Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra Firmware 1.20.08

Operating systemsOS : Windows XP
ManufacturerManufacturer : Creative
CreatedCreated : Oct 15, 2007
Size downloadDownloads : 19
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This firmware update enhances your Zen Xtra with PlaysForSure functionality.

PlaysForSure devices enable you to:
* Use subscription-based online music services
* Enjoy seamless support with any computer running Microsoft windows Media Player 10 and windows XP - no drivers or software needed
* Use the drag-and-drop method to transfer songs or files to your player through Windows Explorer
* Use the Sync feature in Windows Media Player 10 to synchronize your player with your music library and playlists.
* This firmware update permanently replaces your player's current firmware. Your player's firmware cannot be reverted to its original once this update is installed.
* This firmware upgrade enables playback of subscription music service content on the Zen Xtra, but may reduce the total number of files that the player can store. The actual results will vary depending on content specifications, and the result may be more evident in players with larger capacity.
* This firmware is only for players that are used with Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 (SP1 or SP2) and Windows Media Player 10.
* Be sure to back up all the audio and data files on your Zen Xtra before installing this firmware update as all content will be lost when you install the new firmware. After installing the PlaysForSure firmware, use Windows Media Player 10 to restore audio and/or data files to your player.
* Software updates are required if you want to use any currently installed applications like creative MediaSource, NOMAD Explorer, or other track management tools with your player after installing this firmware. [Click here].
* Installation of this firmware may take up to five minutes, and your device may restart a number of times during installation.
* Do not disconnect the USB cable from your player or computer during installation.
* Be sure to fully charge your player before updating the firmware.
* Windows XP SP1 or SP2
* Windows Media Player 10
* Creative Zen Xtra
* To install this firmware update
1. Download the ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_10_03.exe file into your local hard disk.
2. Connect your player to your computer.
3. Double-click the firmware update file and follow the instructions on the screen.
* While updating your player's firmware, you may be informed that an application is preventing the firmware update. Should this occur,
1. Start Creative MediaSource.
2. On the menu bar, click Tools -> Settings.
3. Click the Detector tab.
4. Click the Enable Detector checkbox to uncheck it.
5. Restart your computer.
6. Try updating the firmware again.

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