Gigabyte GA-7VM400AFA VIA KM400/333 VGA Driver

Operating systemsOS : Windows 9X / Windows ME
ManufacturerManufacturer : Others
CreatedCreated : Oct 8, 2007
Size downloadDownloads : 24
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1. Supports amd Athlon XP 400MHz FSB processor
2. Enhanced system performance with ddr memory
3. Supports agp 8x interface for outstanding graphics performance
4. Integrated 10/100Mb Ethernet controller
5. Integrated 6-channel AC'97 audio
The GA-7VM400AM is the new generation in all-in-one solutions for the AMD Athlon XP processor. Built on the VIA UniChrome KM400A chipset and loaded with numerous features, the GA-7VM400AM is definitely a full-functioning platform that delivers excellent performance. The VIA UniChrome KM400A chipset integrates the UniChrome 2D/3D graphics core with MPEG-2 acceleration for enhanced multimedia experience and true flexibility on the desktop. A flexible and ultra fast Front Side Bus (FSB) allows ata exchange at speeds of up to 400MHz between the North Bridge chipset and the CPU, and an AGP 8X controller allows for graphics upgrade. The KM400A also supports a complete range of DDR memory speeds, including DDR400/333/266. In addition, Serial ATA , USB 2.0 and 6-channel audio are also integrated to provide a complete solution for corporate mainstream and consumer desktop systems. The GA-7VM400AM series truly represents the best choice in integrated solutions for the AMD Athlon XP platform.
Supports AMD AthlonTM XP 400MHz FSB Processor
This platform enhances system responsiveness and fully utilizes the intense computing power of the AMD AthlonTM XP processor by supporting the highest CPU frequency and system bandwidth.
Superb Bandwidth AGP 8X Graphics Interface
Featuring AGP 8x (AGP 3.0), this new generation VGA interface specification offers a high bandwidth speed of up to 2.12GB/s for realistic gaming and vivid cinematics.
DDR400 Memory Support
With optimized DDR400 memory support, this platform provides a high bandwidth of up to 3.2GB/s and large 2GB capacity DIMM slots to ensure the greatest memory performance.
serial ATA Interface with RAID 0, 1
Serial ATA is the revolutionary ATA interface that provides scalable performance for IDE devices With up to 150MB/s data transfer rate, Serial ATA is faster than current Parallel ATA and delivers superior input/output performance. In addition, the Serial ATA interface is furnished with RAID 0,1 for extra performance enhancement and data protection.
Great Expandability of 8 USB 2.0 Ports
The USB 2.0 interface offers simple and quick connectivity of computer peripherals and boasts a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps, 40 times faster than USB1.1.
High Quality 6-Channel Audio Support
With the integrated 6-channel audio, users can enjoy stereo surround that fulfills the requirements of a variety of audio applications from MP3/audio CD playback, DVD movies and gaming.
Ethernet 10/100Mb LAN Network Connection
The integrated Ethernet LAN connection offers a cost-saving and reliable solution by providing users with fast, high-quality network connectivity.

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