Leica Rangerfinder Camera M8 Firmware 1.110

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CreatedCreated : Nov 12, 2007
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silver : 10 702, black : 10 701
Compact digital viewfinder/rangefinder system camera for professional usage with Leica M lenses.
Micro-processor controlled metal-blade slotted shutter.
Low-noise CCD sensor specially tailored to the requirements of the M lens system. Pixels : 10.3 million.
Dimensions : 18 mm x 27 mm. Extension factor : 1.33 x. Aspect ratio 3:2. Moiré-Filter no, full utilization of lens
performance. Moiré detection and elimination in digital signal processing.
Manuelle Einstellung von ISO 160/23° bis ISO 2500/35°
Viewfinder principle Large light bright line frame viewfinder/rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation.
Viewfinder lens optimal visibility of all bright line frames whatever the lighting situation. Eyepiece Coordinated to
-0.5 dpt. Correction lenses available from –3 to 3 dpt. image field limiter By activating two bright lines each : for
24 and 35 mm/28 and 90 mm/50 and 75 mm. Automatic Automatic activation when lens is screwed in. With the
image field selector each pair of the bright lines can be activated manually, so simulating each focal length. Parallax
compensation The horizontal and vertical difference between the viewfinder and the lens is automatically compensated
according to the focusing distance used, i.e. the viewfinder bright-line frame automatically aligns with the subject
detail recorded by the lens. Magnification 0.68 x (with all lenses). Large basis range finder Combination of split
and superimposed image range finder shown as a bright field in the centre of the viewfinder image. Effective measurement
basis 47.1 mm (mechanical measurement basis 69.25 mm x viewfinder enlargement 0.68 x).
Lens connection Leica M bayonet with additional optical scanning device for the identification of all 6 bit-coded
lenses. Lens system Current 6 bit-coded Leica M lenses with a focal length of 16–90 mm. Almost all Leica M lenses
with a focal length of 21–90 mm manufactured from 1954 can also be used without 6 bit-coding. 6 bit-retrofitting
possible for virtually all lenses. 6 bit-functions Lens-dependent reduction of system-specific vignetting. Identification
of picture file with lens information to simplify digital archiving. Coordination of flash reflector with motor zoom flash
units. Auto slow sync function with automatic mode.
Automatic mode (Auto) Automatic determination of correct shutter speed with manual aperture preselection with
relevant viewfinder display. Manual exposure Independent selection of shutter speed and aperture – camera exposure
check visible via LED light balance shown in the viewfinder.
S Single frame picture-taking, for one shutter release whenever shutter is pressed C Continuous shooting with 2 pictures
per second and 10 picture in series. Automatic release mode Selectable with either 2 s and 12 s visualization of delay
time via one of the LEDs visible from front of camera in viewfinder window.
Front of housing Lens release ; image field selector Top of housing Main switch and shutter release ; shutter speed
setting dial, status LCD display : indication of number of frames remaining and residual battery capacity. Rear of
housing 2.5" color monitor, setting ring for navigation in menu and magnifier function in 4 levels ; 4 x direction button
for navigation in menu and in image details, Menu button, Play button, Delete button, Protect button, Info button
Bottom of housing Locking base plate protects the battery and SD memory card from dust and moisture.
2.5" bright LC display with a resolution of approx. 230,000 pixels for image reproduction and menu selection.
Brightness control in 5 levels. Control options after picture-taking : General quality evaluation of exposure control via
RGB tone value histogram with identification of light image details without detailing (can also be used with zoom-in),
control of sharpness of focus, display of quality parameters selected and display of lens focal length used (with current
6 bit-coded lenses). Image view sizes : 9 thumbnails, 4 thumbnails, single frame display as well as magnification in four
levels up to 1 pixel to 1 pixel view.
Pressing the Set button allows the following parameters relevant to the picture to be changed and selected : User
profile, Sensor sensitivity, Manual exposure compensation, White balance, data format, picture resolution. Main menu
Pressing the Menu button allows settings such as color monitor contrast or selection of color space to be made in the
Main menu. Menu languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese.

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