Beyond Logic Spawn Processes & Shutdown Remote 2.05

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CreatedCreated : Aug 29, 2006
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Perhaps you have needed to Shutdown, Powerdown, Reboot, Suspend, Hibernate,

LogOff or Lock a large number of workstations at the one time or at certain times from a scheduler and give the user notice and the ability to cancel the operation beforehand?
BeyondExec offers the following:
* General
Zero set-up time. Simply run the single 110kb utility from the command line.
Omits the need to install client software on remote machines.
Secure. No open TCP/IP ports - utilises already existing SMB named pipes to minimise security risks.
Works with a single remote computer or groups of multiple remote computers.
Multiple computer support is handled by multi-threaded routines speeding up the issuing of jobs.
Command line utility allowing scripting and automation of tasks from batch files or schedulers.
Each workstation allows 3 simultaneous sessions.
Supports renamed Administrator accounts & renamed Administrators groups for added security.
* Run Remote Processes
Allows processes to run in either the system or administrator's account.
Can allow or deny processes the right to interact with the logged on user (Desktop).
Ability to run processes with Above Normal, Below Normal, High Priority, Idle, Normal priorities.
Push windows Hot Fixes/Service Packs/Virus Definition updates out to remote computers etc.
Use with the Command Line Process Viewer to View, Kill, Suspend or adjust the priorities of processes on remote computers.
or Use with the Console Computer Information Utility for 2000/XP to view/log Specifications of Remote Computers.
Option to terminate rogue processes after a specified number of seconds.
* Remote shutdown
Ability to shutdown groups of computers (for example at close of business to save on power.)
User can be given notification of shutdown and the option of cancelling (if permitted - Default).
Shutdown dialog will appear on active window, should it be the login window, login screen saver, logged in users desktop, or on a locked workstation.
The shutdown process will be identical regardless if a user is logged in or not.
A process can be executed prior to shutdown. E.g. you could gracefully shutdown important programs (open databases) using the Command Line Process Viewer before forcing a shutdown on less important applications.
Revision History
Version 2.05
Removed problem preventing UNC paths being used to execute programs.
Added support to remove file from remote machine after it has been copied using the -c switch.
Added extra switch -cs which copies the file to remote computer with sole Administrator or System rights. This is good for batch files which contain confidential information, preventing users from viewing the contents.
Added -q switch to set process priority. Acceptable values are AboveNormal, BelowNormal, HighPriority, Idle, Normal, Realtime.
Added the ability to modify the security descriptor on the pipes allowing explicit users to use the service rather than only members of the Administrators Group.
Version 2.04
Removed references to user group names allowing support for International versions of Windows. For example versions prior to 2.04 failed on German Windows as the Administrators Group is called Administratoren.
Improved support for computers not switched on or present. BeyondExec will no longer block as long waiting for a response from a non-existent computer. Any blocking present now is a feature of Windows and not BeyondExec.
Version 2.03
Checks file version of service installed on remote computer and updates it accordingly. This omits the need to use the -r switch prior to updating to a new version and alleviates problems when some clients are updated and others are forgotten.
Processes running with an Interactive Desktop are now given the correct security privileges to the WindowStation and Desktop. This caused interactive processes spawned on Windows XP to show only an ghostly outline on the desktop.
Precopy file (-c) now replaces files if they already exist in the temp directory of the target machine. Versions prior reported an error requiring the user to manually delete the file in order to update it.
Fixed parsing of precopy file parameters so files can now be copied to the remote machine and executed with parameters. e.g. beyondexec \mars -c "process.exe -q notepad.exe"
Added (-n) switch to ignore shutdown proceedings on computers with logged in users.
Rewritten functions so as to re-instate support for Windows NT4 due to popular demand. Tested on WinNT4 SP6a.
Added poweroff shutdown action for support with Windows NT 4's hal.dll.sofex hardware abstraction layer.
Increased DACL Security on Pipes to Support Windows NT 4.
Version 2.02
Added ability to disable cancel button (-x) preventing users from aborting the shutdown action.
Ensures cancel notification dialog box appears on active desktop. When workstation was locked, dialog would appear on the default (applications) desktop.
Version 2.01
Fixed Win2k/WinXP %SystemRoot% compatibility problems.
Included a work around for Windows ExitWindowsEx bug where a call to logoff an user on a workstation that has no logged on user will cause the workstation to reboot.
Version 2.0
Improved reliability and error handling with networked connections.
Added option to terminate rouge processes after a specified number of seconds.
Ability to bypass driver checks speeding up access on frequently used machines.
Added shutdown options allowing the Shutdown (Powerdown), Rebooting, Suspending, Hibernating, Logging Off and Locking of Workstations with the ability to display a message to the user for a specified number of seconds.
Multithreaded both server and client applications.
Added group option allowing the one action to be sent to all computers listed in the specified group file.
Added option to stop, and remove driver from client machines.
Discontinued NT4 Support.
Version 1.0
First release to public. Supports NT4/2000/XP

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