Lantronix MatchPort b/g Pro WiFi Embedded Device Server/Network Processor Module Firmware

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CreatedCreated : Apr 10, 2009
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Lantronix SmartRoam technology introduced, providing enhanced roaming across WLAN networks. New XML, CLI and web support.
Bridging capability added between WLAN and Ethernet, allowing ethernet devices to communicate over WLAN networks. New XML, CLI and Web support.
Modem emulation now has access to the CLI (via “ATD 0”) even while it has an active network connection.
Added support for MS-IAS Certificates.
Applied "Reassert" concept to Tunnel Modem web layout, organized CLI and XML to match. Implemented "Display Remote IP" configurable on Tunnel Modem to match recent implementation on XPort-AR per customer request. Made Modem Emulation register S0 visible to web, CLI, and XML as "Incoming Connection" configurable.
Provides web and CLI preview of Login Connect Menu layout. Adds web links to cross-reference the constituent parts of the Login Connect Menu. Fixes all of the cross-links, now the appropriate index tab gets highlighted.
Added support for hostname in modem emulation ATD command.
Added Line Protocol "LPD or Tunnel". Allows both Tunnel (in accept mode) and LPD directed to a single serial port. They use the Serial Tx mutex to avoid clobbering each other.
Added output to the status command under config|if2|link to include, supplicant version, radio firmware version, radio device id, and radio device revision.
Improved web manager experience with field retention, field clearing, and improved rendering.
Tunnel packing timeout default value changed to 1 second.
Improved handling of DNS names with the Tunnel Remote IP Address field.
The OEM MAC Address may now be removed with the new "no mac-address" CLI command.
Socket event timeout relaxed from 10ms to 100ms for improved performance.
The WLAN Supplicant library has been updated.
Tunnel web page for AES key has been removed. The data is now incorporated into the Tunnel Accept and Tunnel Connect pages.
Improved feedback to the user when a serial line's configuration does not match its status (as in CLI backdoor access).
Added warnings about tunnel connect remote addresses that are reserved. Also added warnings about tunnel connect remote addresses that are broadcast or multicast if the protocol is not UDP based.
Added error messages to web manager and CLI to clarify when an integer input fails because the integer value does not fit into the allotted number of bytes.
On the web XML import and export pages now only "interface" and "bridge" are not checked by default; these may contain device specific addresses.
bug 8025: HttpDecodeMultipartFormData_create() and HttpDecodeMultipartFormData_destroy() have been removed from the API.
(config-bridge): --- NEW LEVEL ---
"bridging mac address " --- NEW COMMAND ---
"no bridging mac address" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"show statistics" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"show status" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"state disable" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"state enable" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"no remote port" changed to "default remote port"
"key " replaced with two commands "key " and "key text "
"preview connect menu" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"send break " changed to "send break "
"roaming enable" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"roaming disable" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"databits 7" changed to "data bits 7", but old format is still recognized.
"databits 8" changed to "data bits 8", but old format is still recognized.
"default baud rate" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default data bits" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default flow control" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default interface" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default parity" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default protocol" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default stop bits" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default xoff char" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default xon char" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"flowcontrol hardware" changed to "flow control hardware", but old format is still recognized.
"flowcontrol software" changed to "flow control software", but old format is still recognized.
"no flowcontrol" changed to "flow control none", but old format is still recognized.
"no protocol" changed to "protocol none"
"no shutdown" changed to "state enable"
"protocol lpd or tunnel" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"reassert" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"rs485 disable" changed to "interface rs232"
"rs485 full-duplex" changed to "interface rs485 full-duplex"
"rs485 half-duplex" changed to "interface rs485 half-duplex"
"shutdown" changed to "state disable"
"speed " changed to "baud rate "
"speed custom " removed
"stopbits 1" changed to "stop bits 1", but old format is still recognized.
"stopbits 2" changed to "stop bits 2", but old format is still recognized.
