ECS H61H2-TI Intel RAID Driver

Operating systemsOS : Windows XP / Windows XP 6
ManufacturerManufacturer : Intel Corp.
CreatedCreated : May 22, 2013
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- The system hangs when activating the accelerometer feature upon entering into S4/S5
- bsod 0xD1 during boot
- ISM abort when coalescing partial NV cache hit
- "ATA“ prepended to ATAPI devices on Win8
- PC reboots permanently and cannot enter into BIOS menu after dirty-shut down occurred with 31 OROM entries.
- Sporadic memory corruption when booting from raid volume
- NVM mode change failed resulting in BSOD
- BSOD 0x0A or 0xA0 at S4 resume
- The metadata cannot be deleted on all disk with a single rstcli32/64 command
- RST 11.5 - Hybrid Resume performance drop
- TRIM causing decreased performance w/ SandForce ssd, others in pass-thru, RAID and SRT
- ZPODD incorrectly powers OFF on S3 resume when tray or media is present
- ZPODD: Fails: “Waiting for drive to power down”
- ZPODD fails to update tray status while awake when tray is inserted
- Increased power consumption, fails SRT power requirement
- ZPODD woke up after S3/S4 but should still be asleep.
- RSTCLI throws a debug error when we attempt to create ANY RAID volume
- AOAC spin down % is 0 after resuming from S3
- Re-accelerating the system disk (that was accelerated with a dissociated cache) with a SECOND SSD after performing a dirty shutdown induces BSOD F4 and leaves ONLY the data volume on the second cache SSD
- GUI - Create button unavailable after creating R1 with <100% capacity & volume graphic unresponsive
- ATA PASSTHRU (PT) NOP command causes BSOD D1, then BSOD 7B on in RAID mode if a RAID volume exists
- Several ATA commands sent via ATA PT or SCSI-ATA PT return incorrect Task File status (busy bit)
- ATA PT IOCTLS returning OS Error Detected: 1117 (ERROR_IO_DEVICE) on
- Read Smart Data with SMART disabled should fail, but returns passing status.
- Accelerate button shows up in the RST UI after booting with no SSD attached and then hot plugging an SSD during OS runtime
- ODD tray is ejected automatically when ODD is disabled by device manager setting.
- UI exposes Create button to the user when there is only one disk available for RAID volume-creation
- ODD tray ejects automatically while resuming from hybrid S3
- Increased power consumption, fails SRT power requirement
- SRT performance failing QRC requirements in Win8
- CLI 32/64: The volume and disk display is not in a delimited format which breaks from the legacy RAIDCFG32/64 output format
- An unexpected message popped up when burning DVD with Roxio but it is ok if wait >25 seconds
- Driver is incorrectly enumerating after a hot-plug when PHY is offline
- RRT recovery disk usage is no longer an array member after user selects ‘access recovery disk files’
- Multi-Phase Resume not working properly in Win8
- eSATA HDD will be connected again soon after removing it from Safely Remove
- CLI 32/64: command (--cachesize) should error on any unknown command
- Unlocking a locked member disk during a RAID0 to RAID5 migration causes the disk failure
- WHQL: INF Verification failure due to filter driver registry entries (WHCK2.0 BLOCKING)
- RRT: Error icon is not seen when unplugging the Recovery Drive.
- BSOD 0xD1 occurs when hot-unplugging a ZPODD
- BSOD 0xD1 occurs during extended hybrid sleep cycling test
- The UI allows for the creation of a System Volume that totals greater than 2TB
- GUI: Create button unavailable after creating R1 with <100% capacity & volume graphic unresponsive
- Selecting a cache size of 18.6 GB via the custom cache field on a 64 GB SSD induces unknown error
- CLI32/64 tool creates Cache Volume with incorrect strip size of 16KB
- Disabling acceleration on the OS disk after going through change mode cycles causes the UI to expose the ‘Disassociate’ link on the Accelerate Page and displays an incorrect state of Port 0 on the Status Page.
