Lantronix CoBox-FL-IAP External Device Server Standard Tunnel Firmware 5.2

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CreatedCreated : Apr 14, 2009
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1. Feature request: C-010724-1490
Connect mode with selectable Start Character.
This requires a change in the manuals, as the functionality "Connect with incoming CR" in ConnectMode was replaced with that the default setting for the start character is CR(0Dh).
2. Feature request: C-021011-25641
Monitor mode: Enhanced functionality for command RS. RS can now be used with RS to reset all installed cobox units.
3. Feature request: C-021218-28869:
Increase outgoing port when connection was refused. This is used when the local portnumber is set to 0 then Cobox uses random local portnumber for outgoing connections.
This portnumber has been incremented for each new connection. Now we increment even if a Connection was activeky refused.
If we don't a customer complained that his firewall reported "Denial of Service attack".
This did not work properly in 5.2b1.
4. Disable second channel:
Now you can configure a Baudrate of 0 for thze second serial channel. In this case the second channel will not be initialized nor started at all.
SOme customers had trouble with Micros or Minis. Thes integrated these units wiht just using one port and left the pins for port 2 open.
But this could lead under certain circumstances to resetting units as the Micro/Mini caught interferences on these pins.
5. Performance for 2 Stopbit:
Performance/Throughput for the setting with 2 Stopbits on the serial channel has been improved.
6. Setup textes
Minor changes in Setup textes.
7. Reset after EEPROM write:
Now it is possible to prevent the Reset after EEPROM write for a couple of commands over config port 77feh. This improves the performance of the future WEB manager.
1. DHCP transaction ID in request message was wrong, should be the same as in the messages discover and offer
2. Escalation: C-021220-28979:
Port number misrepresented in menu display. This happened when port number > 32767
3. Gratuitous ARP handling:
We support Gratuitous ARP again.
Two devices could possibly use the same xid (Transaction ID)-> What could cause conflicts in a DHCP server
5. Escalation: C-020610-19671
Cobox DR: You were asked if you want to enabl ethe AUI interface. Cobox DR does not even have a AUI interface.
6. ARP
Since V5.0 we did no more send out ARP requests to our own IP. Due to that fact we did no more realize if our own IP address is already used on the network.
7. Tunneling in Cobox
A contiuous data stream to the serial port with a transferrate > 9600 baud and with hardware flowcontrol the tunneling in the Cobox E2 did not work properly.
This problem existed since 5.2b3.
1. Escalation: C-021011-25641:
Reset all network devices with RS broadcast command in Node Setup did no more work
2. Esacalation: C-021205-28198
UDS100: Loading a too big Webpage beyond the valid boundaries on a UDS100 caused the unit to hang.
It had to be repowered for a new start.
3. Escalation_ C-021001-25036
If you use the SC command in Monitor mode for remote units to send the configuration of the local unit to the remote unit the IP address got changed, too, which is not correct.
4. Data transferwiht RS422 in combination with telnet setup:
After exiting the telnet setup the communication on RS422 did no more work. By accident the driver did become disable in the routine.
1. This version is not recommended for Cobox Fl and Cobox E2 as it might have trouble with high baudrates and continuous data stream in to the serial interface.

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