HP bc2000/bc2200/bc2500/bc2800 Blade PC BIOS 3.11 Rev.B

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CreatedCreated : Mar 11, 2009
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This package contains utilities that can be used to restore or update the

system BIOS (786E5 BIOS) for the HP bc2000, bc2200, bc2500, and bc2800 Blade PCs.
IMPORTANT: If upgrading from BIOS versions prior to v2.09 using HPQFlash or System Software Manager (SSM), an F10 Setup Password must be enabled on the target blade PC systems (Caution: see the "remote shift-key" bullet in Fixes section). For additional information, see the readme.txt file in the HPQFlash folder.
When updating the BIOS on the bc2000 and bc2500 from v2.x and earlier to v3.x and later, the BIOS must be updated two times because the v2.x BIOS did not contain a Blade Management Controller (BMC) firmware image or the ability to flash the BMC. When the BIOS is first updated to v3.x, the space for the BMC firmware image is allocated. A system reset is required after updating BIOS image the first time. Then, the second time the BIOS is updated to v3.x, the BMC firmware image will be written to this allocated space. On the subsequent boot, the BIOS checks the installed BMC firmware version and will update the BMC firmware as needed. If the BMC requires updating, once the update is complete, the blade will shut itself down and power itself back on automatically. Do not reboot the blade during this step. Note: The blade will reboot a total of four times when both the BIOS and BMC require updating.
- adds a new feature that automatically keeps the SBIOS and the Blade Management Controller (BMC) firmware in synch, eliminating the requirement to flash the SBIOS and BMC Firmware separately.
- Expands the information provided in the Power-On Self-Test (POST) System Information Display. This display now includes serial number (S/N), part number (P/N), and spare part number (SPS) information, enabling this information to be captured in the Enclosure's Bay Boot log.
- Adds support for Serial Port Console Redirection (SPCR).
- Adds the capability to enter a case-sensitive BIOS Setup Password from a Remote Console.
- Upgrades the CPU configuration code to support the HP bc2200 and HP bc2800 Blade PCs.
- Adds a POST "Hot-key hit indication" messaging code to the BIOS to indicate that the hot-key was processed by the BIOS.
- Adds a ROM Setup "Idle Power Savings" entry to enable working around an older, known Linux dynticks issue that occurs with AMD CPUs. To work around this known issue, change the "Idle Power Savings" setting to "normal."
- Adds bmc support for new Integrated Administrator v4.30 Power Provisioning features. This is required for proper support of BC2500s in enclosures that have been updated to IA 4.30.
- Adds a new POST message: "6929 - Blade performance is reduced due to insufficient enclosure power and/or cooling" for HP bc2800_blade PCs inserted into first-generation HP Bladesystem PC Blade Enclosures.
- Adds BMC support for enhanced blade informational reporting to the enclosure Integrated Administrator (firmware v4.30 required), which includes: Network (PXE) boot status, POST completion status, Warm reboot notification, ASR mode indication, Diagnostic adaptor presence, BIOS flashing status, Unexpected shutdown notification, and Front I/O Blanking Feature mode status.
- fixes an issue where the remote shift-key is not processed correctly. After installing this package, remote shift-key input is processed correctly. Consequently, local and remote Password entry/setting is now consistent with respect to shift characters.
- Fixes an issue where the maximum CPU frequency is reported in the ROM Setup and SMBIOS table entry, rather than reporting the current CPU frequency.
- Fixes an issue where the BMC hardware version was displayed incorrectly in the POST message, and adds the BMC firmware subversion to the POST message.
- Fixes an issue where an Enclosure-initiated Boot Order change request is lost when CMOS is invalid or cleared.
- Fixes the BIOS implementation for an Enclosure Forced NMI-Generatiton event for Dual-Core CPUs. Previously, this Enclosure event worked for single-core CPUs blades, but not for dual-core CPUs blades.
- Fixes an issue in the BMC where power and thermal measurements may become static (that is they do not update) or may stay cleared indefinitely when the enclosure is shut down by using its power button or a CLI command, but is still connected to AC line voltage

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