Intel G41/G43/G45 Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Vista

Operating systemsOS : Windows Vista
ManufacturerManufacturer : Intel Corp.
CreatedCreated : Oct 8, 2009
Size downloadDownloads : 22
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Features Added in Baseline 15.13:Disable Vertex Processing Selection Capability when laptop is running on battery or in power savings mode.Graphics installer and applications installed with the driver package are compliant with Microsoft’s Windows Vista OEM Ready program.Need internal scalar support for SDVO LVDS panels.Identification of display* dongle and disable HDMI for DP-DVI dongle.New driver interface to support IGPA 2.0+ new instrumented metrics.OGL2.0 extensions (GL_ARB_color_buffer_float; WGL_ARB_pixel_format_float; GL_ARB_texture_float, GL_ARB_half_float_pixel).Graphics Support for Microsoft* Velocity Program.INF option to define default Language for CUI and the Intel TV Wizard.
Issues Resolved in Build 1908:While using an HDMI external monitor, the monitor might keep displaying even while HPD is Low.Graphics User Interface might not recognize an external monitor when doing a Fn + key sequence to switch displays after Hot Undock.The correct values for EDID might not get detected through KVM switch.When Intel Display Power Save Technology is enabled it might cause the Windows Desktop display color to change.When playing game SPORE*: Galactic Adventures, the game menu might be missing.When setting a DisplayPort* only with resolution: 2048x1536/2560x1600 32bpp, and restarting the system, the display might turn to blank.When using Extended mode, and the system enters suspended mode, and the system gets undocked, and resumes and it gets ducked again, the display might not work properly.When installing and running the game SPORE* for the first time, display distortion might occur.When using an external HDMI monitor and pressing the Fn + key sequence to change display modes, the operation might fail when done several times.While in Windows* Display Property settings in the Adapter tab, the Adapter String field might display "4500M" instead of "4500MHD".When using the Spinfire* reader and clicking on the Views tab and selecting: Front/Back/Top/Bottom, the application might generate a Microsoft* crash report.When you set the primary display to the extended monitor, and when using the Fn + Key sequence to change displays, your primary monitor might changed.When playing music using Windows Media Player, and you open several folders, as you drag folders, distortion might appear on the Media Player window.Video distortion might appear when playing a BluRay movie with a third party media player.An error might occur when using the BurnIn* utility and running the 2D test.Monitor information might not get collected when using Microsoft Monitor Configuration API.When using Windows* Vista Traditional Chinese Operating System, and you try using the TV wizard, you might get this error: "TVWizard2ft stop working".Sometimes the system still detects the HDMI monitor after the device has been removed.

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Intel G41, G45 Graphics, G45 VGA, G43, monitor, display. You may download winvista_15136.exe directly. Please write the reviews of the Intel G41/G43/G45 Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Vista.

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