Gigabyte 8S648FX-RZC Bios F6

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Gigabyte
CreatedCreated : Mar 6, 2008
Size downloadDownloads : 2
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Update CPU Microcode
1. Supports 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 Processor with HT Technology
2. Enhances system performance with ddr 400* memory
3. Supports AGP 8X interface for outstanding graphics performance
4. integrated Ethernet 10/100Mb Network Connection
5. Integrated high quality 6-channel ACÂ’97 audio
6. Provides 6 USB 2.0 ports for high-speed connectivity
*Available with 3 dimm slots supporting up to 3GB of DDR266/DDR333 or 2 dimm supporting up to 2GB of DDR400 memory

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8S648FX-RZC, ddr, dimm, device, integrated, supporting, Gigabyte Motherboards. You may download motherboard_bios_8s648fxrz_f6.exe directly. Please write the reviews of the Gigabyte 8S648FX-RZC Bios F6.

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GIGABYTE GA-8S648FXP-RZC Bios 1.02F - The AGP 8X graphics interface is built to derive the maximum performance from the most powerful graphics accelerator. The MuTIOL 1G Technology with 1GB/s bandwidth is applied to speed up the internal traffic between SiS 648FX and 963L chipsets. 8S648FX-RZ also provides a variety of features such as 6 USB2.0 ports, 6-channel audio, 10/100Mbps network connection, and high speed Ultra ATA133 interface. 8S648FX-RZC is designed to provide the new levels of performance and fulfill the requirement for full range of applications now and future., Gigabyte 8S648FX-RZC F8 - Supports 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 processor with HT Technology , GIGABYTE GA-8S648-RZC Bios 1.6 - Enhances system performance with DDR 400 memory