Netgear DG834GT Firmware 1.02.13

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : NETGEAR
CreatedCreated : Nov 29, 2007
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Modifications and Bug Fixes

1. Added a SIP Application Level Gateway (ALG) enabled by default to optimize VoIP phone calls that use the SIP protocol. This feature can be found on the Advanced WAN Setup page and can be disabled by checking the Disable SIP ALG checkbox.
Modifications and Bug Fixes
Version 1.02.13
1. fixed an issue where the Block Sites function did not work.
2. Fixed an issue where the feature to close/open Internet Messaging ports on the Firewall Rules page failed to work when using the Italian language with the Management Interface.
3. Fixed an issue with DSL reconnect behavior after idle timeout.
4. Fixed an issue with the configuration file that resulted in inability to restore backup with WPA2 security.
5. Fixed an issue where Log Emails were sent with the wrong date.
6. Fixed a problem where date and time values were stripped from BLOCK/DOS/SCAN and similar logs sent by email.
Version 1.02.09
1. updated the ADSL driver to improve performance and interoperability.
2. Updated the firewall to address an issue where a forced PPP disconnect from the ISP could result in the router requiring user intervention to recover the connection.
3. Added a firewall configuration option to easily disable Instant Messaging ports which are open by default. To disable Instant Messaging ports go to the Firewall Rules page and check Close IM Ports.
Version 1.02.04
1. Updated the adsl driver to improve performance and interoperability.
2. Updated the wireless driver to improve performance.
3. "Shared Key" was removed as an option for WEP Security Encryption Authentication Type on the Wireless Settings page. Authentication type "Automatic" is now selected for this case.
4. Fixed a problem with VPN passthrough.
Version 1.01.28
1. Fixed a problem with keyword blocking.
2. Fixed a problem where the date header was missing from email sent by the router.
3. Fixed a problem with a special configuration where the router would not disconnect after idle timeout.
4. Updated the Web management interface to gray out Atheros eXtended Range (XR) for 108only mode.
5. Updated the Web management interface to display default channel 6 when Auto108 or 108only mode selected.
6. Modified the LCP request reply parameter to allow up to 10 failures before ending the session.
7. Improved robustness for applications requiring many connections.
8. Fixed a problem where the DNAT rule for remote management did not take the destination IP into account.
9. Fixed a problem with ping flood detection.
10. Updated the ADSL driver to improve ADSL2 and ADSL2 support.
Beta Version 1.01.25
1. Enabled CTS/RTS in the wireless module.
2. Added a selection box for Atheros eXtended Range (XR).
3. Updated the ADSL driver.
Beta Version 1.01.12
1. Corrected the display of Line Attenuation and Noise Margin listed in Router Statistics.
2. Improved wireless stability.
3. Fixed a problem where authentication could fail with CHAP when no password was required.
4. Improved RIP2 input processing

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