ECS Bios drivers

Improve N0 CPU S3/S1 more stable

-Add New Flash ROM Support

-Support 661FX-M7 PCB 3.0

-Update CPU Micro Code

-Support 661FX-M7 PCB 3.0

-Improve 3DMark test stability

-Support "Intel(R) Celeron(R) 65nm CPU"

-Fixed Intel CPU E2220 Temperature

-Support New CPU E4500

-Update new CPU ucode

Update BIOS to support SST49LF040B flash rom.

Fixed System hang after flash ROM

1.Support E0 Step CPU.

1.Support EIST (N0) CPU Function.

1.Added New Micro Code for Prescott CPU Platform ID 9Dh, CPUID=0F44H, Patch ID=0

Add support PWR Fan function

First ReleaseSpecifications:865-M7 V2.0 motherboard features...

First releaseSpecifications:# FSB 800# Dual-DDR 400

1.Support EIST (N0) CPU Function.

Update to support the Intel 945 CPU