Buffalo TS5800D NAS Firmware 2.40 for MAC

Operating systemsOS : Mac
ManufacturerManufacturer : Buffalo
CreatedCreated : May 21, 2013
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Release Note:
- Added and modified features
- Added feature where certain files in the admin's trash folder can only be deleted by the administrator. Non-admin users will be limited to read-only access. If this function is disabled, any user with write access can delete files from the trash folder.
- To enable this function, log in to the UI and go to File Sharing > SMB, and set 'Permission for Trashbox' to 'Administrator only'.
- When writing files using NFS, the user's and group's information will carry over.
- You can preserve file permissions when using NFS. To enable this function, go to Fie Sharing > NFS, and set 'Guest Permission' to 'Ignored'. If 'Guest Permission' is set to 'Forced', User ID and Group ID should be set to 99 when using NFS.
- Current hard drives can be swapped out for drives with larger capacity.
- You can keep 400 backup versions.
Replication and Failover:
- The replication source or main TeraStation with failover configured can now have multiple files operations.
- fixed the bug where if the shared folder trashbox is enabled, deleting multiple files causes a synchronization failure.
- You can enable or disable SMB2 protocol while failover is configured.
- Username can contain up to 128 characters.
- The serial number is now displayed on Settings.
- Windows Backup option is removed from the shared folder creation and editing pages.
- Using Windows Server to back up to the TeraStation no longer requires additional configuration.
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the bug where the array fails to rebuild when using RAIN 51 or RAID 61 with multiple disks.
- Fixed the bug where a file system error (resulting from events such as forced shutdowns) causes the TeraStation boot process to stop after displaying 'Welcome to TeraStation' on the LCD.
- Fixed the bug where the trashbox name sometimes displays '.recycle' instead of 'trashbox'.
- Fixed the bug where user could not access files and folders with brackets in the name during FTP.
- Fixed the bug where user could not enter alphanumeric characters in the username field when logging in to WebAccess from a mobile device.
- Fixed the bug where if sleep timer is in use, error E14 (Can't Mount) may occur during sleep mode. This error does not cause data to be lost.
AmazonS3 Sync:
- An email notification can be sent whenever an Amazon S3 Sync upload fails for a file larger than 5 GB.
- Fixed the bug where if running failover while virus scan is enabled, a failover error occurs.
- Fixed the bug where running failover does not automatically disable iSCSI on the backup machine.
- Fixed the bug where if you go to maintenance mode while configuring failover, the message 'Cannot start failover because some disks are processing' is displayed.
Web Server:
- Resolved Web server function (lighttpd) vulnerability issue (CVE-2011-4362).
Setting Screens:
- Fixed the layout issues that occur when changing the system language.
- Fixed the bug where users cannot be imported using CSV files encoded with UTF-8.
- Resolved WebAccess configuration errors.
- Fixed the bug where an unnecessary notification appears when you add or delete a DFS link.
- Fixed the bug where the first letter of a folder cannot be an alphanumeric character while configuring DFS.
- Fixed the bug where deleting a RAID array sometimes fails.
- Fixed the bug where you cannot rename a LVM volume if the new name contains special characters.
- Fixed the bug where if user changes the disk area that has a shared folder set as the virus scan isolated folder, the error 'No response received from NAS' is displayed.
- Fixed the bug where user cannot use virus scan or online update functions while Web settings are disabled in Network Services.
- Fixed the bug where if external SMB server authentication has ever been enabled before, an error occurs when editing user information.
- An error notification is now sent when the backup destination does not exist in a backup job.
- Fixed the bug where IE9 users cannot select a backup destination if the folder name or hostname is too long.
- Fixed the bug where virus scan configuration page does not display the correct system language.
- Improved security of Settings page.
- Fixed the bug where a user's shared folder access restrictions are not saved after they are configured.
- Fixed the bug where if Settings language is set to French, backup options will display incremental and differential backups as the same name.
- Please consult you local representative if you experience any problems caused by this firmware update.
- Do not turn the unit off until the update is finished. It will take several minutes. You will receive a message when the update is finished.

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