Adaptec RAID 8805 Adapter Firmware 7.4.0b30860

Operating systemsOS : OS Independent
ManufacturerManufacturer : Adaptec
CreatedCreated : Feb 3, 2014
Size downloadDownloads : 5
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- resolved an issue that could result in Host IO errors, RAID Volume state changes, non-responsive systems, and system reboots or resets in rare cases where extremely high IO loads are served almost entirely from controller cache
- Resolved an issue that could cause a controller BlinkLED during a RAID 5 expansion or migration
- Resolved an issue with Global Hot Spare assignments when 512b and 4k drives are inter-mixed
- Resolved an issue where USB keyboard would cease to function with Series 7 installed
- Silencing the alarm within the uefi BIOS now functions properly
- Corrected a discrepancy issue with max raid size when created via UEFI versus CTRL+A
- Improved random write cache algorithms and enhanced disk ramp-up time
- Support for ATA passthrough non-data commands
- Enhanced hot remove/add detection and reporting
- Resolved an issue where maxCache read cache was disabled if no AFM was attached
- Resolved an issue where a drive could be marked offline due to excessive aborted commands
- Resolved an issue where a kernel panic could occur on the controller when large number of logical devices were configured
- Corrected an issue where a RAID 0 with a failed member would report as "Degraded" in UEFI BIOS, instead of "Offline"
- Resolved a BSOD issue with a bootable RAW drive when controller switched to auto-volume/RAID mode
- Resolved an issue where a hot added drive enclosure with no drives installed would appear as a drive in maxView/ARCCONF
- Resolved an issue where ARCCONF was reporting inaccurate latency values
- Fixed several incorrect statistics reported in ARCCONF Stats output
- Resolved an issue where <F6> would not load controller defaults
- Physical devices are now sorted by enclosure in UEFI HII
- Resolved an issue where drives were not detected when multiple SMC enclosures are attached
- Added support for SATA drives in Raw Mode to work in SEC4 and SEC5 security states
- Corrected an issue that would result in an error of "Not Enough Available Space" when attempting to create an array in UEFI HII
- Corrected an issue that would prevent the deletion of a RAID in UEFI HII if created in CTRL-A
- Resolved an issue preventing Windows 2012 from resuming after sleep

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