Netgear FVS338 Firmware 1.6.43

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : NETGEAR
CreatedCreated : Nov 30, 2007
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version 1.6.43
Bug fixes only
Version 1.6.40
Trend Micro Antivirus Enforcement
When your LAN is protected by Trend Micro Client/Server/Messaging Suite for SMB, you can configure the firewall to block Web access by LAN PCs that do not have the Trend Micro client installed, or do not have the most recent updates. There is a Trend Micro menu under the Advanced section of the configuration manager.
To use this feature, if a trial verision Trend Micro CD was not included with your router, go to this URL and download the client software:
For help with this feature, contact Trend Micro directly at
Version 1.6.35
XAUTH (Extended Authentication) and RADIUS Support for vpn
XAUTH is configured in IKE Policy menu, RADIUS in the new Radius Client menu. Users and passwords can also be added in the new User Database menu.
NetBIOS Broadcast Support over VPN
Configured in VPN Policy menu.
Version 1.6.29
IKE Mode Config
Mode Config allows a remote VPN client to obtain a virtual IP address and other IP configuration information (DNS, WINS, etc) from the router.
Modifications and Bug Fixes
Version 1.6.43
1. User Database - group assignment required for XAUTH. See Known Issues.
2. Classical routing is now allowed on PPPoE and serial connections.
3. fixed SNMP memory leak.
4. Fixed Keyword blocking problem.
5. Fixed additional DynDNS issues.
6. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Version 1.6.40
1. Restore backup file problems.
2. Compatibility with TA612V.
3. Email - authenticate with SMTP server radio button is now on by default.
4. NTP server: can now switch back to Default NTP Server.
5. ARP scan fixes.
6. DDNS update in failover fixed.
7. User Database page has been modified. Users should be configured into groups A default group: "defaultgrp" is provided.
8. Keyword blocking issue fixed.
9. Manual VPN GUI fixed.
10. WAN Mode menu modifications.
11. Secondary DNS server is included in PPPoE and PPTP mode.
12. SIP ALG bug fixes from FVX538 are integrated.
13. Domain Name can be configured in DHCP.
14. Groups and Hosts menu fixes.
15. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Version 1.6.35
1. Fixed: IKE in fail-over was not updating the MyAddr field when local IP Address was configured with FQDN.
2. Fixed disconnecting Dialup after rollover.
3. Fixed load balancing and failover issues.
4. Added support for US Robotics modem.
5. Added failover detection using PING instead of DNS.
6. Fixed NNTP (newsgroups) bug.
7. Fixed Cisco VPN interoperability issue.
8. Fixed DynDNS issue.
9. Fixed DHCP issues.
10. Fixed inbound rules disappearing.
11. Fixed PPPoE LCP issue.
12. Fixed MTU reset to 1500 after reboot.
13. Fixed Microsoft Root Certificate loading.
14. Can add more than 129 inbound rules.
Version 1.6.29
1. Update mode config help menu.
2. Fixed conflicts between mode config and regular client configurations.
3. Fixed DynDNS issues.
4. Fixed failover problem from Dialup to BroadBand ISP.
Version 1.6.26
1. PPPoE stability problems are fixed.
2. Can now add custom services up to 125 total services.
3. Increased the total number of possible rules to 600.
4. SMTP login name can now accept up to 50 characters.
5. Problem in disabling inbound rules is fixed.
6. VPN interoperability improvements.
Version 1.6.23
1. FQDN support with Main mode added to VPN Wizard.
2. Disable VPN policy will drop tunnel now.
3. Manual switch over to broadband will access Internet now.
4. DynDNS status fixed.
5. VPN remote can now be configured to Any.
6. PPPoE MTU value is now set to 1492 by default.
7. Fixed dropped packets in VPN tunnel.
Version 1.6.17
1. Added support for modem hardware flow control signals.
2. Added image upgrade header validation so router will not upload the wrong image.
3. Modified AES key length selection menu.
4. Guest (read-only) default login password changed to password.
Version 1.6.15
1. VPN throughput increased.
2. Number of simultaneous sessions increased.
3. Guest (read-only) password can now be changed separately (default is guest).
4. Fixed crash from SNMP daemon.
5. Fixed GUI hang when accessing Statistics window.
6. Fixed unrequested blocking of websites.
7. Fixed operation of factory default button.
8. Default gateway is now shown in routing table.
9. Fixed issue when changing from static to PPPoE WAN.
10. Fixed: VPN traffic stops when heavy traffic.
11. Removed One-to-one NAT table and Exposed Host, since these functions can be performed with Inbound Rule.
Known Issues
* When using XAUTH with the internal User Database (not RADIUS), you must add the VPN client users to the User Database menu to allow client authentications. In the User Database menu, these VPN clients must be assigned to the group with the name of the VPN policy.
* When using XAUTH with RADIUS, you must use the "Filter-Id" parameter in the RADIUS profile. For the Filter-Id value, enter the name of the VPN policy used by the VPN client.
* When using XAUTH with ModeConfig, VPN clients must be assigned to DefaultGroup.
* Due to these User Database menu modifications, we recommend starting from factory defaults. Alternatively please attempt to upgrade this image in the following manner to avoid factory defaults configuration:
1. Delete all VPN Client policies.
2. Reboot the router.
3. Configure VPN Client policies.
* You may need to toggle Daylight Savings Time setting after upgrade.
* If you were having problems with reserved IP addresses in Groups and Hosts, you may need to perform a factory default reset after upgrading to the newer version.
* Can't ping router's LAN IP over VPN unless you enable WAN response to ping.

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