"xoff " changed to "xoff char "
"xon " changed to "xon char "
"authentication mode ms-chap" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"authentication mode ms-chapv2" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"aes decrypt key binary " changed to "aes decrypt key "
"aes decrypt key set " changed to "aes decrypt key text "
"aes encrypt key binary " changed to "aes encrypt key "
"aes encrypt key set " changed to "aes encrypt key text "
"default accept mode" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default port" changed to "no local port"
"default protocol" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default tcp keep alive" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"email connect " changed to "email connect "
"email disconnect " changed to "email disconnect "
"keep alive " changed to "tcp keep alive "
"no keep alive" changed to "no tcp keep alive"
"port " changed to "local port "
"show status" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"aes decrypt key binary " changed to "aes decrypt key "
"aes decrypt key set " changed to "aes decrypt key text "
"aes encrypt key binary " changed to "aes encrypt key "
"aes encrypt key set " changed to "aes encrypt key text "
"connect mode modem control active" changed to "connect mode modem control asserted"
"default connect mode" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default protocol" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default reconnect time" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default tcp keep alive" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"email connect " changed to "email connect "
"email disconnect " changed to "email disconnect "
"keep alive " changed to "tcp keep alive "
"no keep alive" changed to "no tcp keep alive"
"no local port" changed to "default local port"
"reconnect timer " changed to "reconnect time "
"remote " changed to "remote address "
"show status" --- NEW COMMAND ---
(tunnel-accept-cp_output): --- NEW LEVEL ---
(tunnel-connect-cp_output): --- NEW LEVEL ---
"connection value " replaces (tunnel-accept)/(tunnel-connect)->"cp set group connect "
"default connection value" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default disconnection value" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"disconnection value " replaces (tunnel-accept)/(tunnel-connect)->"cp set group disconnect "
"group " replaces (tunnel-accept)/(tunnel-connect)->"cp set group "
"no group" replaces (tunnel-accept)/(tunnel-connect)->"no cp set group"
"connect string " changed to "connect string "
"default incoming connection" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"default response type" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"display remote ip disable" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"display remote ip enable" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"incoming connection automatic" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"incoming connection disabled" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"incoming connection manual" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"reassert" --- NEW COMMAND ---
"send character " changed to "send character "
"trailing character " changed to "trailing character "
"dtr unasserted" --- NEW COMMAND ---
Bug 7305: Adding or removing a SSL certificate for EAP-TLS no longer requires a reboot.
Bug 7823: A password is no longer required for EAP-TLS authentication.
Bug 7824: fixed association failures with LEAP authentication.
Bug 7825: Fixed web display of Adhoc Merging when switching from Adhoc to Infrastructure or vice versa.
Bug 7827: If a WLAN choice is set before the corresponding profile is created, the configuration is now updated properly.
Bug 7828: Fixed a problem where, when authentication fails, the next wlan profile may not be tried.
Bug 7876: Improves format for web manager via Firefox on Linux.
Bug 7894: Fixed problem controlling serial DTR via user-defined CPM group.
Bug 7924: Remedies reboot during 802.1x authentication depending on the status string received.
Bug 7929: No longer echoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before opening backdoor.
Bug 7939: Urgent data no longer gets tossed by tunnel.
Bug 7943: Moves the check for reboot complete into HttpGetRequest, so it blocks premature web access regardless of the authentication settings.
Bug 7944: Displays double-character prompt on all CLIs while device initialization is not completed. This provides an ever-present reminder when the device remains in an incomplete initialization state.
Bug 7953: TCP and UDP should work concurrently on the same local port. Found and fixed a case where Tunnel Connect mode used the incorrect "random" port selection when the protocol is UDP. Unable to reproduce original reported problem.
Bug 7956: CLI menu item array has now been sized for the addition of Host selections.
Bug 7977: Avoids truncating longer CLI prompts.
Fixed web browser problem with special characters in Line names.
Bug 8004: Require username and password to enable HTTP authentication.
Bug 8007: Web manager now retains settings on XML pages for user convenience.
Bug 8015: Fixed a memory leak during a failed EAP-TLS handshake.
Bug 8016: Fixed a problem where PMKSA key renewal caused a reassociation failure after 12 hours.
Bug 8036: Fixed tunnel disconnect with Telnet protocol when the connection is closed by the network.
Fixed state of mutex when the mutex holder is being swapped to a waiting task.
Bug 8075: Fixed a problem where the WLAN supplicant may appear unresponsive in certain circumstances.
Bug 8079: Fixed a memory leak during SSL key renewal.
Bug 8097: The web manager filesystem browser now gives a specific error message if a directory fails to be deleted because it is not empty.
Bug 8098: The web manager filesystem browser can now successfully upload a file more than one time without reloading the web page.
Bug 8103: Web manager now displays both the RSA and DSA certificates, if configured.
Bug 8111: Warnings and information output messages from the FTP server are now suppressed.
Bug 8124: Fixed a problem where the flash format version update may not be performed with multiple firmware upgrades.
