Intel S2600WP Server Board Firmware 2.01/2.01/1.19/1.08

Operating systemsOS : OS Independent
ManufacturerManufacturer : Intel Corp.
CreatedCreated : Dec 31, 1969
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- BIOS : 01.08.0003
- ME :
- BMC : 01.17.4151
- frusdr : 1.07
Changes in BIOS 01.08.0003:
- Added C0 microcode version 0x405 for intel Xeon processor E5-4600/2600/2400 v2.
- This BIOS does not support Intel Xeon processor E5-4600/2600/2400 v2 stepping earlier than C0.
Changes in ME
- fixed: ME may fail to perform reset initiated with IPMI command (02h Cold Reset or DFh Force ME Recovery) - observed after few hundreds of successful resets.
- Fixed: CPU Memory Throttling Status sensor gets latched in "upper non recoverable" state following Memory Throttling event after G3.
Changes in BMC 01.17.4151:
- Fixed: S4600LH: Updated to FRUSDR 19 package
- Fixed: s2600wp: Updated to FRUSDR 1.10 package
- Fixed: S2400SC: Updated to FRUSDR 1.08 package
- Fixed: S2400EP: Updated to FRUSDR 1.01 package
- Fixed: S1400FP: Updated to FRUSDR 1.01 package
- Fixed: S2600WP: Updated to FRUSDR 1.07 package
- Fixed: S2400BB: Updated to FRUSDR 1.02 package
- Fixed: S1600JP: Updated to FRUSDR 1.00 package
- Fixed: Fixed typo in uboot code for S1400FP
- Fixed: VFP power led always solid green while system into S1 state.
- Fixed: FW versions retrieved by IHC are incorrect.
- Fixed: PSU Config Error deassert event not in SEL after removal of incorrect power supply.
- Fixed: Fix a DIMM Thrm Mgn error in SEL while load BIOS EPSD default
- Fixed: Embedded Web Server SEL logs, added "OS Event" as the sensor name for events generated by 0x0041, to resolve incorrect sensor name & type of SEL after Windows 2008 R2 64bit graceful shutdown
- Fixed: Remove the option of selecting IPv6 address from lcp.
- Fixed: Some special characters show incorrectly on the LCP. Special characters will be shown as the nearest look alike available.
- Fixed: The last BIOS POST code on the LCD panel doesn't match with the boards POST CODE LED.
- Fixed: Failed to test PEF Bit for Get PEF Capabilities. Was incorrectly identifying that Diagnostic Interrupt was available and OEM Action was not available.
- Fixed: LCP displays "No BIOS POST C" when enter into LPC under VIEW menu.
- Fixed: Connecting LCP to faulty system (system which keeps logging events) then LCP is unusable. A small delay (half a sec) was added between the screen transitions
- Fixed: Multiple KVM socket error and media redirection errors
- Fixed: Embedded Web Server - JViewer "Error opening video socket" (Console Redirection Fails)
- Various fixes for KVM and media redirection.
- Fixed: Web Console Remote Session check.
- Do not allow web console to change remote session parameters while JViewer is running. Suspected of causing blank screens/Video Socket errors in JViewer.
- Fixed: BMC FW versions displayed by LCP are incorrect
- Fixed: SOL session started in SMASH session times out after 5 minutes
- Fixed: SSH SMASH session does not allow settings1/timeout value greater than 600 seconds.
- Fixed: LCP Configuration LAN Subnet Mask shortened name incorrect.
- Fixed: VBAT voltage is low from BMC sensor reporting.
- Vbat voltage was reporting low critical on some platforms.
- Fixed: PEF Postpone timer test failing
- Fixed: S4600LH: LCP displays incorrect Server Name
- Fixed: LCP: Active event is displayed incorrectly
- Some event descriptions were confusing as they did not provide enough information.
- Fixed: LCP custom string not replacing the banner
- Setting of a custom string should automatically become the LCP banner.
- Fixed: Embedded Web console not displaying sensor values for sensors from another controller
- Fixed: IPv6 is not supported on LCP, but the "Conf" screen showed an option to configure IPv6 address.
- Fixed: Update PSSF162202A firmware
- Bootloader changes
- CRC 16 changes to fix firmware update failure issue.
- Fix for READ_EIN and READ_PIN calculation
- Fix includes Embedded Web Server reporting 0 W, double Power value workaround for ME issue.
- Fixed: Add auto detection, sensor, and Fan Speed Control support for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor adapters
- Fixed: Added additional product ID for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor
- Fixed: S4600LH: Change maximum link speed of RMM4 Dedicated NIC to 100Mbps
- Fixed: The current scrolling functionality of the LCP forcing the user to wait till the scrolling of the existing text completes though the user is not interested in reading the entire text.
- Fixed:Fix wrong slot number mapping for S2600GZ/S2600GL. Slot numbers were reversed.
- Fixed: 1200 W 02 F PSU FW file name was specified in hex instead of decimal.
- Correcting the same to maintain consistency and for correct release notes generation.
- Fixed: S4600LH: LAN sku, doesn't have Power button.
- BMC shouldn't support "stayoff" option in power restore policy.
- Restore policy should be POWERON by default.
- Fixed: S2600WP and S2600WP: IO Mod Presence shows not present when SAS Module is present.
- Fixed: Power Unit Redundancy sensor did not behave as expected.
- The Power Unit Redundancy sensor was not getting rearmed when AC/DC Input power was removed and then restored.
- When interrupting input power from one of the redundant power supplies, the Status LED will blink green.
- Restoring power to the power supply causes the Status LED to return to solid green and there is a SEL entry for Redundancy regained.
- Fixed: Scale CFM sensor reading by B value in SDR.
- Platforms are using different scaling factors in the SDR for the system CFM sensor. This change reads the scaling factor from the SDR and adjusts the raw sensor reading accordingly.
- Fixed: When a Power Supply was inserted, the PS Redundancy sensor was not getting rearmed.
- The PS Redundancy sensor is rearmed when a PS is inserted and full redundancy is regained.
- When redundancy is regained, the LED should stop blinking and turn solid green.
- There should also be a Redundancy Regained SEL event logged.
- Added: Disable POST codes LED output after system has completed POST
Changes in FRUSDR 1.07:
- Install both 'IO Mod Presence' and 'SAS Mod Presence' in any case.
- DISPLAY "CPU1 is detected." in any case when Auto-detecting.

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