D-Link DES-3526 Firmware 4.01 B19

Operating systemsOS : Windows All
ManufacturerManufacturer : Others
CreatedCreated : Nov 10, 2006
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Firmware update
Problems Resolved:
1. Can not apply created ACL rule via web interface.
2. If configure port description contains more than 32 characters and use web browser to show it, the device will enter exception mode.
3. Device will enter exception mode when user delete SNMP user and try to get the mib OID1.
4. Fail to add Packet Content Mask if all "0" through SNMP
5. Can not display the long log messages completely.
6. Unable to save static ARP entries
7. The IfOctets and IfInOctets obtain the counter value from the same stastistics source.
8. IGMP_Snooping router Time Out mechanism does not work correctly.
9. Can not leave IGMP Snooping group properly if there are more than one client in the same group.
10. Dynamic router port can not forward multicast data.
11. The "zoom in" and " zoom out" functions were opposite from SIM topology.
12. Correct typo "Enalbed" to �Enable� in Multicast router only setting.
13. Can not create the Access profile successfully via D-View.
14. Can not get parameter from some Bridge MIB tables via D-view 5.1.
15. Enabled igmp_snooping mutlicast configuration becomes disabled after rebooting
16. Port-based 802.1X problem: port is authorized, but ping failed.
17. Default VLAN can be deleted via web interface
18. Log bugs with RPS DPS-200.
19. Long convergency time when using 18 pcs devices to test RSTP function.
New features :
1. Password recovery
2. CPU Interface filtering
3. SIM R1.6
4. IP MAC Port binding ACL mode
5. Log enhancement
6. Telnet Client
7. Broadcast storm control granularity down to 1 pps
8. SIM base on system VLAN, , previously SIM only works on default VLAN
9. Editable login banner
10. Send trap in SNMP /Add warning message in syslog while access violation happens for IP MAC Port binding and port security
11. Initial Caps on the login
12. Disable the page mode in CLI
13. Enhanced Broadcast storm control ( port shutdown )
14. Forbid MC router or disable dynamic MC router
15. Safeguard engine includes broadcast storm filtering
16. Disable login banner
17. Hot-key to delete all the characters behind the cursor in CLI.
18. Max. port security learned address entries are enlarged from 20 to 64.
19. Change web panel for new xStack outlook

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