Lantronix SecureLinx SLP Firmware 5.3i

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SecureLinx SLP is a remote power management tool that combines intelligent

power distribution, management and load-measurement for remote equipment and branch AC circuits into a practical, easy-to-use device. With SLP, system administrators can securely control the power, individually, to every piece of equipment in the data center.
Through a simple web interface, IT professionals can use securelinx_slp to monitor, regulate and manage power to nearly every piece of equipment in the data center – even if servers or networks are down.
SecureLinx SLP eliminates unnecessary service trips to the data center by enabling system administrators to remotely control the power supply to critical business equipment. In the event of a server problem or nonresponsive system, individual servers can be rebooted and powered off and on. This is also a benefit when server configuration changes require power cycling for the change to take effect.
The ability to remotely monitor power consumption helps maintain safe loads on existing power circuits, and alerts administrators when and where additional power circuits are needed.
In order to prevent overloads caused by sudden in-rush of current when equipment is powered up, the SLP provides the ability to power up devices in a pre-determined sequence. This causes a more steady power draw, and gives system administrators the option to turn on certain devices before others. The net result is increased safety for your IT equipment, and greatly reduced downtime and service costs. Anytime, Anywhere Solution
With SLP, network administrators monitor and manage power to data center equipment – whether it’s located down the hall or across the globe from anywhere over an IP network or the Internet with a Web Browser or CLI interface – this capability provides an unprecedented level of flexibility and control, and greatly reduces the risk of costly downtime. Power to data center equipment can also be managed locally through a serial connection, or remotely from a SecureLinx Console Manager when the SLP is attached via the serial interface. Integrated Security
Security is a top priority for IT managers. With SSH for command line interface, SSL support for web access, and remote authentication protocols, the SLP features the highest level of security of any power management product on the market. Also, with remote access to data center power supplies, you can reduce personnel traffic to the data center, keeping it more secure. Easy to Deploy and Use
The SecureLinx SLP is extremely easy to use due to its flexibility at all levels – from easily-accessed US and international plug-style connectors, to mounting options, to software functionality. Best of all, you can use a standard web browser both for setup and operation.

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