- UI allows drives to be unlocked when HDD Unlock is disabled in the BIOS BCFS options.
- Error "No Zero Power ODD or intel RST drive found" when using intel ZPODD tool on a system that contains a 2nd controller
- BSOD occurred after creating storage space and set Resiliency to "Simple" or "Two-way mirror"
- UI fails to refresh the "Status: Failed" string when remaining within the acceleration page after failing an accelerated RAID volume
- In Verify and Repair the next scheduled run date/time does not change on 2nd re-occurrence options if shorter within the same session
- Smart event disk can be used to rebuild degraded volume
- Write caching of SSD cannot be disabled
- Accelerating the system disk with a disassociated cache SSD after resetting the SSD to available induces an unknown error
- System hangs and crashes when trying to run MobileMark 2007
- The RST notification area icon disappears after checking "Show notification area icon"
- Disk status change to 'unknown disk' when accelerated volume is deleted
- BSOD after hot-unplug of ATAPI drives due to completion handler call accessing destroyed EndDevice object
- Selecting the default custom size value 64 GB for a >64 GB SSD uses the ENTIRE SSD for the cache
- Write-error occurs when burning DVD+R DL media.
- FFS partition won't be created because the rest of the mSATA's unallocated space can't be seen
- Locked disk state does not change after unlock in UI
- Sporadic memory corruption when booting from RAID volume
- ODD tray eject period is degraded when RST11.5 is installed.
- Write Back Cache negatively impacts performance when flushing is enabled
- Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error BSOD on Win 8 with S3 cycles or after restart
- Internal system disk in Safely Remove hardware list
- ZPODD: Does not go to sleep with Roxio 10.3 opened
- IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY with Storage Device Seek Penalty Property is failed as ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION
- Device Manager shows incorrect information for SATA devices
- Accelerating the system disk with a disassociated cache SSD that was previously associated to a passthrough disk will induce BSOD D1
- UI: An unknown error occurs when disabling acceleration
- RSTCLI 32/64 volume and disk display is not in a delimited format - break from legacy RAIDCFG32/64 output format
- BSOD when Roaming an 8.5 migrating Raid0 to Raid5 volume to 11.5 on Eaglelake
- UI Accessibility: Unable to the move focus when a parent label is expanded
- SMART IOCTLs fail on Windows 7
- Locked disks are not properly displayed in the RST UI.
- Turning on and off caching on Cherryville fails after 1-20 iterations
- ROHI: Hot-inserting an SSD into the port of the missing member disk of an accelerated R1 volume will allow the rebuild to occur. Removing the remaining spindle disk after the rebuild finishes and then removing acceleration erases the OS
- Need UI automation identifiers, Verify and Repair Scheduler
- WHQL: SCSI Compliance LUNS failures (WHCK2.0 BLOCKING)
- Resizing the UI to its Smallest Size makes RAID Volume Inaccessible In Win8
- UI Verification and Repair Scheduler, Next Scheduled Run Error
- UI allows user to initiate a second migration when a migration is already occurring; doing so induces an unknown error
- UI: An unknown error occurs when creating RRT volume from existing disk
- UI displays different sizes for a selected SSD on the “Enable Acceleration” screen
- UI does not allow to use a SSD that is 18.6 GB to accelerate
- UI allows user to create an accelerated Single Disk RAID0 volume that would violate the RAID volume-number limit; doing so induces a UI hang, followed by an error message
- Accelerate Change Mode actionable link present when accelerated volume is in failed state
- FUA writes to non-NCQ drives fail with sense 5/24/00 invalid field in CDB
- RST11.5 - Sending LUN reset to the boot device causes the device to go offline and fail demand IO
- UI disallows acceleration via the Enable Acceleration Window if the user first enters invalid characters into the Custom cache size field and then selects a valid radio button

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