Dell Latitude CP System BIOS A13

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Dell
CreatedCreated : Oct 1, 2008
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The following updates were made to the A12 BIOS to create the A13 BIOS:

Issues fixed:
1. fixed issue where if certain video cards are installed in the
C/Dock PCI slot then CD/DVD/CD-RW drives in the dock media bay
are not accessible.
2. Fixed issue where if an LS-120 drive is installed the C/Dock
media bay, excessive drive noises are heard when the system is
first powered on.
3. Fixed issue where the user is prompted twice for the password when
a 2nd hard drive which is password protected is hot-plugged into
the C/Dock media bay.
4. Fixed problem where the display brightness setting is not saved
during suspend.
5. Fixed inability to use multi-monitor support in windows 2000. This
is addressed by allowing the user to set the Primary Video adapter
to "System" in System Setup.
6. Fixed issue where dell Control Center and dell OpenManage Client
Instrumentation (OMCI) are unable to control the keyboard click
7. Fixed issue seen under Dell OMCI where the processor cache
information is not reported correctly.
8. Fixed issue seen under Dell OMCI where the maximum memory
supported is not reported correctly.
9. Fixed issue where a 2nd hard drive that is password protected cannot
be accessed when hot-swapped into the modular bay from a CD-ROM.
10. Fixed issue seen under Dell OMCI where the system fails to report a
critical thermal event.
11. Fixed problem where Dell Control Center is unable to set some boot
sequence options.
12. Fixed problem where the touchpad may lock up when docked to a
C/Port or C/Dock.
13. Fixed issue seen under Windows 2000 where the system detects the
Network Adapter in a C/Dock or C/Port when the Network Adapter is
disabled in System Setup but the Docking IRQ is set to IRQ 11.
14. Fixed problem in which the top of the display has a small amount
of corrupt video after resume from suspend in certain VESA modes.
15. Make sure to properly report the 'Lower Critical' temperature to
Dell OMCI.
16. Improved ability of the system to restore a hard disk drive to
its proper DMA mode after resume from suspend. This only applies
to drives that support the ATA 4 standard or higher.
17. Fixed the issue in which the drive capacity for some large hard
disk drives would be incorrectly reported by the BIOS.
18. Fixed issue where 720KB floppies cannot be read if the floppy disk
drive is hot-inserted and 1.44MB media is read first.
19. Fixed problem under Windows 2000 where the system does not always
report the correct battery charge percentage when a second battery
is present.
20. Fixed intermittent issue where turning off power during POST would
cause the system to report CMOS corruption on the next boot.
21. Fixed problem in which the system would enter suspend when the lid
was closed while both the LCD and an external CRT were active
(i.e. simul-scan mode).
22. Improved issue seen in Windows 98 where the LCD may flash on and off
several times during boot-up and shut-down.
23. Fixed issue where a CD-ROM in the dock media bay may not be
recognized after resuming from standby in Windows 2000.
24. Fixed problem where the touchpad locks up if it is touched while
the system is scanning information using a scanner attached to
the serial port.
1. Added support for Quick Boot and Simple Boot - "Boot POST" in
System Setup.
2. Added support for APM Safe-Shutdown utility.
3. Added support for Wake on RTC - "Auto On Mode" in System Setup.
4. Added a "Primary Video" field to System Setup. This allows the
user to select either the on-board video or an external video
card in a C/Dock(II) to be the primary video adapter during boot.
5. Added ability to enter System Setup by pressing during POST
even if the primary video adapter is an external card in a
6. Allow Contrast keys to work as Brightness keys if the system has
a TFT panel.
7. Added Dell SMBIOS version 1.4 support.
8. Set "Boot Third Device" to CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive in System Setup
by default.
9. Modified the System Setup layout and added improvements to
the help text.
The BIOS release has been validated on the following operating systems:
1. microsoft Windows 95 v4.00.950A
2. Microsoft Windows 95 v4.00.950B
3. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP3
4. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP4
5. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP5
6. Microsoft Windows 98 v4.10.1998 APM only
7. Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition APM only
8. Microsoft Windows 2000 ACPI
This is a self-extracting file that contains the A13 System BIOS for the
latitude CP. After downloading, run the LCP-A13.EXE file from within
Windows ONLY, and it will create the bootable BIOS disk. Reboot the system with this disk in the A: drive to flash the system.

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