Intel S1200RPS Server Board Firmware 01.02.0004

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Intel Corp.
CreatedCreated : Jun 22, 2013
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This download contains a BIOS and firmware update package for the Intel Server

Board s1200rps for use with the Intel embedded EFI shell. Please DO NOT use this package on Intel Server Board S1200RPL, S1200RPO, and S1200RPM.
BIOS Fixes:
- Signed driver check test fails due to an unknown device found in Windows 2012 WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certification.
ME Fixes:
- When the ME put into Recovery mode using the Recovery jumper and host performs transition from Sx to S0 additional unexpected global platform reset appeared.
- power Statistics after platform shutdown by policy are not valid
- Factory Presets and AIM, OCS and OCP MFS files are not readable using MESDC or Diagnostic Service.
- Dynamic Core Allocation: SetTotalPowerBudger does not park cores.
- Disable NM IPMI command does not stop limiting power (NM S0only SKU with OEM thermal reading and SUSEx11x64 )
- ME is not responding after Unconditional Power Down.
- Unexpected ME reset happens after repeated power state changes.
- Several lines are doubled in LPTAB_NM.XML
- NM memory power capping occasionally fails outside 2.5% range.
- Superfluous CPU/MEM power requests on PECI during Sx state.
- The ME Recovery IPMI command many not always work.
- The OS ACPI PState may differ by 2 from what was set by Node Manager.
- Missing reading police is not triggered in the CPU domain.
- After creating policy the min. value in statistics gathered per-policy-Id is always 0 W.
- NM does not limit power if cores are disabled from BIOS setup
- The loss of all power readings in domain: 0, 1 or 2 is signaled with only one NM Health Event.
- MESDC: SUSRAM - Entry Format is unknown
- No "Firmware Update In Progress" bit set in FW Status register during online update.
BMC Fixes:
- Change intel RMM in EWS into RMM Dedicated Mgmt.
- The LCD Screen display is not clear while scrolling error events.
- LAN leash lost event is shown during DC cycle testing.
- Px dimm Thrm Mrgn and Px dimm Thrm Trip not decoding dimm number correctly in the Embedded Web Server SEL text log.
- Embedded Web server SEL text log not decoding BIOS update versions correctly.
- There are assert events for Mem Err Sensor 0x28 - 'DIMM Thrm Mrgn 1' sensor and 'SPS FW Health' sensor after updating ME firmware.
- Fixed the issue of System status LED show green blinking when unplug the front panel
- BIOS: 01.02.0004
- ME:
- BMC: 1.05.4775
- FRUSDR: 1.04

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