AirLive MU-9000VPN Firmware 48

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eLIve MU-9000VPN .48 Firmware (2005/5/18) ,

Note: Please avoid upgrading firmware if your hardware is working correctly. Interrupting the upgrade process can damage the device. If it is a ".zip" or ".exe" file, please extract the file before installation.
Note: Because of the major firmware structure change, please make sure to press the reset button for more than 5 seconds before and after the firmware upgrade (before login again). Please do not use configuration files from older firmware version on the new firmware.
Please do not upgrade the firmware if your router is working correctly
Software Requirement: Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape 7.0
Hardware Requirement: Pentium II 700Mhz, Fast Ethernet(100Mbps) adapter or better
Please disconnect all the USB devices from the router before and during the firmware upgrade (very port).
Please make sure there is no other electrical device using the nearby outlets.
If you have an UPS, please put the router on the UPS.
Please connect your PC directly to the Router through LAN port (RJ-45).
Go to Maintenance->Firmware Upgrade in the web configuration, press "Restore configuration to factory's default" to do a factory reset. The router's IP address is changed back to
After the router restarts. Login and go to Maintenance->Firmware Upgrade again.
Choose the firmware file and start upgrading. " If you are using wireless to
upgrade new firmware to your router, the web-based management page will be
temporarily become inaccessible while upgrading. This is normal.
After you press the upgrade button, the router will wait for up to 20 seconds,
then pop up the confirmation message to upgrade. Please wait patiently
during the entire firmware upgrade. Do not close browser or power off the router.
Please check the Status LED to monitor the upgrading activity.
The Firmware upgrade is completed when the Status LED stop blinking."
Please do not close the web browser, turn off the power, or reset
the router during the firmware upgrade process. Interrupting
the firmware upgrade process can damage the router. After the firmware
is upgraded successfully, the router will reboot itself. This might happen
before the counter is finished.
When the web page says "Upgrade Successful". Please wait for 3 minutes. Then go to the login page again. If you see the login page, it means you have upgraded successfully. Do not login yet. Please check the number 8 below.
If you are upgrading from version .41 or older. Press the reset button for 5 seconds again after successful firmware update.
After successful firmware upgrade, if the router reboots itself every few seconds. Please unplug the power, and then plug it back in again. This should stop the irregular power cycling.
Release Notes:
Firmware Version: 1.01.048w
Date: 5-10-2005
1. fix Webcam sometimes show "x" when viewing issue
2. Fix changing the remote management to https and changing the port, the UI page can't access.
3. Fix VPN pptp only can establish 3 connection .
4. WAN port information adds Gateway and DNS .
5. Adjust Service Order: server --> virture server --> DMZ
6. FTP server passive mode's port number changed to 10240 - 65535 to avoid conflict with print server port number
7. Fix some IPsec VPN issues
8. fix save config issue under HTTPS
9. fix host name table issue when input too long host name
10. fix content filter input length
11. UPnP bug when client try to remove port mapping
12. fix mail checking under IMAP
13. fix Korean display issue
14. add support DHCP-> WINS server
15. add support pptp server to provide dns & wins server
16. modify pppd related connection MRU MTU input range
17. modify WAN MTU input range
18. Fix Video recording avi issues
19. When using PPP WAN setting, add mechanism to improve retaining the same IP after reboot
20. Fix some WAN port DHCP issues
21. Fix PPPoE password issue
22. fix firmware upgrade wait too long
23. fix mail monitor bug
24. fix del access control bug
25. fix PPP related password bug
26. service add support both (TCP or UDP)
27. Add Remote Printing Capability (printing from WAN)
* Please Note that there is currently no security protection for WAN printing
* Please do not use it unless you accept the security risk
(Instruction Below):
Go to the "Printer" menu, Enable printer server from WAN
Set the "Accept printing jobs from LAN and WAN" function.
Open virutal port 9100~9104 to the router's LAN IP address(default:
Setup your remote PC according to the instruction on the user's guide. However, set the
Print Server's IP address to the WAN IP address of the router.
28.Add IPsec DPD (Dead Peer Detection)
The IPsec DPD adds KeepAlive and Timeout function to check the tunnel status for auto reconnection
The firmware adds 2 new fields to the IPsec VPN setup:
KeepAlive: The time is in seconds. The KeepAlive defines how often the router will send packet
to check the status of the tunnel.
Timeout: The time is in seconds. The timeout defines how long the router will wait for a reponse
from remote VPN router before it will re-establish the tunnel. This value has to be larger than the KeepAlive value. The actual timeout value is (DPD Timeout minus DPD KeepAlive). Therefore, if the KeepAlive is set to 120 seconds. And you want the acutal timeout to be 20 seconds. You should set the DPD Timeout value
to 140

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