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CreatedCreated : Feb 16, 2009
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The Lantronix Mini enables you to add network connectivity to your products

quickly and economically. Dramatically shorten your time to market by embedding lantronix's proven network-enabling technology today instead of spending time and money on a lengthy internal development process. The Mini brings more than a decade of networking experience, rock-solid IP firmware and extensive applications support and expertise to your products.
Measuring a mere 7.0 cm x 8.0 cm, the mini can be easily designed into products that would benefit from network connectivity. Serial interfacing is accomplished via a TTL connector which includes serial transmit, receive and DTR lines. For Ethernet applications, 10BASE-T or AUI interfaces can be specified. Both the length and orientation of it's interface pins can be specified to fit your product's architectural requirements. The mini requires only five volts of regulated power for normal operation.
Lantronix's well-developed IP firmware supports such features as DHCP, TFTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP and Telnet. Support for custom protocols is available. The Mini also supports a variety of user-configurable options such as buffer control and packetization size, which make it easy to use in most any application.
In addition, Lantronix's Com Port Redirector utility makes it possible to run existing applications on networked PCs that were previously limited to direct serial connections. This application transparency eliminates the need to develop costly new networked applications software.

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