Bug 8125: Improved handling of OEM MAC Address. Added ability to remove the OEM MAC address through XML import. OEM MAC Address is only exported if it is overriding the Lantronix MAC Address.
Bug 8140: Improved handling of DNS addresses in tunnel connect mode.
Status display of TCP sockets now properly shows the CLOSING state.
TCP sockets in the CLOSING state are now freed after 5 minutes.
Bug 8170, 2706: Fixed systemic problems in string output to the web manager and XML config/status, where text could be improperly interpreted as tags or other non-content data.
Bug 8171: Fixed telnet inactivity timeout when in the login connect menu.
Bug 8176: Fixed tlog "Not in heap" error due to extra Free call in HttpGetRequest().
Bug 8189: Web manager Tunnel connect/accept pages now accept AES keys in text form.
Bug 8190: Improved format of Trigger Email Send on web manager.
Bug 8191: Fixed CLI display of uint16 types with value between 1 and 255 if the value zero was to be displayed as either or .
Bug 8194: CLI: Garbage data no longer shows in the prompt with line -> protocol command. Improved uart reconfigurations to be less invasive.
Bug 8195: Fixed TFTP client put.
Bug 8196: Web now displays AES encrypt and decrypt key fields when tunnel connect protocol UDP AES is selected.
Fixed problems with identifier strings on RSS messages. Miscellaneous RSS tweaks and enhancements.
Fixed problems in handling ARP timeouts, where a socket may be closed unexpectedly or not at all.
Fixed a case where serial port 0 would get purged if serial port 1 started with an init string configured for delay.
Bug 8223: Fixed the error message for Power Management Interval range so it correctly states that the max is 5.
Bug 8227: Added informational message when a WPA or WPA2 key is generated automatically with a passphrase.
Bug 8228: WLAN profile error messages about key lengths now refer to the number of hex digits. No longer accepts punctuation before first byte.
Bug 8234: Fixed XML import of multiple WLAN profiles.
Bug 8258: Fixed SSL Tunneling for larger packet sizes. Fixed problem loading intermediate SSL authorities from Flash upon initialization. Fixed problem updating web display of intermediate SSL authorities.
Bug 8281: The WLAN security hex key is now removed if the key type is passphrase but no passphrase is provided.
Bug 8293: Fixed XML import of HTTP Authentication.
Fixed a problem observed as incorrect "Changed value to..." in the web display for Tunnel Packing Mode Send Character. It also was a problem exporting these values greater than 0x7F.
Bug 8335: Fixes the default LPD queue name.
Bug 8339: Fixes error checking for RS485 line interface.
Bug 8350: Roaming running for multiple days no longer exhausts available heap memory.
Bug 8376: fixes FTP "pwd" command.
Bug 8377: File system "compact" no longer slows concurrent operations.
Bug 8413: Fixes terminal menu connection to a host.
Bug 8435: SSH tunnel now shuts down when the remote connection ends.
Bug 8436: SSH CLI connection no longer gets trash data.
Bug 8439: SSL tunnel now shuts down when the remote connection ends.
Bug 8441: TeraTerm SSH to CLI no longer hangs at the enable level "?".
Bug 8461: Now can connect to cli or web servers over PPP serial port.
Bug 8477: XML import no longer fails importing an RSA certificate.
Bug 7836: Fixed XMLReadValue error in sample readconfig.c due to some groups not compatible with export instance filtering. Now all instances of the designated group are exported, then the instance is used as a filter.
Bug 8077: Fixes pointer versus struct problem in getsockopt SO_SNDTIMEO.
Bug 8102: There is no longer a restriction on the id field when using the ping api.
Fixed fclose return code when the file was open for read.
Bug 7113: Disassociation from Cisco AP/Linksys switch causes incorrect routing in switch.
Bug 7139: Certain SSL certificates from Steel Belted Radius not accepted.
Bug 7663: Power level during continuous g mode Tx is low.
Bug 7777: wlan0 fails to transition from Infrastructure mode to Adhoc mode with encryption. When intentionally changing the link configuration as a single choice from Infrastructure mode to Adhoc mode with encryption, it will work after rebooting the device. When using multiple profiles as choices in the link configuration, avoid using this combination.
Bug 7991: SSH server does not work with OpenSSH 5.1 client.
Bug 8265: WLAN Profile changes from CLI may be used by the driver during scan or association before "write" or "apply wlan" command is executed.

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