset to factory defaults
1. Using the remote control, from the Setup Menu, select Maintenance, then select Reset Factory
2. The MP101 will reboot. All settings will be cleared.
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