HP PC Blade Enclosure Integrated Administrator Utility 4.40 Rev.A

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This package contains the firmware image file for the HP PC Blade Enclosure

integrated Administrator. The integrated Administrator provides management capabilities for the Enclosure. This firmware is not loaded on the HP Blade PC.
NOTE: This firmware requires that HP bc2x00 blade PCs have been updated to BIOS version 3.11 or later.
The included readme.txt file may contain additional information concerning the fixes and enhancements provided in v4.40. The readme.txt file also provides instructions for installing this firmware on the HP PC Blade Enclosures. For more details, see the "HP BladeSystem PC Blade Enclosure Integrated Administrator v4.40 Administrator's Guide."
For convenience, the required SNMP Management Information Bases (MIBs) for supporting the Integrated administrator are located in the MIBs folder within the SoftPaq. For more details, see the supplied readme.txt file.
- Adds an auto-power-on delay feature, which delays the automatic power-on of blades by a programmable amount of time after an enclosure is powered on. This enables you to customize blade automatic power-on for specific infrastructure requirements (for example, to provide an adequate start-up delay following a power outage to ensure that the network infrastructure is fully available by the time the blade boots and requests a network address).
- Provides Web-based GUI enhancements including:
* Adds a new text box for AUTO POWER ON DELAY on the Enclosure Informational page.
* Adds new events for power-on delay notification that are displayed periodically on the gui Event List page after a cold startup.
- Provides CLI enhancements including:
* Adds a new global command: SET POWERON DELAY.
* Adds new events for power-on delay notification that are periodically displayed at the command line after a cold startup.
NOTE: By default, the new "global power on delay" feature adds an additional minute to the time that the blades waits before powering on. This is done to help ensure that the HP PC Blade Switch has completed its initialization process.


- Fixes a condition where, under certain circumstances, the GUI bay list may display an extra blade or may repeat table heading text.
- Fixes a condition where blade warm resets cause the enclosure power history data to be cleared.
- Fixes a condition where the enclosure power readings page in the GUI may erroneously indicate "Not Supported in This Configuration" for a valid enclosure/blade configuration.
- Corrects event and system log messages for power supply thermal events so that both the Internal and Inlet power supply sensors are reported correctly (only applies to the G2 enclosure).
- Fixes a condition where changes to the SNMP contact, location, or host name via the CLI or GUI are not correctly reflected in the syslocation.0, syscontact.0, and sysname.0 standard OIDs.
- Replaces an inadvertently misleading confirmation box that appears in the GUI when setting SMTP network configuration settings.
- Removes unsupported traps from the SNMP trap list indicated in the CLI command "SHOW TRAP POLICY".
- Fixes an intermittent issue where a group name in the Group List page remains, even after selecting the Remove Group button.
- Fixes a condition where, under certain circumstances, the GUI may indicate incorrectly that the SOAP feature is disabled after an operation to disable this feature from the Enclosure Networking page is cancelled.
- Fixes the Help text for the CLI "Set Date" command. Previously, the text for this command was displayed twice in the Help listing.
- System BIOS version 3.11 or later is required for HP bc2x00 Blade PCs.
1. Download the file by clicking the "Download" or "Obtain Software" button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved).
2. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Place the firmware image file (cpqia440.bin) on an FTP, HTTP, or TFTP server that is network-accessible from the Integrated Administrator to be updated.
4. Using Telnet, SecureSH, or a serial terminal, login as the Administrator on the Integrated Administrator to be updated.
5. At the ''>'' prompt, type the following command:
Where < url > can be any of the following items:
- http://host/path ftp://host/path
- ftp://username:password@host/path
- tftp://host/path
NOTE: In the previously listed items, "host" is a fully qualified domain name or IP address, and "path" is the pathname of the flash image to download, usually cpqia440.bin.
CAUTION: Do not Power Off or reset the enclosure during Step 6 or the flash image could become corrupted, requiring use of the flash recovery procedure to re-flash the enclosure.
6. Type "yes" to confirm the flash update operation. The Integrated Administrator prompts all users to log off, waits one minute, and then downloads the image file, verifies the image file, and finally re-programs the flash memory. If the flash programming process is successful, the Integrated Administrator automatically restarts (reboots).
NOTE: The Integrated Administrator firmware update process (including a restart) does not affect the operation of any blades that may be running within the enclosure. Upgrading the Integrated Administrator firmware requires an IA restart, which causes the IA to lose access to some blade information (such as blade name, MAC addresses, processor type, memory, and so forth) until the next time each blade is rebooted.

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