DrayTek Vigor2830 Dual Band (Annex A 232201) Router Firmware 3.6.6

Operating systemsOS : OS Independent
ManufacturerManufacturer : DrayTek
CreatedCreated : Oct 31, 2013
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New Features
- support IPv6 6in4 Static Tunnel service, IPv6 6rd Tunnel service and IPv6 NTP service.
- Support new route policy.
- Support LAN DNS Resolution.
- Support DNS Filter.
- Support "USB Device Status" for modem and disk.
- Support "USB modem support list".
- Support "APPE Support List".
- Support wireless auto bandwidth limit.
- Support LAN subnets access control.
- corrected: Turn off support for 5 GHz channels where DFS is required.
- Corrected: Port triggering can only work when first profile has been set.
- Corrected: Session Limit may not work after enabling the smart bandwidth limit.
- Corrected: QoS Outbound for WAN1 doesn't recognize UDP 500, 1701, and 4500 when QoS for WAN2 works.
- Corrected: File Explorer will show 1KB when the file size is more than 2GB.
- Corrected: System crash problem may occur while USB WAN is deactivated and a 3G modem is connected.
- Corrected: Shrewsoft vpn Client cannot connect twice from the same public IP address.
- Corrected: router doesn't re-dial out LAN to LAN VPN when VPN tunnel is down and VPN server is available again.
- Corrected: All WCF profile contents are empty while Index 8 WCF profile name contains space.
- Corrected: When a user management policy rule is set to 7th, e.g., set 1 rule 7, set 2 rule 7..., the set number and rule number will be error.
- Corrected: Can not create a new profile by APP Enforcement Profile Wizard.
- Corrected: Router reboot when fetch the diagnostics NAT session values from ACS server.
- Corrected: SIP ALG does not convert “Via” field in 200 OK.
- improved: Improve NAT loopback performance.
- Improved: Support auto remove inactive clients for DHCP server.
- Improved: DHCP table shows conflict IP Address.
- Improved: Some ISP sends DHCP packets with TLL=1, but the router may drop it.
- Improved: Bind IP to MAC function can't work correctly.
- Improved: UPnP may not work properly.
- Improved: A pop-up window shows "Old Password is wrong, please re-enter" after added a new local user with administrator authority.
- Improved: Support "www.lusosms.com" as SMS service.
- Improved: Support special character "." on Wireless SSID.
- Improved: Support telnet commands such as "portmaptime" and "vigorddns".
- Improved: Support more modems such as vodafone K3772-Z, Infinity IW-021, Option iCON XY modems.
- Improved: Add an option for IPsec multiple subnet to create multiple Phase2 SAs which can compatible with Cisco router.
- Improved: Support GRE over IPsec keepalive which can compatible with Cisco router.
- Improved: Allow accessing SSL VPN portal if SSL VPN service is enabled no matter whether Internet access is enabled or disabled.
- Improved: Change the default setting from "Both: Pass" to "Either: URL Access Control First" on URL Content Filter Profile.
- Improved: Modified DoS default values.
- Improved: Update new pattern for Ultrasurf 13.01, else it will block some the certificates.
- Improved: Support "Hotspot shield" v2.93 blocking.
- Improved: Support PPTV v3.3.8.0031 for new video and PPTV web blocking, LINE for PC and mobile phone blocking.
- Improved: Support embedded flash videos blocking.
- Improved: Support TR-069 parameters for WLAN WDS.
- Improved: Support TR-069 parameters displayed on Diagnostics >> Routing Table.
- Improved: Add a "LinkStatus" key to the TR-069 WAN information to indicate accurate connection status.
- Improved: Support to input number from 10 to 29 digits for Call Barring.

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