Dvico Tvix HD M-6500,M-7000 Firmware

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Others
CreatedCreated : Feb 16, 2009
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• Video related
• Several bugs related to HDMI fixed now.
1. Screen shift in some TV fixed.
• Improved AVI/MKV file playback
○ Supports non standard frame rates (other than 24,25,30,120)
○ Detects s FFDS in FourCC correctly
• Supports embedded image subtitles on MKV files (SUB only)
• HD audio(TrueHD, DTS HD MA) Pass-through through HDMI support.
○ You can turn on/off on the setup.
○ This is only possible with HDMI 1.3 receivers which support these codec.
○ If you don't have these kind of device, you must turn off.
• LPCM pass-through works.
• Now, when you press the audio or subtitle key, the track selector will be shown.
• Improved compatibility MP4 files playback
• Added option for 24Hz BCS auto correction.
○ If you turn this on, the value of brightness is set + 11 and -12 for the contrast when 24Hz is set. This value is reset to original after back to default TV type.
○ If you turn off this, the values for Brightness and Contrast will not be changed.
• Several HDMI issues are fixed.
○ 24Hz shift issue with Sony, Panasonic and other displays fixed.
○ Purple image problem fixed.
○ Now, sends the product information over HDMI.
• TS/TP/M2TS files playback improved.
• IMG extension is supported now.
○ It only works with DVD.
• DAT(VCD stream file type) files are now supported.
• A couple subtitle issues are fixed.
○ Subtitles on and off with some files.
○ Subtitle is not shows if the line is too long.
○ Supports up to 10 subtitles in one subtitle file.
• Fixed the system reboot problem with no menu DVD titles.
• Fixed sometimes MKV embedded subtitle is not shown.
• Subtitle supports improved and several bugs are fixed
○ External UTF8 subtitle is supported
○ Does not show ASS tags anymore
○ Now the maximum external subtitles in one file is 5 instead of 10.
○ Added new options of no outline for the subtitle font to improve the showing speed
• Known issues for Video related
• Some TP/TS information may not correct.
• When HD Audio pass-through is on, S/PDIF does not output.
• When HD Audio pass-through is off with HD audio stream, the playback is not smooth.
○ When DTS audio setting is digital, HDMI audio is ON and HD audio passthrough is set to ON, then audio is not heard on the SPDIF output.
○ For the same setting, if HDMI audio is set to OFF, then audio is HEARD on the SPDIF output.
• Some TP/TS files may cause the system rebooting.
• Some WMV may not play correctly.
• The digital output for AAC/WMA is disabled.
• Does not support PCM audio track on MP4 now.
• Some low sampling frequency on AVI and MKV may not sound on HDMI.
• When Auto Switch is set for NTSC/24Hz, 24Hz files may not output through HDMI with some display device
*** If you play files with HD audio tracks like Dolby TrueHD, , Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD MA or LPCM, you better turn on HD Audio pass through on the setup even though you don’t have a receiver that supports decoding of these formats. Otherwise, you will hear strange noise with some repetitive popping noise. Currently, we don’t support core decoding, if you don’t have a HD audio decoder receiver, you need to select other then these HD audio tracks audio track for now.
• Audio and Picture
• Picture playback has been improved.
○ Improved file compatibility.
○ Play without a black image between pictures.
○ Support a transition effect. Fade effect is supported now.
§ By default the slideshow effect is FADE.
○ You can change the slideshow delay from 0, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 30 to 60.
○ The maximum resolution we supports is 24M pixels.
○ The picture will be rotated based on EXIF.
• Improved audio play.
○ APE is now supported.
○ Now, 2x, 4x play back is supported for MP3, OGG, FLAC and APE.
○ Low bitrates mp3 files are supported now.
§ All low bitrates mp3 files, of which sampling frequency is less than 32kHz, get up sampled to 44.1kHz
○ MP3 compatibility and sound quality has been improved.
○ Supports MMS protocol for WMA streaming. (ASX)
• Known issues for Audio and pictures playing
• EXIF information showing is disabled.
• For MP3 files with low sampling frequency, the tvix might crash while playing or trick play like FF or RW.
• Supports T451 DMB-TH tuner
• Supports Chinese.
• Fixed some channel scanning problem for Bulgaria and Romania.
• Supports Chinese station names.
• Known issues for PVR
• After channel changed, you may not here audio in short time. This is the bug from the chip manufacturer. To solve this, you can press DTV key or Audio key on the remote.
• General
• FTP server improvements
○ Supports up to three sessions.
○ The Timeout period has been changed to 5 min from 30 min. If the connection is not been disconnected properly, It will terminate the connection after 5min
• Setup will be backed up on the local HDD so it will be restored after firmware upgrade.
○ This feature is only available after this firmware. This means your current setting will be reset.
○ There must be local HDD or USB HDD to use this, so if you don't have the local disk, you should use USB to upgrade firmware otherwise, the setup may be cleared.
○ Setup will be saved before upgrade and every time you shutdown unit.
• SAMBA server update.
○ It works with Vista.
○ It supports international characters.
○ You can change the ID and password for the samba server.
• Normal Upgrade speed will be improved after upgrade this version.
• You can put a blank by pressing 1 key in the alphabet input mode.
○ By pressing 1 key, you can select from '.', ',', '?', '!', ' '(blank or space).
• When TVIX connect to SAMBA servers, now shows international characters correctly.
○ It only shows based on currently selected language.
• EDID_failed.ted file is not created anymore not to confuse customers.
• Next page and Previous page key works on the subtitle selection page
• Some icon mode bugs are fixed
• Romanian is supported now.
• Dutch change to Nederlands
• Other minor bug fixes.
• Known issues for general issues.

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