We don't know the current Aopen company address, please let know us.

We don't know the current worldwide Aopen company offices locations, please let know us.

I was not able to find a technical support forum, fan site for Aopen. Some companies do not offer official forum support so that may be the case of 3rd party sites. You know someone?.

About Aopen

Aopen is a PC hardware manufacturer but I haven't been able to figure out what kinds of products currently they manufacture. If you know anything about Aopen, please You know someone?

Aopen Informations

We don't heave more history information when was Aopen founded and/or discontinued.

Newest Aopen drivers

- Support Athlon XP2400+, XP2600



- Fixes ATA133 Hard Drive + ATA100 Hard Drive boot fail.


- Fixes system hang-up at POST when a FirePort SCSI card (DIAMOND-4.09.06) conne

- Supports KT133 models: AK73Pro and AK73-1394.

- Supports KT133 models: AK73Pro and AK73-1394.

- Sets host bridge offset to improve AGP stability.

- USB controller will not share IRQ with PCI devices.